Thursday, January 28, 2010

Breakfast Bento 1 - Egg Mayo Sandwiches

I was ogling at the beautiful array of sandwiches at Petit Provence, except that it was past dinner time already so I didn't dare to buy. So I made my own crude version for breakfast this morning.

Little Girls like to play Dress up

[source: Flash Game]

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Of Rice and Men - Fugly Foreign Educated Mushrooms

We have always been complaining about foreign talent coming to Singapore, taking our jobs, homes and schools. But you know what is even worse? Singaporeans who return from overseas and act as if our soil is not good enough for their feet.

I was "suay" enough to have encountered a few specimens. Two of them in particular were rather offensive. Specimen No 1, returning from London where he complained that he could not get a job there "because of the locals there not wanting to give him jobs after his Masters, prefering their own people or other Europeans" (I think his results are not that exemplary enough, and hello, you are foreign talent there. Since when do people welcome foreigners? Just see what happened to the Red Indians after they welcomed the white settlers. *roll eyes*). At the sushi restaurant, when we first met him after he came back, he began moaning and groaning of the lack of respect for personal space in Singapore. "Those aunties", he ranted, "stood so near me on the train. They don't respect personal space. In England, people are gracious, they understand personal space. People are polite there, not like Singapore so uncultured... blah blah" I stopped listening and reached for the sushi going past on the conveyer belt.

The second fugly Singaporean? Quite fantastic as well. So we were having dinner (hmm, all my conversations seem revolved around food) last week, and he decided that the service was bad because the wait staff refused to seat us at the comfortable seats. Reason given to him was that they wanted to reserve the seats for a table of ten, but later they split up the seats for different parties instead. Not sure what he said to them, but they were very slow with the service. In fact, they served water to the tables next to us but not to us, which was quite horrible since I have a nasty sore throat. Do not worry because he took revenge at the payment counter. When they offered him discount coupons (I find it intriguing that apologies for the service are preprinted on the coupons, which is very telling), he said, "No. That would necessitate my coming back here, and I don't want to."

I agree with him on that but not what he said during dinner. My companion opined that service in Singapore was horrible, and that he had experienced excellent service in Australia. I was surpised. I mean service is bad, service is bad. Implies don't go back to the restaurant. What does it got to do with the country?

He reluctantly acknowledged that he did encounter some unpleasant experiences in Australia, but said that the locals wouldn't bully you if you don't feed the stereotype. Another friend didn't do well academically here and has decided to move to Australia to further his studies. He has informed me that he would not likely return after graduation.

Frankly, I was also very annoyed by that Neil Humphreys' column last Saturday about how glad he was to come back to Singapore where people were uncaring. Where does he get off, slagging off Singapore when we have provided him a home? Instead Singapore ends up as excellent fodder for him to bitch about in his books and articles. To him, as well those persons who think that foreign countries are so much better than Singapore, I would like to say,

"If you think that the foreign country is so great, stay there. Don't come back." (I notice that Neil Humphrey, who is English born, has migrated to Australia with his family. Goodbye and good riddance. But it seems that he is still slagging us off...)

I am sick of them picking on the country that they live in, or even worse, are born in. I am not expecting nationalistic fervour, but if you cannot even appreciate the country you are born in, then move on and find one you can be loyal to.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bought Fish Soup and Caught a (Fortune) Cat

The hawker centre was running a lucky draw of sorts, like a Japanese Shotengai. I dug into the bin and drew a golden ang pow which got me a kitty!

Learning to Drive Privately

Having passed his final theory test last week, the teletubby in my office is getting hyped up in excitement over his upcoming first practical.

It was during a lazy afternoon discussion that I learn belatedly that now the Singapore Police Force is showing the passing rates of Class 3 candidates under private instructors.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

3 for S$15 in 1 hour

Was bored. Went prawning (haha). Very inhumane cooking of drunken prawns where I clutched the slippery bodies gingerly with tongs while desperately trying to cut off their feelers and horn(?). Cleaning and cooking them is not worth the fishing experience.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The only thing that O'Brien will miss when he leaves NBC

Triumph the Insult Dog. Need we say more?

蒸杂皮蛋糕 Citrus Peel Steamed Cup Cakes

I wanted to make this today, but after my sore throat caused my voice to deteriorate to a nasal honk, I think I will just type in the recipe for keeping till next week.

