Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yumyumenabler changed looks =D

Stupid Blogger's dynamic view is starting to piss me off. Since I rather suck on a pinless grenade and die before I will create a Google Plus account, I am forced off Picasa and have to dump my pics into Photobucket. The Dynamic view refuses to show the photos (it had been pretty nice I admit, when I was using Picasa pics). 

So I am forced to use a generic layout, and I made my own wallpaper, using another one of the little girls I drew back in 2005 when I was extremely bored.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It may be time to reflect

A dude I know borrowed my laptop because he had shut down his for the night. He was checking something online with his friend and was cursing fluently. The other party obviously said something about me because he could hear my voice in the background.

And this is what the dude says: "Don't worry one lah, she doesn't mind me cursing. Her cursing vocab is even more powerful than mine. She is the kind who will play symphony music and says fuck you on the phone to her vendors."


Monday, February 27, 2012

Wrong kind of eyeful

I didn't feel very well today, but I couldn't sleep on the bus despite closing my eyes and willing sleep to overcome me. Giving up, I decided to continue reading "Conni kommt in die Schule" (I need to practise my reading German *haha* because I am trying to read it to Schnappi over Skype. So far it seems that I speak German with Asian intonations? Yet he also says it does not happen when I speak English. Could be nervousness. Once a lady tried to speak in German to me in Kinokuniya but I scurried away like a drowning rat).

Just then a lady walked past me. I liked her outfit, it looked like a wine colored shirt dress with a cute white jacket on her. Looks nice on her, on me, I will look like one of the characters from Neverneverland wearing my nightshirt. As I was admiring the dress (not her ok!), the sunlight caught the back of her outfit while she stood near the door waiting to alight.

Whoaah. The skirt became translucent and I could see her underwear and shapely buttcheeks. The man next to me noticed too and was studying her. She has a great butt by the way, but I was like should I tell her she's unwittingly sexposed? Just when I was going to tell her, the bus moved and her skirt became opaque again.

Poor thing. It's one thing to flaunt what she got, but not when it's obvious that she was already covered up and it was the material that revealed her goodies.

Backpacks and large bags are especially detrimental to a girl's modesty if she isn't careful, because as she is walking, the friction between the accessory and the outfit tends to make skirts ride up. Mutter and I once went shopping and we saw a woman skirt ride up because of her bag, nearly exposing her butt. Mutter ran forward, told her and blocked her while the lady adjusted her skirt.

I am extremely careless too, and assume that because I wear shorts underneath (legacy from convent school), I don't have to worry. But B1 tells me I shouldn't think like that. He said men will still look, and they don't really care that you are wear shorts or panties underneath. It is still the cheap thrill of seeing women sexposed. Eh... that's kind of horrible. But you know what is the worst? It's when you are sexposed or your bag is not closed properly and people don't tell you, because they do not want to be inconvenienced.

And you just keep walking without realizing that everyone is staring at your butt or the contents of your bag (which may fall out). HORRIFYING * infinity.

China's version of Big Bang Theory - Come from the Aera(?) 9

There are few shows that I would watch faithfully every week: The Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, The League, and of course, Person of Interest *drooool* (Jim Caviezel!!!!!! You should have seen last week's Wall Street episode. He looks even more magnificent in a well-made suit. Mad Men has nothing on him.)

B1 sent me something interesting today. 
Supposedly it is China's version of the Big Bang Theory. The only Big Bang Theory similarity it bears is the canned American laughter...I can understand Mandarin, and I was flinching through most of the clip. It's totally random, like they are squeezing in different parts of what they think Sheldon and Leonard might say into a 12 min clip. They even talk about Spiderman and Green Hornet because "hey, we are the bad Chinese remake of Big Bang Theory, weisst du nicht?"

Just to spread the love around, I skyped the link to Schnappi (I admire his patience in watching the clip, though he later said he gave up at 6:00), who pointed out that "Leonard's" glasses do not actually have glass. I replied all the money they had went into the super big house (with the incredibly gay looking furniture, and pink cushions. Are you for real?) The only thing I liked of the show was the "Penny", who looks like a hot Japanese AV actress, even though she was hurling random thoughts like the rest of them.

