Monday, April 30, 2012

Kari gets a new pussy (cat)

I hadn't seen Karirin for a while. Killing Floor is very distracting :P

Anyway, he was online yesterday, so I said hi.
(I might not remember all of it, but that boy really messed with my head yesterday)
Where have you been? I haven't seen you in days. =D
I got a new girlfriend. Her name is Guipsy de Fiona da House.
Ah...(more like eh... never heard this kind of name before. Was it an actress' name?) Congrats! How did you meet?
So long distance relationship? That's tough.
No, she's live-in.
So fast?! (Is it a French thing, love at first sight?) Doesn't your mother mind?
No, she likes her. She's cute.
(I have to admit, that's when my deviant mind starts churning... did he really do what he said he was going to do?)
You are messing with me. She's (something we have been talking about) or a puppy right?
No. she's not a dog. 8 mouth (dear boy always mistakes months for mouth, but for a while there, I almost thought 8 BJs already? Then when I though 8 months. Did he mean the relationship is 8 months long or.... *pedobear*)

So he sent me the pictures.  She looks absolutely huggable!

La Mademoiselle Guipsy de Fiona da House (mit nur eine Auge, poor baby)
Love the guy, he always has a droll sense of humor. And no, I did not see your uncle in the lift.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

argh. Pervert in the lift

I bought B1 lunch (he was suffering a major hangover) before I rejoined Mutter at the restaurant. On my way to pass him the lunch, I managed to get into a somewhat crowded lift (it was filled but there was enough personal space allocated for each person, you know what I mean). Then this uncle came in and stood at the door. I instinctively put up my left arm to shield my chest. Men have this disgusting habit of doing this sometimes, but this old lecher was especially rude. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A celebratory lunch at Paul

For once, we had some good (sort of a double-edged sword type, but we will take whatever we can get) news today, so Bär und I went out to celebrate, even though we had the usual pile of caca boudin to sort out back in the office. Now as I am typing this out, I think back to all the other celebrations we had, and realize there are only Bär und I now. 

A question of circumstances

Bär is looking for a foreign maid to help with his elderly mother. He was showing me the candidates during an interlude. Looking through the photos and the background information, I felt a bit sad and admiration for these brave ladies who come out to work servile roles in an unknown country.

Some of them are well educated, majoring in Art, Geography, Maths, etc. I could not help but think that if circumstances were different, and I were living in a less developed country with diminished career opportunities, I would be working as a maid in another country too. That thought sobered me.

K said that I earn good money. I said sure, but I feel that he has a better quality of life.  Just look at the  leave the Europeans get, especially in Summer. Perhaps I really need a break like F says. I am starting to do very weird stuff like two Sundays ago, I kept googling (censored). Then last Sunday, it was Pepe Le Pew day where I watched Pepe Le Pew cartoons non-stop. Btw Pepe Le Pew is my favorite WB character.

But I am the kind who will go on holiday and still worry about work. Last year my *censored* chased me all the way to Vietnam. This time I will definitely switch off auto-roaming. =P

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Men need to learn how to multi-task =D

A friend and I were talking about seduction in movies, you know where the guy is on the phone and the girl distracts him by nibbling his ear and doing all kinds of sensual stuff. The guy is always almost unable to concentrate on what he is doing.

My friend admitted that it was one of his fantasies to have his girl *censor* him while he is playing game. I don't believe him =D. I think he'd crack. Just imagine a girl whispering torrid suggestions in your ear while you are trying to play CoH or BF3, while running her hands up and around your body.

This is what will happen...
Either he will go nuts and turn off the game, or he will implore her to stop (stupid man, even if his game friends will appreciate his devotion and loyalty, they will also think he is stupid too).

Friday, April 20, 2012

Oh no!!! Madame Big Feet hit new low...

I realize that this is a sickness...every time I reached the trough of my stress.... I buy a pair of shoes. And I realize I don't really like them. =[
I just realized that while I was in Germany, my shoes went missing. Fuck it, someone stole my shoes!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Being Neat vs Being Untidy

Am battle-weary and too exhausted to write or blog in general. This week is as bad as predicted, and given how pessimistic I am, it was VERY VERY BAD. TGIF. I have never looked forward to a weekend more.