Egg ingredients
5 eggs (~65g)
2 egg yolks
200g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence

Flour ingredients
220g low protein flour
1 tbsp milk powder
1 tsp baking powder

Peel ingredients
2 tbsps corn oil
50 ml orange juice
80g mixed peel

1. Whisk egg batter ingredients until fluffy. Fold in flour ingredients evenly. Add peel ingredients and mix well.
2. Arrange paper cups in cake moulds. Pour batter into the paper cups. Steam for 20 minutes.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


S.H.E's original song 《中国话》 has been manipulated and reworded into a derogatory song about China, titled 《全世界都在笑中国傻》. Not only has this controversy rocked the entire nation, it has even become a entry exam question for the prestigious Peking University. Applicants had to (if my trashy Mandarin is to be trusted) find the rhyme in the lyrics, and form a sentence with it. They were to also find two words with the least number of strokes from all the verbs available, and use them to form one of the university's propaganda slogans. ???









The reworded song lyrics largely contradicted Chinese Government's policies towards the United States, attacking its over-exploitation of its natural resources and peasants, environmental devastation, to obtain the devaluing USA dollar. For example, the lines “全世界都在笑中国傻,辛苦挣的钱他借给别人花”,"多少年我们生产皮鞋衬衫和裤衩这几年,换他们倾销调查加科技禁运来敲诈” which loosely translates to "lending its hard-earned money to other people to spend" and "our many years of producing shoes, t-shirts, and pants only earned their anti-dumping investigations and embargo on technology" respectively, reflected the culprit's frustration and unhappiness over China's buying of US bonds, going as far as to abuse her own people and resources to only receive retaliation and resentment from an ungrateful US.

I have no comments on the video, due its political sensitivity. But I do find the culprit very creative and eloquent, despite the blatant "LOOT"ing of an original music video.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

长寿 Jang Shou Korean Charcoal BBQ

After staring at the musical scores in the Esplanade library in vain (I have maxed out my library cards again), the two mice made their way to Jang Shou. I had a craving for Jang Shou's kimchi, which I felt were the most varied, generous and creative of all of the Korean restaurants in Singapore that I have tried before. I also like the fact that it uses actual charcoal to cook and not the flame gas usually used by the rest of the restaurants. (Not to be a arrogant ass about it, but a Korean restaurant owner in Sydney spoke to me in Korean after I discerned that his very excellent kimchi is homemade. Regretfully I can only eat Korean, not talk Korean. By the way, his restaurant also uses charcoal and he had a super sexy half naked young Korean guy serving his charcoal in a black apron. I was an instant fan... hahaha)

They were pretty busy today, but luckily (for them as well, since I am well known to have a poisonous pen) I had my DS Lite with me and we were content to play for the short while that we had to wait. The wait staff were all excellent, friendly and polite, especially the waitress who apologised to us for keeping us waiting, which was a surprise. They are not only very generous with the kimchi here, they actually take the initiative to top up the kimchi or fresh veggies without asking, a feat considering that they were dashing from table to table serving and cooking.

And the meat was cooked very precisely without any charred bits by the various staff who appeared at our table sporadically. The young waiter was especially good because he changed the pan (twice!!!) to make sure our meat did not get burnt or the nasty charcoal color and odor that emits from a scorched pan while we took our time to eat. Su Korean Cuisine doesn't fare well when it comes to this, while Hansang circumvents this problem by turning down the flame. Don't get me started on that horrible Ju Shin Jung (I never hated a restaurant as much as that one. Maybe I should get my friend to curse it. Restaurants he cursed almost always close down after a while. I'd curse it myself if I can get it shut down).

And the kimchi? 11 types today, and we can get top-ups, as long as we finish what we have. From the top left: Shigumchi Namul (sesame spinach), Haepari (jellyfish), tea eggs(???), gamjachae (julienned potatoes), daikon kimchi, lettuce salad, traditional kimchi, mustard leaves (I suspect, don't like this one), pasta salad (they serve with apple slices, mayo and vinegar(?)), celery with mushroom stirfry and the miscellaneous kimchi (I dislike...) . Su Korean Cuisine hides the good stuff, but does dole out the other kimchi when we ask.

Perhaps the reason why I am so chuffed today was also because Town Mouse indirectly complimented my skills when he commented that my daikon kimchi was better than the restaurant's (mine is less salty yet flavorful, but unfortunately I make a huge batch and we all get sick of eating it after a while. haha.).

