Monday, February 27, 2012

Wrong kind of eyeful

I didn't feel very well today, but I couldn't sleep on the bus despite closing my eyes and willing sleep to overcome me. Giving up, I decided to continue reading "Conni kommt in die Schule" (I need to practise my reading German *haha* because I am trying to read it to Schnappi over Skype. So far it seems that I speak German with Asian intonations? Yet he also says it does not happen when I speak English. Could be nervousness. Once a lady tried to speak in German to me in Kinokuniya but I scurried away like a drowning rat).

Just then a lady walked past me. I liked her outfit, it looked like a wine colored shirt dress with a cute white jacket on her. Looks nice on her, on me, I will look like one of the characters from Neverneverland wearing my nightshirt. As I was admiring the dress (not her ok!), the sunlight caught the back of her outfit while she stood near the door waiting to alight.

Whoaah. The skirt became translucent and I could see her underwear and shapely buttcheeks. The man next to me noticed too and was studying her. She has a great butt by the way, but I was like should I tell her she's unwittingly sexposed? Just when I was going to tell her, the bus moved and her skirt became opaque again.

Poor thing. It's one thing to flaunt what she got, but not when it's obvious that she was already covered up and it was the material that revealed her goodies.

Backpacks and large bags are especially detrimental to a girl's modesty if she isn't careful, because as she is walking, the friction between the accessory and the outfit tends to make skirts ride up. Mutter and I once went shopping and we saw a woman skirt ride up because of her bag, nearly exposing her butt. Mutter ran forward, told her and blocked her while the lady adjusted her skirt.

I am extremely careless too, and assume that because I wear shorts underneath (legacy from convent school), I don't have to worry. But B1 tells me I shouldn't think like that. He said men will still look, and they don't really care that you are wear shorts or panties underneath. It is still the cheap thrill of seeing women sexposed. Eh... that's kind of horrible. But you know what is the worst? It's when you are sexposed or your bag is not closed properly and people don't tell you, because they do not want to be inconvenienced.

And you just keep walking without realizing that everyone is staring at your butt or the contents of your bag (which may fall out). HORRIFYING * infinity.

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