Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coding Stalemate

I am stuck.

New Game
I think I am done with the storyboard part. Now is the graphics *arghz*. Do I use canvasdraw, openGL or cheat with ordinary image rendering? I belong to the KISS group. Lesser work done better. =D

Even in school, my code is pathetically simple. I didn't go for the "impress the professor with my programming prowess (which I have none, that is why I am not doing programming @ Arbeit)" so I always scored the minimum for my code. Lazy.
I didn't do a good job planning Burgerstacko the other time, so my code wasn't scalable. It was a simple no-brainer game that one can play while waiting for the bus or on the train. 

O&S for Burgerstacko
Fixed the incoming phone call bug. Problem is I have forgotten how to repackage that apk. I had set up nicely in the old Eclipse environment but not for Indigo. I went home with the backed up workspace to do the deployment but the stupid Ganymede cannot work because I had not closed the workspace properly the other time. Shit. Think I will wait for B1 to finish the website and I will add in the code for the Internetview before deployment again.

I am adding the online scoreboard because a long time ago, someone asked nicely for it. Personally, I don't like applications connecting to Internet, so I built an inbuilt scoreboard instead. But it might be fun to see whether people are still playing this game 2 years on.

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