You may wonder why am I focusing more on the service rather than the food. But when you spend a certain amount of $$, you expect a certain amount of service. If I want good food, I can cook myself. But to be waited on, without having to cook and clean up, is sheer heaven.

So my recommendations for Korean BBQ in Singapore:

(1) Jang Shou Korean Charcoal BBQ
Portions are ok (at least they are honest, not like other restaurants that spread out the meat to simulate a generous portion), Flavor is excellent, Service is excellent and Kimchi generous. Actual charcoal flame.

(2) Hansang Korean Family BBQ Restaurant
I like their pumpkin rice, which is cooked painstakingly. Portions are ok, Flavour ok, service ok, kimchi rather generous. They top up when asked.

(3) Togi Korean Restaurant
Very family style and authentic (well they have mostly Korean staff). Food is not bad but filling. Most affordable of the lot, I think, so also the most crowded and smallest. Feel the entreating eyes of strangers boring on you as you eat. Service is definitely a miss, because they cannot cover all the tables quickly enough. It's every man for himself.

(4) Su Korean Cuisine
Don't go there when they are busy... service is hit-and-miss sometimes (the staff are polite but slow to respond at times), value for money because they have set menus, Flavor is ok, and they give fruit at the end of the meal. They hide the good stuff, so remember to ask for your favorites.

(5) Hyang To Gol (my team went there for my birthday last year)
Portions were ok, Flavor was ok, Service was Outstandingly Terrible and Kimchi was stingy (you have to pay for second round).

(6) Shillawon Korean Cuisine
Value for money cos they have buffets, not really authentic Korean unless you order the ala carte, the buffet is more like Seoul Garden...buffet is varied at least.

(7) Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken & BBQ
Not worth rating, too unmemorable (maybe except for their Ginseng chicken which was not bad) and EXPENSIVE.

I will NEVER go to Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant in West Coast. I experienced the most atrocious service in 2005. We wanted to turn down the fire because we could see that the meat was turning into charcoal. In retaliation, the waiter cut up the meats until bits (I was so angry I couldn't eat). The manager knew that we were very infuriated but did nothing other than stare at his staff. We wasted S$105 on meat we could not eat because it was burnt and in little charcoal bits.

I am coming for Chang (Dempsey Road) soon.

We went for Chang already!! Read about the visit here.

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The First Sight of Fortune

Went to watch the latest Casual Concert at the Esplanade this evening. I felt that the first piece of the 2nd set, i.e. Schindler's List Theme, was played the best. Chan Yoong Han did an excellent job *applauds*. Perhaps his excellent rapport with the orchestra has to do with the fact that he plays with the SSO professionally. At least he didn't make me cringe like that Yong Siew Toh student did the other time.

Anyway, what was intriguing was when we came out of the concert hall and encountered this window scene.

God of Fortune hanging out at the Singapore River. Now this is not a commonplace sight. Haha. Everyone had fun taking photos with him, especially that family to the foreground of this photo. I had to wait for every single member of that family, excluding daddy, taking group and individual shots with God of Fortune, before I could get this shot. Anyway the guy was so tanned, he looked more like Judge Bao, commented Town Mouse.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eats Shites & Leaves

While this book by Antal Parody (I think this is a nom de plume, considering the type of books written by said author) seriously needs some updating, it's pretty entertaining to read.


A fool and his money are soon partying.

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

Late to bed and early to rise, keeps a twinkle in the eyes.

A thing of beauty keeps you broke forever.

Soup should be seen and not heard.

All's fair in love and golf.

The proof of the pudding is the box it came in.

All work and no play makes Jack a rich boy.

Where there's a will there's a family at war.

Behind every successful man, there's a woman telling him that he isn't so great.

God helps those who are caught helping themselves.

Gossip is the art of letting the chat out of the bag.

Does it improve your English? NO.

Does it make you laugh? YES.

Conclusion? READ IT.


I can catch a hint Mutter.

Mutter pasted this stupid article (from a newspaper I bought her no less) on my wall, saying how research showed that people who spent most of their time in front of computers die young.

So today instead of spas-sing out in front watching shows, I am playing DSLite at the beach. Note here: I think I need to attend Bomberman Anonymous. I have been playing that damn game to and fro work on the bus this whole week.

