Saturday, February 25, 2012

I want to go swimming

Disclaimer: this entry is kind of gross.
I say I want to go swimming, but I am staring at my Eclipse (actually I lie, I am frantically reading my very overdue books, blogging and trolling coh now). Thing is, I don't think my skin has recovered from the damage I put it through last week with the sun burn and it wasn't convenient last week (which got me lashing out at a certain person *oopz* Now I got the arctic treatment *brr*)

I was carrying an umbrella everywhere last week. Tante. But I have a pathological fear of melanoma.  Now I keep eying my cheeks and arms. Cheeks, because my skin there seemed to recover without peeling, which makes me very suspicious... I keep staring at it. I notice something very interesting though. When my forehead skin (if you say foreskin, I will slap you) peeled off, the new skin looked the same shade as my cheeks. Why I am so naturally tanned? I don't think we are a mixed blood family, but my Vater and I look more like Malays or Fillipinos than should see my Vater's childhood photo. Freak out I tell you.

And then my arms... goddamn things are unevenly tanned. It's bad enough that my swimsuit wears a pattern on my skin, now i have a bloody t-shirt outline on my body. Arghz. Must i go tan to get an even coating? Or pray it fades evenly. Is there such a thing? Wtf.

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