Also banned myself from most online activities to prevent myself from alienating friends. I will only be playing cutesy no brainer games like Hotel Dash until Saturday morning when I see 12ax7. Hopefully my emos has left ze building by then....

This week, there was a somewhat hilarious account of a very organized man maintaining an excel sheet on the 12 women he was dating from or via introductions by his friends. Since I can understand how men cannot multi-task, I could appreciate his efforts especially when he was dating them around the same period (which is not very nice). It would be most mortifying to not be able to keep the women straight *winks*. Interesting note is that this man is a visual creature, though he did update with his feedback on their personalities after the dates (which means he bases his judgements on actual contact, and not via phone/IM/online presence)

Friday, April 13, 2012

This explains a lot - Bier makes you cleverer

A new study from the University of Illinois suggests that drinking alcohol can actually make men solve creative problems better than when they are sober.

Here's the great wall of text: (original article)
Astonishingly, those in the drinking group averaged nine correct questions to the six answers correct by the non-drinking group. It also took drunk men 11.5 seconds to answer a question, whereas non-drunk men needed 15.2 seconds to think. Both groups had comparable results on a similar exam before the alcohol consumption began.
It's important to note that their level of alcohol consumption was below the legal limit, and it worked on creative problems but not on working memory problems. According to Wiley, alcohol improves creative memory by decreasing working memory, which is the ability to remember one thing while you're thinking of something else.
Said Wiley, "Sometimes it's good to be distracted."
This explains why I have so much more fun talking to slightly wasted dudes, especially B1. You cannot believe the stuff they can come up with. A friend was deeply insulted when I said I preferred when he was drunk. Not that he wasn't entertaining sober, but drunk is so much higher a plateau in entertaining. Not too drunk because if they are too drunk, they just no longer make sense anymore. This test kind of sucks, because women also behave the same way methinks. At least it will explains why I always come up with god awful jokes when I am tipsy. Suddenly EVERYTHING is FUNNY. And also why when B1 tests me on Math problems to assess my sobriety, I always can do it, even when it is something obscure like 134*18. =D
Trinken Trinken, dudes!

My favorite wine became oxidised!!!

This is my favorite wine, which I will buy two at a time from Jones the Grocer, which carries them at an exorbitant S$21 (it is only 3.75ml). That was before I discovered that Mandarin Gallery has a Jones the Grocer too. I usually will buy cheap plonk, or if I know that there is at least a S$10 discount per bottle (and I mean 750ml). I am starting to stock pile a nice selection of cheap plonk at the new apartment, for backup gifts or when I want the wine to accompany a certain dish I am cooking.
I initially wanted to give this to my colleague who gave me an Anna Sui lippy for Xmas (I am not sure why, because I don't wear makeup unless I want something =D) but I realized that it was oxidized. This wine is supposedly to be a delicate frizzy wine that is pink color. I eyed the bottle.

"Isn't Innocent Bystander supposed to be pink?" I asked B1.

B1 replied, "open up and try." In the end, the taste was a bit distorted. So I gave another bottle with some other stuff to the colleague. To my horror, that bottle was later discovered to be on a steep discount at the supermarket. *silent scream*

Sigh. Ever since this incident, I didn't dare to buy wines from wine-chillers at the supermarkets or wine cellars. I think this wine is supposed to be kept in room temperature or for a long time without drinking. These two bottles happened to be set aside for 1 year (I had yet to discover the other branch of Jones the Grocer).

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If you like the Family Guy

You'd love him as a warm fuzzy bear called Ted.

I have been noticing his animated gifs for a week now, and am totally delighted to finally a pedo bear who is so my type. I eagerly pointed him out to B1, who said "please grow up" and then gave me his troll face while he kekeked.

You'd better be at least 13 to see this NSFW shit. But then again, if you are not legal, what are you doing on my blog in the first place.