But first the two mice had to find a nice place to nibble at their now cold bentos in peace. I decided that the picnic table in the middle of the grass was a great idea. Very picturesque. Well, that was before the sun came out and fried the two of us as we tried to consume our now warming bentos. What a startling contrast to exactly one year ago, where we nearly froze to death trying to eat our bentos at Mount Komagatake (my camera nearly flew off when the wind carried off the bento cover it was sitting on). Town Mouse opined that I must be hankering after the NSF experience.

We then tried in vain to play Bomberman under the stingy shade of some coconut trees. It was too difficult as the light was in our eyes, making the screen practically painful to stare at, no matter which angle we tilted the console. In the end, I had to contend myself with lying on the bench and admiring how the coconut trees sway in the wind (and watching for errant coconuts falling down). Can you spot the crow in the tree?

We saw a lot of people flying kites at this wide span of land in front of the housing estate on our way back. Ironically I did not see anyone flying kites at the beach or the grass. But we did see some foreign workers having fun playing cricket (looks awfully like shuttle run as they were pretty lousy hitters and spend most of their time missing and running back and forth instead).

Saturday Munchies 16 - Instant Bento

From left: Potato-Carrot stirfry, tofu and mushrooms wrapped with pork slices, black bean natto, hijiki (which I rehydrated with thin slices of bacon). I made this bento using processed foods and bento making tools from DAISO. DIYBF, I would say, haha. This entry is from my ANDY.

I had been trying to email this from my phone since this morning. Since moaning and groaning about it, I now realised it was me. So sorry, Android and Blogger. Haha. I typed an incorrect recipient email addy. Stupid. Then I uploaded the wrong pic, then tried to test what happens when I use "reply all" and the correct photo. The new photo is uploaded (and not the original attachment, interesting, that. Is it because this mailing feature only allows 1 attachment?) and the original sender's name and email address gets included in the post, a very alarming detail!!!

McDonald's Stupid Orange Hot Chocolate

The branch of McCafe I adore uses fantastic latte art. This Lunar New Year they use orange salt to form the word 吉 (i.e. Luck) on the chocolate foam. Unfortunately the auntie shook the cups a bit when she brought our orders over (Mac's was awfully busy as usual, despite the late hour).

What do I think of it? It's pretty dumb, the orange salt doesn't add anything to the taste. I'd rather have my marshmallows instead...

NIBBLEZWARE 18 January 2010 Issue

Friday, January 15, 2010

TGIF Specials 13: Japanese 四十八手 Shijūhatte


How to commit suicide with your lover and not die

She has to be... a love doll.

A 50yr old Shanghai man leapt from his 6-floor apartment clutching his young lover. Eyewitnesses said they heard a loud bang, like a tyre exploding. Upon approaching the unconscious man, they were freaked out because they could not see his lover whom he landed on, just some hair and a pile of woman's clothes.

They belatedly realised that it was a sex doll. The man had been a widower for some years, raising his son on his own. Now that his son was studying overseas, the man felt that he was growing older and very lonely. He didn't want to be a burden to his son, so he jumped.

Poor thing, but don't worry, he survived. Now he will die of humiliation instead.

Read full translated article @ ChinaSmack now.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mein Vater, Java and das Internet

Vater fragtet Gestern Abend mir die Elektronenrechenmaschine fixieren. "Es ist kaputt", sie sagt,"ich account einbuchen nicht."

Ich hab es ist ein IE Problem glauben, so Ich downloade Firefox. Es hab gleich Problem???

Denn ich sehe der Website ist JSP...Gott demn.

"Vater, wie Java im die Elektronenrechenmaschine misshandeln Sie?"

"Die Elktronenrechenmaschine ist flau, so ich lösche Dateien."

"Java? Warum löschest du Java?"

Sigh. Ich aufwende mich und meinen Vater dieser Comic.

Free concerts @ Esplanade (Last Updated April 2010)

I was paying for my next round of violin classes when I saw this brochure.

Esplanade is presenting free performances at its concert hall on the first Sundays of January, February and March as part of its "Beautiful Sunday" series. I missed the January one sigh.

