Friday, February 17, 2012

Boeing Dreamliner 787 @ Singapore Air Show 2012

One thing good about trade days. You get to see the stuff that public won't get to. Keke.

That's why I am sharing this out to everyone to have a look-see. This as well as the interiors of the private planes like the Gulfstream, Hawker Pacific, etc. Eat your hearts out, dudes =D

Let's start off with the Boeing Dreamliner 787 which everyone simply had to queue up for, which was also totally worth it from a souvenir hunter's viewpoint because one could get a sticker, collar pin and a lanyard.

No need to pull a shade, press the button and the window will glaze over according over all the different shades in 90s
Under Boeing 787's giant shadow
People still queuing under the blazing sun...
Look at how long the queue was

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