Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Suarez is hungry

The Italy vs Uruguay match was so boring in the first half so I went to bed...thus missing the scene where Luis Suarez bit an Italian player. WASTED!

Apparently someone was so hungry, he couldn't last the remaining 11 min to get something to eat and decided to take a bite out of Giorgio Chiellini.

But the funniest (ok maybe not for Giorgio) part was that there was a running bet on Betsafe that Suarez would revert to his biting ways, and this swedish man won 1750 Kroner because of it!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Netherlands vs Spain 5-1 .... SO FAR

Seriously what the fuck is this shit?!

World cup champion gets mauled/decimated/destroyed so badly by the 1st rnner up 4 years later. WTF is this! Did they like bet their national debt on this match? Bloody Casillas looks like he wishes he was really a furniture mall salesman at this point.
I don't believe this crap

What the hell? And now as #2 on Group B, they will have the privilege of getting the same love and attention from Brazil. Then again, the ball is round (so is the bookie). SAYONARA SPAIN.


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