7 Feb 2010 3 pm
Around the World! - Singapore Ruan Chamber Ensemble
Join the Singapore Ruan Chamber Ensemble for an afternoon of popular favorites from around the world, all arranged for the classical Chinese plucked-string instrument! Established in 2005 by SCO Ruan principal, Zhang Rong Hui, the ensemble comprises of talented young musicians who are winners of national Chinese music competitions and key players of various school and music competitions and key players of various school and amateur Chinese orchestras. Be treated to a selection of enchanting meloies such as under Paris Skies, the Russian folk ensemble piece Fantasy on two Folksongs, as well as the Chinese classical work, A tribute to Yueqin.

7 Mar 2010 3pm
Flavours of Southeast Asia - Hsinghai Art Association
Hsinghai Art Association was established in 1973 and since inception, its Chinese orchestra has participated in numerous national arts festivals and performed with China's National Class One conductors and musicians. For this very special concert, the group takes you on a musical tour of sounds from South East Asia, with popular favorites like keroncong classic Bengawan Solo and Malay Folk Song Suriram. Be entranced by the music of our neighboring countries and let the melodious folk songs set the mood for a restful Sunday afternoon!

Updated Apr 2010!!!
11 Apr 2010, 3pm
Sunday RE-MIXED!
Enjoy fresh new takes on familiar tunes such as your favourite Disney Classics, Ave Maria, the Wondergirls' Nobody and more, by Maris Alumni Wind Ensemble.

9 May 2010, 3pm
Mother's Day Special - Chinese Concert
Spending a lovely Sunday afternoon with your mothers at this Mother's Day concert of Chinese evergreen favourites! Xinyao pioneer Hong Shao Cuan and local songstress Felinda Wong will serenade everyone with memorable hits, Chris Wang and Huang Xi from China will delight you with Chinese folksongs, all in dedications to mothers. Hosted by multi-talented Kenn O.

9 May 2010, 7.30pm
Mother's Day Special - English Concert
Join regional veteran artistes Ding Mercado and Babes Conde as they bring you an unforgettable Mother's Day concert! Performing tunes from the 1960s to the 1980s, Ding will turn back the clock with Broadway show-tunes as well as evergreen favourites like Somewhere in Time. Babes will perform some of her original hit songs such as Funny, and other songs of romance. Sit back and take a nostalgic ride back to the good times!

6 Jun 2010, 3pm
Spotlight: Games. Anime. Movies. Encore!
Catch this award-winning band perform familiar tunes from your favorite games, anime and movies. Putting the spotlight on their up-and-comning soloists, the band plays themes from Harry Potter, Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle and much more! Conducted by Adrian Chiang.

Nibblezware Musical Calendar of Events

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CHUCK - Experience the Power of Sound

I came across this CHUCK when trying to Google one of my fave shows, Chuck.

I thought it is interesting: (grabbed the background -as below- from its site)
ChucK is a new (and developing) audio programming language for real-time synthesis, composition, performance, and now, analysis - fully supported on MacOS X, Windows, and Linux. ChucK presents a new time-based, concurrent programming model that's highly precise and expressive (we call this strongly-timed), as well as dynamic control rates, and the ability to add and modify code on-the-fly. In addition, ChucK supports MIDI, OSC, HID device, and multi-channel audio. It's fun and easy to learn, and offers composers, researchers, and performers a powerful programming tool for building and experimenting with complex audio synthesis/analysis programs, and real-time interactive control.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I have a Meeting with Steamboat

Town Mouse pointed this out when we walked past this on our way to Phoon Huat.

Isn't it bizarre how some China-made products can use images that have no contextual relationship with their product? And who eats steamboat, while conducting a meeting and WEARING A SUIT?

That would be suicidal. Death by water loss, unless one drinks the soup. Haha.

Saturday Munchies 15 - My Cups Runneth Over

This is clearly a lesson on following instructions. Haha. The recipe indictated 18 cups, but I made adjustments again because I had no confidence in olive oil, and now my cupcakes runneth over. What a disaster!!! And what a waste. After watching how they made cupcakes on the Food Network, I should have used more cups instead of lesser. Sigh. Stupido.

Anyway the original recipe is Yogurt Cupcakes, Pg 36 from "Cupcakes Galore" by Gail Wagman.

[Pardon the sheer crappy quality of the photos, it's all my G1's fault. You definitely cannot say you bought HTC for the camera's quality...]

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tube2Tone Converts Youtube Songs to Ringtones

Tube2Tone allows people to type in the url to a Youtube clip, and record a ringtone from any section of it. Tube2Tone can also provide a cached pre-recorded copy so you can skip the process of watching the app load the entire clip. There's even a howto on how to download the ringtone to one's handphone.

