Saturday, February 25, 2012

An unlikely German French Dinner

Thankfully B1 came earlier, driving his usual demon speed so that I could escape (I was hiding from *censored*. Her underling was pestering me all through my meeting via phone calls, which I ignored. Then she got *censored* to stalk me. In the end Bär had to help me pack my belongings while I loitered at the lobby). It was already almost 7pm for god's sake on a Friday night. Give me a break.

We decided to go check out the German Butcher. But it was already closed for the night, sigh. I suggested that we have dinner at The Old Brown Shoe.

"NO". B1 was very emphatic.

"Why not?" I protested. I wanted to eat British food, if I couldn't get German. 

"You think I don't know you want to look at ang mo." (For those of you not in the know, he meant Caucasians)

Seriously I think people around me have a problem. They seem to think I have Pinkerton Syndrome, ever since I said how much I crush Jim Caviezel in Person of Interest. What am I supposed to say that will be considered as acceptable? I crush Wang Wenyong (an older Singaporean Chinese actor)?

Besides the people standing around drinking outside The Old Brown Shoe were Onkels und Tantes. zzz

Bukit Timah road was still very crowded so I wasn't agreeable to getting into the crush again. So we compromised by going to Choupinette, which both of us missed when we walked past earlier. Wow they have French bread and pastries in little baskets against one wall *like* and ohmigod, are those US Weeklys?
Looking around I realized how much I like the look of the place. Strange how I didn't notice it earlier when we walked past (we also saw a girl wear very short shorts at the nearby Sogurt. Scary. We could see her butt meat, and to think people are so upset about Laura Maggi... I have to admit I was trying to catch a second look and ended up getting dragged by B1 who was worried that I was too obvious)

Sitting down, I admired the chairs and tables. So whimsical. I couldn't decide which table to sit at. B1 said the table near the window facing the canal. Hell no. We sat near the door instead with the chairs with the high backs. But why the hell is the table so sticky? Clean but definitely the US Weekly was sticking to the table. Hmm.
You cannot separate this woman from her US Weekly, no matter how outdated the damn thing is
B1 complained that the lamp was shining into his eyes, and asked me to see if I could dim it. I told him it's SGD850. We made faces at each other =D. We ordered Foie gras entree, a Ribeye for B1 and Provencale Beef stew for me, Leffe and a cold Chocolate.
The bread was sehr delicious *thumbs up* and came served with butter cubes and olive oil + vinegar. Their bread, served lightly toasted, was even nicer than Bistro Au Petit. But then Choupinette is also a French bakery.  I could eat the whole basket.
The foie gras was excellent, too bad it was very little *sobs* only two slices on a bed of spinach. I was mentally kicking myself for being so stingy and not buying that block of foie gras I saw at Cold Storage. But seriously the price of foie gras in Singapore could make one's eyes bleed. Does anyone know where I can buy decent foie gras? I am dying to have fried foie gras served on a steak *yummy*.

B1 evilly eyed me when the Leffe came. It had no froth, so he thought it was a cider. Like I am some kind of bier manufacturer, how would I know if Leffe was a bier or not? =P I did wonder why did the beverages come after the entrees though. We were pretty thirsty. I wished the place served cold water (+1 for Bistro Au Petit). 
Mountain of fries!!!
B1's steak did not come with gratin as listed on the menu, the Kellerin informed me, instead they would give him fries. Mountain of pommes frites. I thought the fries tasted a bit of stale oil, and I think they did not get the temperature right, so the fries drank a bit of the oil.  However the steak was great, B1 said, though he could not understand why the beef was so bloody. The man is not very lucky, every time he orders medium, the steaks always come rare. 
My beef stew tasted great, but the beef was a bit tough. Sigh. I wish it came with more of that excellent bread. The ironic part was that when we were leaving after paying the Keller offered us some of the bread. Stupid me didn't want to appear cheap and didn't take *mentally kicking myself*. If I had known the bill had come out to about SGD100, should have taken up his offer. As it was, I was having a stern chat with myself for spending so much on a dinner (seeing how poor we are now) and not asking for a baguette when I had a chance. Moron.

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