Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Quiet Cowboy - Chuckwagon BBQ & Grill

Once upon a time when the two of us were still relatively flush with disposable income (versus me slaving in the kitchen trying to expand my repetoire of yucky food now), B1 and I went to the Portsdown Road for dinner (it's a no brainer that this is one of our favorite watering holes). Initially I wanted to bring him to Soprano, you know the one I pointed out in my blog that I witnessed Ratatouile darting between the tables, but it seemed that it has croaked (hopefully not due on my account). 

It did have a lot of interesting pasta, too bad.

Anyway, B1 and I went to the new restaurant operating at its premises. Eh, it wasn't very promising at the start, when we saw the signboard. Quite a drop I thought from atas Italian to eh.. I have no idea what it was. 
Driven by hunger, we decided to try anyway. The interiors has been totally changed to a homely saloon-like feel. I suddenly felt as if I was in the old electronic game, Western Bar, that Vater bought me when I did well in school. Seriously, he did not think of getting me a Barbie Doll. No wonder my resultant state of mind.

The service was pretty excellent, the uncles were all very charming and friendly, perhaps because the place just opened for business when we showed up. Quickly sizing up the menu, we noted that the food was cheap but the alcohol was not.
Someone had to do the driving. Luckily I was easily charmed by the boot-shaped Root Bier into agreeing to remain alkohol-frei.
So B1 "carpe diem"ed by ordering a massive glass of bier. I didn't even know they have such sizes =D.
Like I said, this was when we were flush, so we were easily convinced to try the limited items on the menu. B1 ordered the strip loin and I ordered the sausage, as they had run out of strip loin servings that day. I understood why later, 5 strips in one serving!

ChuckWagon was certainly generous with the portions. We could also order the spiciness that we wanted the buffalo wings to be served. I remember even now the salt and dry texture  rather than the spice.

I liked the presentations, which were pretty nice despite the homely surroundings. That and the charming service made up for the somewhat salty food, which is easily understood at a place that earns from its beverages. Great place for chilling out though. I would go there just to drink from the boot mug again <- so easily charmed. =D

Updated (14th Feb 2012)
Just headed to the place for Valentine's Day because our first choice Alkaff was crazy enough to charge S$288 per couple, and the place was booked up already. So we went to Chuckwagon. Service was great as usual. But the prices have gone up quite a bit. The steak is now S$30-S$40. Scary.

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