Monday, February 20, 2012

This is my 1000th post

This is the 1000th post in Nibblezware. Yes 1000th!!! I waited for a long time (well at least a day), but no one said anything about what I should say for this special 1000th post, so I decided to use it to point out my Valentine Special Magazine, which you should look to your right or below. Anyway I need to get this one out so that I can continue posting the stuff on Air Show or Android.

Yes only for Valentine's, it is a MAN on the cover. =D

Couldn't have made it without faithful readers like Karirin, and Schnappi, and other great people out there whose names I don't know but I hope haven't been alienated by my ever whirling maelstrom of lesbianism and heterosexuality. Yes I am a chick, I am not bi (nice guess though by one of my CoH friends), and B1 does exist.
Someone else in CoH still can't decide whether I am a dude, a chick or B1 is fake, which makes for some really awkward conversations, tempered by paranoia and arguments which is why I am also avoiding Skype. Schade, cos I really like that guy but talking to him is too stressful sometimes and I get enough of that from work. It's my own fault, really. Shouldn't have forgotten that I hate IMs and social networking in general (yet ironically I am always misunderstood as a cyber-stalker, and my inquisitive nature mistaken as a never-ending social engineering attack. I only wish I was that brilliant).  T T

Nonetheless, thank you all for your support *cheeky grin* I seriously didn't think I could have made it. I thought about uploading my photo here, but nah. I can't otherwise my Arbeit will be able to identify me and I will get into a shitload of trouble. Most of all, I wouldn't be able to post half the fun stuff I did =D. And besides be glad, because a lot of illusions may be shattered at one sight *haha*.

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