The only part that made me laugh was 12:09 where a Howard-like guy came in yelling at the two guys and then starting fawning on the girl when she said she was going to live there.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

stressful - Too large for the Destination File System

I was too exhausted when I read this error message. I was trying to copy a vmware unto a portable hard disk. Goddamn *censored* and their *censored*.
Decided to google this the next morning. Turns out the goddamn thing is NTFS, and I am trying to copy into a FAT32. So *^%#$@.

What to do?
Convert the FAT32 into NTFS.

Assuming your harddisk is F:\ and its label is Fuckyoustupidcensored (you must check first, by going to F:\ and right-click to see properties), go to command prompt (run cmd):

(1) type: Chkdsk F: /F
(2) Up to you whether you want to turn lost chains into files. I did, because I am curious what they were.
(3) type: convert F: /fs:ntfs /nosecurity
(4) Cmd will ask you what is the label name, just key it in, i.e. Fuckyoustupidcensored
(5) Cmd will tell you how much disk space they need for conversion *heart pain*, and then convert.
(6) Copy that &^$#@ file into the converted drive. Success!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Connie kommt in die Schule

Ich habe dieses Buch, Conni kommt in die Schule. Ich habe es in Kinokuniya für etwa drei Dollar gekauft.

Ich weiss dass es "Conni starts school" meint. Aber kommt auch meint "comes".

Wenn B1 das hört, er sagt "When she has hair on the muff, she's old enough." Droll.

Übrigens, ich eine Schultüte unbedingt wollen. Ich denke, dass die Schultüte sehr spaß ist. Sie ist voll mit Bonbons und Spielzeug.  Schnappi hat gesagt, dass  alle Mütter die Schultüte  für ihre kinder macht . Nur schlechte Mütter kaufen die Schultüte. keke.

Ich habe in Deutschland gesehen dass, ein Buch kostet 0,95 Euro. Da ist es sicher billiger.

I want to go swimming

Disclaimer: this entry is kind of gross.
I say I want to go swimming, but I am staring at my Eclipse (actually I lie, I am frantically reading my very overdue books, blogging and trolling coh now). Thing is, I don't think my skin has recovered from the damage I put it through last week with the sun burn and it wasn't convenient last week (which got me lashing out at a certain person *oopz* Now I got the arctic treatment *brr*)

I was carrying an umbrella everywhere last week. Tante. But I have a pathological fear of melanoma.  Now I keep eying my cheeks and arms. Cheeks, because my skin there seemed to recover without peeling, which makes me very suspicious... I keep staring at it. I notice something very interesting though. When my forehead skin (if you say foreskin, I will slap you) peeled off, the new skin looked the same shade as my cheeks. Why I am so naturally tanned? I don't think we are a mixed blood family, but my Vater and I look more like Malays or Fillipinos than should see my Vater's childhood photo. Freak out I tell you.

And then my arms... goddamn things are unevenly tanned. It's bad enough that my swimsuit wears a pattern on my skin, now i have a bloody t-shirt outline on my body. Arghz. Must i go tan to get an even coating? Or pray it fades evenly. Is there such a thing? Wtf.

An unlikely German French Dinner

Thankfully B1 came earlier, driving his usual demon speed so that I could escape (I was hiding from *censored*. Her underling was pestering me all through my meeting via phone calls, which I ignored. Then she got *censored* to stalk me. In the end Bär had to help me pack my belongings while I loitered at the lobby). It was already almost 7pm for god's sake on a Friday night. Give me a break.

We decided to go check out the German Butcher. But it was already closed for the night, sigh. I suggested that we have dinner at The Old Brown Shoe.

"NO". B1 was very emphatic.

"Why not?" I protested. I wanted to eat British food, if I couldn't get German. 

"You think I don't know you want to look at ang mo." (For those of you not in the know, he meant Caucasians)

Seriously I think people around me have a problem. They seem to think I have Pinkerton Syndrome, ever since I said how much I crush Jim Caviezel in Person of Interest. What am I supposed to say that will be considered as acceptable? I crush Wang Wenyong (an older Singaporean Chinese actor)?

