Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Lazy troll am I, this pic is not drawn by me. [source: mooonness @deviantart]
Bär has just bought me some fishballs from the *censored*. Sniffing deeply into the plastic bag like an addicted glue sniffer, I marveled why in the world am I instantly reminded of the swimming pool and chlorine?

I remembered when I was a kiddie, my beloved Grossmutter brought me and my cousin to go swimming, and after that, she would take us to the cafeteria where both of us would sit on cheap plastic chairs, swinging our feet idly in the air because we could not reach the floor yet. She would bring back one stick of fishballs (sometimes it was a plate of mee siam, depending on whether our mothers were going to feed us later) and one glass mug of hot Milo on a saucer apiece from the counter. Both of us would stop clamoring and settle down to munch on the fishballs while she poured out the Milo into the saucers. I used to think it was very unsanitary (on hindsight, I had OCD even then), but Grossmutter said that it would cool the beverage down quickly. And it did. =D

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