Saturday, April 21, 2012

Men need to learn how to multi-task =D

A friend and I were talking about seduction in movies, you know where the guy is on the phone and the girl distracts him by nibbling his ear and doing all kinds of sensual stuff. The guy is always almost unable to concentrate on what he is doing.

My friend admitted that it was one of his fantasies to have his girl *censor* him while he is playing game. I don't believe him =D. I think he'd crack. Just imagine a girl whispering torrid suggestions in your ear while you are trying to play CoH or BF3, while running her hands up and around your body.

This is what will happen...
Either he will go nuts and turn off the game, or he will implore her to stop (stupid man, even if his game friends will appreciate his devotion and loyalty, they will also think he is stupid too).

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