Besides the people standing around drinking outside The Old Brown Shoe were Onkels und Tantes. zzz

Bukit Timah road was still very crowded so I wasn't agreeable to getting into the crush again. So we compromised by going to Choupinette, which both of us missed when we walked past earlier. Wow they have French bread and pastries in little baskets against one wall *like* and ohmigod, are those US Weeklys?
Looking around I realized how much I like the look of the place. Strange how I didn't notice it earlier when we walked past (we also saw a girl wear very short shorts at the nearby Sogurt. Scary. We could see her butt meat, and to think people are so upset about Laura Maggi... I have to admit I was trying to catch a second look and ended up getting dragged by B1 who was worried that I was too obvious)

Sitting down, I admired the chairs and tables. So whimsical. I couldn't decide which table to sit at. B1 said the table near the window facing the canal. Hell no. We sat near the door instead with the chairs with the high backs. But why the hell is the table so sticky? Clean but definitely the US Weekly was sticking to the table. Hmm.
You cannot separate this woman from her US Weekly, no matter how outdated the damn thing is
B1 complained that the lamp was shining into his eyes, and asked me to see if I could dim it. I told him it's SGD850. We made faces at each other =D. We ordered Foie gras entree, a Ribeye for B1 and Provencale Beef stew for me, Leffe and a cold Chocolate.
The bread was sehr delicious *thumbs up* and came served with butter cubes and olive oil + vinegar. Their bread, served lightly toasted, was even nicer than Bistro Au Petit. But then Choupinette is also a French bakery.  I could eat the whole basket.
The foie gras was excellent, too bad it was very little *sobs* only two slices on a bed of spinach. I was mentally kicking myself for being so stingy and not buying that block of foie gras I saw at Cold Storage. But seriously the price of foie gras in Singapore could make one's eyes bleed. Does anyone know where I can buy decent foie gras? I am dying to have fried foie gras served on a steak *yummy*.

B1 evilly eyed me when the Leffe came. It had no froth, so he thought it was a cider. Like I am some kind of bier manufacturer, how would I know if Leffe was a bier or not? =P I did wonder why did the beverages come after the entrees though. We were pretty thirsty. I wished the place served cold water (+1 for Bistro Au Petit). 
Mountain of fries!!!
B1's steak did not come with gratin as listed on the menu, the Kellerin informed me, instead they would give him fries. Mountain of pommes frites. I thought the fries tasted a bit of stale oil, and I think they did not get the temperature right, so the fries drank a bit of the oil.  However the steak was great, B1 said, though he could not understand why the beef was so bloody. The man is not very lucky, every time he orders medium, the steaks always come rare. 
My beef stew tasted great, but the beef was a bit tough. Sigh. I wish it came with more of that excellent bread. The ironic part was that when we were leaving after paying the Keller offered us some of the bread. Stupid me didn't want to appear cheap and didn't take *mentally kicking myself*. If I had known the bill had come out to about SGD100, should have taken up his offer. As it was, I was having a stern chat with myself for spending so much on a dinner (seeing how poor we are now) and not asking for a baguette when I had a chance. Moron.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

If you got it, why not flaunt it?

A coffee bar, Le Cafe, in Bagnolo Mella has Italian women up in arms because 34-year-old Ms Laura Maggi started serving drinks in skimpy outfits (you should click on the link, but be warned: it is NSFW). It has been reported that men living up to 70 miles would specially drive down to be served by Ms Maggi.
Ich bin verwirrt. You mean Italian people usually don't dress like this in bars? Perhaps I have been too brainwashed by all the Daily Mail stuff I read, but I thought I have seen skimmpier outfits than this...

Eh. Anyway what I wanted to say is, good for you Ms Maggi. If you got it, flaunt it. Don't wait till you're old and no one wants to see anymore. After all it is all about profits at the end of the day, and if it helps to stimulate the sluggish Italian economy, more kudos to you. Hell, if I have the money I would fly to Italy to drink at your bar in support =D. But please wash your hands after touching your bare butt.

emulator: WARNING: Unable to create sensors port: Unknown error

Console error:
emulator-5554 disconnected! Cancelling 'com.[your apk] activity launch'!