It seems to require you to use a paid account now. Try this instead.

Others include:

Screw you guys! I'm going home

Those words often uttered by one infamous fat ass, Eric Cartman, probably ran through another one's mind as he reaches the safety of his homeland. Yes, we are talking about Dr Ionescu AGAIN since he is now basically us now that he is back in Romania, where he has NOW been withdrawn by his government from his post in Singapore (i.e. he doesn't have to come back anymore).

Well, the Romanian Government's Foreign Ministry basically informed us that it is not within Singapore's jurisdiction as the "receiving state" to persecute its diplomatic agent, and that it will turn the case to its own Prosecutor's Office. Fantastic, does it mean that the Romanian people are going to pay for the witnesses' trips to Romania?

How come when I read "receiving state", this image from Joey Devilla's "How fanboys see Operating Systems" picture, which I posted earlier, leaps into my mind? With a little change...

So everyone in the world (especially Romania), when you see this guy driving on the road, please jump into the nearest ditch. You will be safer there, even during the monsoon season. The New Paper was very thoughtful to have published his photo, which confirmed his identity (pls see O in this photo).

超级白 means extremely white *tries to nod convincingly*

This mind-numbing repetitive drivel has only one benefit, ironically it is that constantly repeated phrase "超级白", which means extremely white in Mandarin (and smelly v****a in Hokkien. Keke)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year 2010 - Sentosa Mass Molest Irony

Recently, other than the Romanian hit-and-run case, the local media has been rife about the Sentosa New Year Eve Mass Groping incident, where at least four Indian men were captured in videos groping a young woman, reaching into her bikini top and bottom when she tried to get away. There was much outrage because it was reported that fellow party-goers were filming the entire incident instead of going to her rescue, and netizens were calling for action to be dealt to the molesters. However there were also people who were interviewed who said that the girl deserved it.

Then there was the DJ's account of the five minute long episode, that he witnessed that the woman seemed to enjoy the attention of the first man, sexily gyrating against him as he touched her, before the rest of the men joined in the mass grope. He also mentioned that there were people who went to her rescue when she resisted one of the men reaching into her bikini bottom, such as a girl in a black bikini and also some men, resulting in some scuffle.

Then of course, there was the woman herself... Well, turns out there is a new twist to the whole situation. She used to be a he?! This photo has been circulated on the Net, Facebook and EDMW (one of the first groups to cast doubts on her sexuality).


I am very confused about this. Is it case of bad reporting (she is clearly wearing lingere instead of a bikini as reported)? Also, isn't it still wrong of those disgusting men to molest her, transformer (local term for transsexual) or not! Their objective was clearly to molest the girl. Shouldn't they be persecuted???

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bet you didn't know! I didn't either!

Kaltxì! Did you know that the smurfs on Avatar, i.e. the Na'vi, were really speaking a language, not some random gabba yabba invented for our amusement?

The Na'vi vocabulary is a constructed language created by a professor at USC, Paul Frommer, and now you can learn it too!!! and be one with the smurfs.

Here's the Learn Na'vi website if you are interested/intrigued enough to learn, where you can download the handbook (in pdf).

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Join the Online Petition!!! Ensure Justice is Served!!!

The highest ranking Romanian diplomat in Singapore, Dr Silviu Ionescu, is a suspect in a recent hit-and-run case here, which left one just-married man dead and two others injured. The suspect knocked down the three pedestrians at TWO traffic junctions in Bukit Panjang and fled. The car used belonged to the Romanian Embassy. Read online article here. I am too pissed off to scan all the articles on this case.

The cheek of the whole thing was that it was first reported in the news (it is now no longer reported in case of diplomatic displeasure .i. ) that this Dr Ionescu, when the media and police interviewed him, said that he had reported that the car was stolen that morning. The car was abandoned at Sungei Kadut. So ironic isn't it, that two taxi drivers picked him up at Sungei Kadut around the time of accident?

The first one couldn't speak English so he alighted, but the second, a Mr Neo said he picked him up that morning and that he had asked Mr Neo for the police phone number where he reported that his car was stolen. Then he flew back to Romania (within three days), for a treatment of diabetes (as if we were some backwater country which doesn't provide diabetic treatment). He says he will come back...