Monday, April 9, 2012

I did not take a Computer Engineering degree to fix your computer

Checking through my posts, I appeared to have grumbled about this before.

Don't you find it extremely irritating that people just take it for granted that you can and will fix their motherfucking IT problem? Even Bruder is guilty of it. Mein älter Bruder who used to be able to fix his pc by himself, has joined the legion of helpless relatives who ask me to fix their laptop/ desktop (so far no one has asked me to fix their iphone).

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

I finally got my 1000th win in Company of Heroes

Well, if you are wondering why this woman takes 6 years to get 1000 wins in one game, it is because she used to have another account which have several hundred wins, until she went crazy one day and deleted it, and then created a new profile with a super lame nick =D.
Speaking of lame nicks. 12ax7 tried to grift me the other day with a "jimcaviezel" account (I have an absolutely massive crush on jim caviezel's character in "Person of Interest"). Nice try 12, joke's on you, because I have 48 (as of today) persons trying to make friends with me, so I didn't see the account until recently. Apparently he created it several weeks ago. 

Anyway I hate the holy week, not what it represents, mind you,  but by the fact, that Company of Heroes is an almost dead town this week. It is almost as if anyone younger than 35 years old in this game are on Spring break or something. Only the Onkels, mich, the Amerikaners (yes, the irony is not lost on me) and the Brits were around (and even the Brities get next Monday *seething*). Even 12 is out of town for work his sport (which means that I got to sleep till 11am this morning *cheers*. Interestingly the Lobster and I made the same observation that we only come in during that insane hour for 12ax7. Such loyalty. As it was, the Lobster and I don't play with each other without 12ax7. Not sure why, especially since I knew the Lobster in his other profile for a long time ago.)

When everyone on my usual team come back....this is what they will get for abandoning me for a week.*forever alone*
And the person who will get it worst from me, is the one who introduced me to this panda bear *hehe*.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How I had a Korean dinner and a free lesson on Kimchi-making

After my violin lesson today, we decided to try the Korean restaurant Big Mama. We were abit leery of the ala carte buffet steamboat and the zi char stall we always frequent on an XOR basis. The buffet's standard is dropping, the price per head has gone up, and B1 pointed out that the auntie has never bothered to treat us any better even though we are her most frequent customers. Think he is mad they are so stingy with his favorite lala clams. And there is only so much 牛肉炒芥兰 one can eat, no matter how much we love the dish.

Banned again for chatting too much on Company of Heroes *haha*

If only I could get S$1 for everytime this stupid game bans me from chatting. =D

Company of Heroes is clearly not made for women.

Finding love online...

Before B1 reads this (he never does *forever alone*), I need to disclaim here first, to say I am still reasonably satisfied with my choice *haha*, even though that PS3 must be destroyed, and I wish I can stop being his knave. This morning he complained he didn't have enough shirts, I found myself buying him some at lunchtime. Shit, is it muscle memory? Or innate asian female subservience?

Anyway, last weekend, the tiny island was rocked by a new sensational story. A single 24 year old went online looking for love and found a 37 year old uncle who is married with two children and lied to her that he was only 27 years old. Looking at the photos in the newspapers, I questioned the illusion of love. If that man is 37 years old, then I am only 16 years old. B1 commented drily, that it was because the poor lady looked mature (she did, when Mutter showed me the photo, I said poor auntie, then Mutter said "she's younger than you"), so she thought nothing of it that the guy was old looking (he was bald).

But anyway she loved him enough to support him financially as he was unemployed and rented a room for them to live in. It was in this room that he tortured and murdered her over last Saturday, slashing her many times and apparently gouging out her eyeballs with his bare hands (the police are yet to find a device) before flinging those as well as 40 other personal belongings (I saw the photos of the eyeballs and the hair *ew*) out the window of their apartment room. That wanker. Can you imagine walking downstairs and having something like that hit you?