Attempt 1:
Tried to kill adb.exe via task manager and run again -> fail

Googled, found proposed solutions:
  1. Try cleaning the user data on your emulator. To do so, open your avd location (for me it was "C:\Users\\avd") find your emulator (I guess it's 3DEVO.avd) and delete the files called "userdata.img" and "userdata-qemu.img".
  2. While your program is running and stuck, open your Task Manager, go to processes and kill adb. Go back to Eclipse and run again. If there's an error about adb not launched, quit Eclipse and launch again
  3. Uninstall/Reinstall Eclipse (Me: WTF!? Don't do that!)
What I did, and succeeded:
  1. In Eclipse, go to "Window->AVD Manager"
  2. Find the offensive AVD inside the list of existing Android Virtual Devices
  3. Bitched "Oh great, it's green (meaning valid, and not red meaning failed to load, which is more accurate)"
  4. Click on the offensive AVD
  5. Choose "Start..."
  6. Tick on "Wipe User Data"
  7. Press Launch
  8. Android emulator will be started. I notice it will take a longer time, which makes me think that keeping the user data is a form of caching -> faster loading. For subsequent faster loading, I think you can uncheck wipe user data.
  9. Success. Now close the AVD Manager and run your app. Case closed.
Notice something interesting? I keep bitching about Android, and I haven't even gotten started on my implementation. Fun times everyone~! Should I build the simpler game, and focus on the graphics, or take a longer time and build the other game? Arghz. Whatever it is, I will continue to hate on the emulator. Forever!!!

Skipping index file "...\ thumbs.db"

This got to be one of the lamest stupidest errors on earth. I am not sure whether I should even write the solution here since I think everyone will know how to fix it. But I have a policy on reporting all stupid Android errors and their solutions

If you encounter this error "Skipping index file ....\thumbs.db", it means you must have opened your drawable folder in Windows. In Eclipse, go to res\drawable, delete thumbs.db and recompile. QED.

Coding Stalemate

I am stuck.

New Game
I think I am done with the storyboard part. Now is the graphics *arghz*. Do I use canvasdraw, openGL or cheat with ordinary image rendering? I belong to the KISS group. Lesser work done better. =D

Even in school, my code is pathetically simple. I didn't go for the "impress the professor with my programming prowess (which I have none, that is why I am not doing programming @ Arbeit)" so I always scored the minimum for my code. Lazy.
I didn't do a good job planning Burgerstacko the other time, so my code wasn't scalable. It was a simple no-brainer game that one can play while waiting for the bus or on the train. 

O&S for Burgerstacko
Fixed the incoming phone call bug. Problem is I have forgotten how to repackage that apk. I had set up nicely in the old Eclipse environment but not for Indigo. I went home with the backed up workspace to do the deployment but the stupid Ganymede cannot work because I had not closed the workspace properly the other time. Shit. Think I will wait for B1 to finish the website and I will add in the code for the Internetview before deployment again.

I am adding the online scoreboard because a long time ago, someone asked nicely for it. Personally, I don't like applications connecting to Internet, so I built an inbuilt scoreboard instead. But it might be fun to see whether people are still playing this game 2 years on.

Madame Big Feet strike again

I am not sure whether it's because I am "emo elmo" these days (I didn't even talk much while playing CoH yesterday, bet you can't imagine it! Anyway I wasn't playing well but I didn't care either) or what, but I bought shoes again. Wallet felt lighter, heart felt lighter too!

This purchase was totally justified. Because I am worth it =D. Just kidding, I needed comfortable flats for violin class, because I usually play standing up for two hours (last ditch effort to practise before lesson). I like Rubi shoes, they are much cheaper when you buy them in twos and they last just long enough for you to change designs *hehe*. I love wearing plain dresses with garishly colored shoes. I can just barely get away with it at work because I am tall.

Anyway I always offend the fashion police @ meine Arbeit because I don't care about my appearance enough. =P In fact I always dress down if I don't have any meetings scheduled for the day. Unfortunately I was caught out a few times,  where I had to run down to the CBD area for last minute meetings *so embarrassed*

These shoes are très cute right? I always wanted scrunched ballet flats. You probably can't see well, but the pink shoes are pink-and-white-stripped *love*

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chilling in the Sunlight - Drips Bakery Cafe