Even if it is not him, isnt' it very unprofessional and undiplomatic of him to run off when a car belonging to his embassy KILLED ONE MAN? As the highest ranking diplomat, he should stick around and make sure that justice is served, isn't it, Dr Ionescu? This reflects very badly on Romania. The government should sent him back to show that Justice should be served, even if the *censored* lawyers up and gets off on diplomatic immunity? After all, who is going to answer to those three men's families, especially to the RECENT BRIDE TURNED WIDOW? And hello, TWO traffic junctions? Was the Suspect, BLIND or PLAIN DRUNK?

An online petition has been established to call the Romanian Government to cooperate with the Singapore Government to investigate this accident. Please help sign. Much Appreciated. =]

Forever Daikon - A Blue-Haired Sunflower's Journey to find her Japanese White Radish

I have not been studiously updating my blogs, since receiving my "better late than never" DS Lite.

I am becoming a huge fan of Lukplus' Coropata, a sugar-and-spice-and-all-things-nice-ly adorable little girl called Himawari (meaning Sunflower, beats me why she is called Sunflower when she is blue-haired and constantly chasing after a daikon or her friends, depending on the level) who you are supposed to help reach her forever friend or Japanese white radish, using really bizarre tools like horseshoe magnets, see-saw, basketball or onigiri etc.

Like I told Town Mouse, it's like Lemmings but less painful cos there is only one little girl (and not a ton of fugly creatures) and a very cute one at that. Warning: do not be conned by the sheer cuteness of the game, as it is exceedingly tricky to get through the levels.

Note to non-Japanese speakers: Do not click on the first item in the main menu, after it appears. It is a long rehash of the exceedingly cute but non-comprehensible dialogue of the little girl and someone off the screen. Click on the second menu item to continue the level where you last left off. I look forward to more excellent stuff from Lukplus!!!

Check out my Coropata for Dummies!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cute Flash to post on thy blog

Like to deco your blog with cute creatures?

爱情超人 has some excellent flash files that you can embed in your blog or website. The best part of it all, it provides the embed code. So sweet, nicht wahr?

Check out the great example below:

Watch this space for those from Nibblezware. After all, how can this be called nibblezware and not have any warez?!

Saturday Munchies 14 - Strawberries + Milk

= Strawberry Smoothie.

After drinking it, I am convinced that either I did not add enough strawberries (which is impossible), or cafes and restaurants add sugar syrup to the smoothies.

It is also an excellent laxative, I am finding out, one hour after consumption...

Friday, January 1, 2010

みんなさん, Frohes Neues Jahr!

Resolutions (which I will resolutely not keep): (1) No more being one of those 14% sad apples who are online > 24hours a week!!! The only difference between me and the picture below is that I pee sitting down (well, that is not true, cos gravity can do the trick and I don't like to pay WOW.

I think I didn't mention this before, but shockingly, one of the incredibly dumbest excuses I was given when I was told to take my blog posts elsewhere, was because I posted too much and too frequently (actually it was because I was pushing their infrequent posts down too much). Therefore it was interpreted by non-divine minds that I must spend too many hours writing posts.

Harlo, some of the material do come from myself and I used to write. A LOT. This is like, nothing. I suppose this is an ironic slap to the face, because a year or so prior, when I was reading my Masters as well as another friend's blog, I noticed that he was posting more than he should when he was supposed to try, somehow, to catch up with his Bachelors, which he was doing really badly (he dropped out eventually, after 7 long years, to the relief of everyone). I was the one who highlighted this problem together with the fact that he blogged that he spent 14 days reading a textbook to figure out how to do a project, to the other persons so that they could respond to his silent plea for help. And now the line is used on me, as if I am some sort of pedant. Oh yeah, they were worried that I might have a problem. They should tell that to professional bloggers.

I am still very annoyed about it, since I was the one who started and maintained the blog. But ok, (2) try to forgive. I don't think I can ever forget, because I am very determined to cling onto as many dying brain cells I have. But I will try.

(3) Be less bitchy. I have the honest bluntness of a five year old, but not the toothy charm.

To prove how much I love you all for reading this trashy blog, here's a link I came across when reading up on how to learn Japanese (I should be reading up on learning Mandarin). Have you noticed that Mandarin blogs always align their texts in the centre and the words are always bloody small? Damn, I broke (3) already.


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