Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A question of circumstances

Bär is looking for a foreign maid to help with his elderly mother. He was showing me the candidates during an interlude. Looking through the photos and the background information, I felt a bit sad and admiration for these brave ladies who come out to work servile roles in an unknown country.

Some of them are well educated, majoring in Art, Geography, Maths, etc. I could not help but think that if circumstances were different, and I were living in a less developed country with diminished career opportunities, I would be working as a maid in another country too. That thought sobered me.

K said that I earn good money. I said sure, but I feel that he has a better quality of life.  Just look at the  leave the Europeans get, especially in Summer. Perhaps I really need a break like F says. I am starting to do very weird stuff like two Sundays ago, I kept googling (censored). Then last Sunday, it was Pepe Le Pew day where I watched Pepe Le Pew cartoons non-stop. Btw Pepe Le Pew is my favorite WB character.

But I am the kind who will go on holiday and still worry about work. Last year my *censored* chased me all the way to Vietnam. This time I will definitely switch off auto-roaming. =P

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