I hope she was dead before he did this, because if not, it would have been an extremely painful way to die. I don't know what is his problem, when she was so nice to him but I suspect that he did those heinous acts, because he wants to get off with a lesser charge of manslaughter or culpable homicide (of grave and sudden provocation or abnormality of mind).

That said, I feel very bad for her. She was only looking for love in the wrong places. I am not a fan of finding love online. (Even caution needs to be exercised when making online friends and only after you make lots of checks- don't ask me how I do it. Being a paranoid person, I am closely re-examining my online footprint again), as everyone already lies in real life and the Internet just makes it even easier to stretch the truth further.

First of all, are you sure he/she isn't married or attached? Second, people won't post their actual to-date photo where they have gone to seed. They would post the most flattering photos of themselves, or even post inappropriate photos, to get attention from the opposite gender (you'd be careful when handling people of the latter type). So what you see is not what you get. Next, how are you going to be sure he/she is not lying to you? He could tell you he is a financially stable, mature guy of around your age (after he has already worked out what is your age) when he is just an unemployed dude living with his parents. Hey look, he really is living in that lovely Tudor, just that it's not his, it's his parents' and it's leaking in many parts.

Whatever it is, if you feel a spark talking with the person online, be brave and go ahead, but also be cautious and guard your heart and yourself carefully before doing so. Make sure you do all the necessary checks (trust me Facebook cannot be trusted as a source. Fake profiles are so easy to make), and be analytical and cynical when you meet the person for the first time and not have your judgement clouded by how exciting the person is or how he/she makes you feel.


Lazy troll am I, this pic is not drawn by me. [source: mooonness @deviantart]
Bär has just bought me some fishballs from the *censored*. Sniffing deeply into the plastic bag like an addicted glue sniffer, I marveled why in the world am I instantly reminded of the swimming pool and chlorine?

I remembered when I was a kiddie, my beloved Grossmutter brought me and my cousin to go swimming, and after that, she would take us to the cafeteria where both of us would sit on cheap plastic chairs, swinging our feet idly in the air because we could not reach the floor yet. She would bring back one stick of fishballs (sometimes it was a plate of mee siam, depending on whether our mothers were going to feed us later) and one glass mug of hot Milo on a saucer apiece from the counter. Both of us would stop clamoring and settle down to munch on the fishballs while she poured out the Milo into the saucers. I used to think it was very unsanitary (on hindsight, I had OCD even then), but Grossmutter said that it would cool the beverage down quickly. And it did. =D

Monday, April 2, 2012

A little easter present...

I was in a dead rush on Friday night, after I bought the 2 pieces of 6"X6" canvas boards in the afternoon. I didn't have much time before Easter =D, and these things got a long distance to fly.

I hope the recipients like the presents (it's a surprise!), I stayed up pretty late on Friday doing them. I wasn't very good with the colors, because too tired *hehe* so the colors came out a bit weird for the bear. Initially I thought the background for the duckie would look weird too, but it ended up looking better than the big version (still not completed). 

I apologize for the bad quality of the stroke marks because I used a 3B pencil, which is pretty dark. I had to repaint and cover the duckie's wings with white to disguise the pencil markings. So the paint is pretty thick. Oopz. Don't you like how the photos make the pictures look better than they actually do? =D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Have you ever noticed this?

The dude just standing there holding a rifle? Slacker =D

Kissing is the most intimate act

But my favorite kisses,
are the ones you give me
when we make up.
Because each time we argue
I'm scared that you will never ever kiss me again.

Reading this, I am reminded of how intimate kissing is between two persons. Not sure if it is because of the exchange of bodily fluids (now it sounds gross), or the excitement when your lips touch, but there is something intimate and precise about kissing. Not sure if it is because you can kiss the person you love anytime but you cannot have sex anytime =D. Even when I am writing my you-know-what, I am conscientious of how a relationship can jump to a whole new plateau when two strangers kiss.

What's your favorite kind of kiss? Mine is kissing in the lift as it is going up =D (dunno why). And B1 hugging and kissing me from behind when I am doing something.

Have you kissed your loved one today?


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