 I had wanted to try out Drips Bakery Cafe, and had intended originally to bring my team here for a Christmas treat. Due to conflicts in schedule, we weren't able to. Instead B1 and I now have a chance to try out the place ourselves since we were in the area on this sunny afternoon.
Since we already had lunch, we opted for a tart (I didn't think I was going to be full with only porridge in me, and I was proven right) and beverages. We ordered the cinnamon custard tart (S$4.80) to share, psst, the place isn't cheap, and we were our usual tight pussy selves. 
Strangely I am not sure whether it was because I was exhausted (emo trauma the night before), but my taste buds had gone to zzz. I could barely taste the cinnamon, but the custard was just the right type of soft. My apple tea was the usual generic stuff and B1 was kicking himself because he apparently came here before with his colleagues and his colleague had ordered the Cold Drip before, and now he didn't learn his lesson and did the same thing (he was grumbling about the portion size). Served him right for not coming here with me first *wicked grin*!
The guys were quite pro, service-wise. But the music in the place, ohmigod, I was almost lulled into zzz by the languid songs of Kit Chan. I love the decor though, it was my kind of place. White walls with brilliant art. I especially love the furniture. I am ashamed to say that I lifted up a stool, trying to see the name of the designer. Don't have. Hmmm.

In a nutshell:
82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-05, S(160082) 
Tel: 62224400

The Berlitz Guy

Disclaimer: This is a totally superficial post. I am not sure why I brought it up at all.

My client, inspired by my learning German, was suddenly enthused about learning the language as well. She was the one who wanted to buy this book in the first place. We went to PageOne together but we weren't able to find it.

I had the discount card at another bookshop so I offered to get it for her when I came across the book there. Leafing through the book, I realized it was pretty excellent for a German primer (I have seen many), so I have been borrowing copies of it at the library since then.

As I tend to scatter my belongings all over my table, Bär saw the book many times, and remarked "why do you always borrow this book? You have a crush on the guy?" -> referring to my so-called Pinkerton Syndrome affliction.
What guy? *puzzled*
Oh... this guy.

Hahah. I looked critically at the cover. Yeah, I didn't notice it at first, but he is my type, except his hair isn't blonde, and I hate his stubble. I so like his eyes though and I dig the fact that he is wearing glasses. Was I subconsciously liking the book because of the guy on the cover?

Yeah right *roll eyes*

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

On a Dollar a Day

*scheduled post*

On a Dollar a Day is a blog turned book by a teacher couple, Christopher Greenslate and Kerri Leonard.

In this book, they detailed three experiments they conducted in the course of their exploration on how to survive using low budgets while incorporating interesting facts from various sources on food costs, e.g. why does processed food have higher markup than fresh foods etc. First they tried surviving on literally a dollar a day, then they tried surviving the National average per-person allowance, which is US$3 in 2007 to understand the struggles of people living on food stamps. Finally they tried to achieve long term healthy and healthful living by supporting local farms and exercising.

The book was an interesting read, and while I applaud their perseverance, I did not agree with Christopher and Kerri's rationale. To me, it would have been more sensible to carry out the most hardcore experiment, i.e. surviving on US$1 during the summer period when they did not have to work. Have they not experienced hunger before? Did they not know that not having sufficient to eat would cause their tempers to fray and cause mood swings and tension? Why did they conduct this experiment during the school year? Even with their best intentions, they would have a negative impact on their students as they could not concentrate on their work, because their thoughts are swayed by hunger and anger. Perhaps they wanted a more accurate assessment on the impact of US$1. Nonetheless I still think it is a bit selfish of them as teachers, and scary how far they were detemined to go until one tablespoon of peanut butter can send their spirits soaring....

The one thing I can say about Christopher and Kerri is that they are lucky they have supportive and patient students and parents. If they pulled this stunt in Singapore, the parents in Singapore would have complained already, instead of being interested and involved in the project. I would say, only in the USA *envious*.

Ultimately the point of the blog and book is bigger than their starving themselves to prove that they could live on US$1 like most of the rest of the world. At the end, they experienced many epiphanies, like how unhealthy living and high food costs is an endless cycle for poverty-stricken people, their own relationships being shaped by hunger and anger and definitely the emotional link a person has with food. This book also makes readers question the way they eat, so I still think it is a pretty good read.
I sat there holding her cold, wrinkled hand in my fat paw, willing the heat from my hand to transfer to hers. I gingerly patted her soft downy hair, wondering how the Altensheim could cut my Großmutter's hair into a boy's crew cut. She who used to be so proud of her looks and took pains to always look presentable even when a sprightly 80 year old. 

"阿妈,do you remember when you used to comb my hair 100 times after I bathe? How gently you would stroke through my wild hair?" She looked at me, her beady eyes sunk into her deeply wrinkled and sallow face.

She couldn't remember that anymore. But at least she could still remember my name. And that was enough.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Android Functional Testing

I just created a generic Android Functional Testing list, taking references from Vodafone's QA list and mobileappstesting and my own testing. I will probably supplement it with additional tests as I do more tests. I am thinking of asking the South Koreans if they have a default functional testing checklist.

Hmmm. Anyway no matter if you are an android developer or user, please login and fill out the form for user experience? Thanks! The generic testing and the Additional testing worksheets have been frozen. If you want to contribute to those, please comment here instead and I will update the form directly. Thanks!

This is my 1000th post

This is the 1000th post in Nibblezware. Yes 1000th!!! I waited for a long time (well at least a day), but no one said anything about what I should say for this special 1000th post, so I decided to use it to point out my Valentine Special Magazine, which you should look to your right or below. Anyway I need to get this one out so that I can continue posting the stuff on Air Show or Android.

Yes only for Valentine's, it is a MAN on the cover. =D

Couldn't have made it without faithful readers like Karirin, and Schnappi, and other great people out there whose names I don't know but I hope haven't been alienated by my ever whirling maelstrom of lesbianism and heterosexuality. Yes I am a chick, I am not bi (nice guess though by one of my CoH friends), and B1 does exist.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I need photos of cupcakes

I want to start on my next game. I skived long enough chatting on Skype with unappreciative people (not you, Schnappi) and trolling too much on CoH. Maybe I should just play CoH on Saturday and Sunday mornings, cos most of the people I like are online and playing then.

Lockheed Martin @ Singapore Air Show 2012

Pussy in a Tree

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mig 29

I could not capture the entire plane because there was a stupid man leaning against the railing yakking on his handphone. Selfish jackass. 

This is a Russian plane owned by RMAF. Planes of this model were used by the RMAF's Smokey Bandits for the aerial display.

Gulfstream @ Singapore Air Show 2012

What is this? It's a leather-covered porcelain throne!!!
 I am so glad I got to go to the Air Show. If I had chosen to go on Friday like my colleagues had, I would have ended up missing the entire thing, since in the end, no one on my floor went. zzz. Even though I ended up going alone on a Thursday, I got to know this super friendly uncle at the event, who took me around and taught me a lot of fun stuff (I was vaguely annoyed that he didn't tell me I was swigging from someone's leftover water bottle though...)
Think Atas... think Gulfstream

For one thing I would never have gotten to see the interiors of a private jet. Waaaah...

So this is how the rich live... There were two Gulfstream jets that day and I was lucky enough to be able to see both.

Lucky Onkel gets to fly in this...

A little Reindeer hangs on a Rearview mirror in France

I interrupt my recounts of the Singapore Air Show 2012 with this delightful photo.

My Christmas present to Karirin, a handsewn little brown reindeer with a heart on its butt is hanging off his rear view mirror. I totally missed it the last time when Kari sent me the link to his car club's activity page. I only realized after he re-sent the photo and very heavily hinted that I should look at the mirror. I have been wondering what happened to my Mr Ruldoph.

He flew all the way to France and is hanging off a mirror now. *touched*

The French are so charming! =D

Boeing Dreamliner 787 @ Singapore Air Show 2012

One thing good about trade days. You get to see the stuff that public won't get to. Keke.

That's why I am sharing this out to everyone to have a look-see. This as well as the interiors of the private planes like the Gulfstream, Hawker Pacific, etc. Eat your hearts out, dudes =D

Let's start off with the Boeing Dreamliner 787 which everyone simply had to queue up for, which was also totally worth it from a souvenir hunter's viewpoint because one could get a sticker, collar pin and a lanyard.


I left a little something behind

When I saw the words "Legacy of Heroes" whilst queuing to clamber up the Boeing Dreamliner 787, I could not help but think of my beloved "Company of Heroes"!!!!
Helicopter in question
Sikorsky has a helicopter on display where you can scribble crazy messages with a black pen provided by the very friendly overseers. =D If you are heading down during the weekend, see if you can spot mine!


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