Saturday, February 20, 2016

Follow my lead by Kate Noble

His Grace Jason Cummings, Duke of Rayne, is seeking a wife. Tried when he was 29 years old, was almost compromised by three raving virgins. Second attempt was when he was a wiser 30 year old man, only to be bored to death at a garden party by same three raving virgins. So being a 19th century nerd, the red-haired he went to the Historical Society where he encountered a brown-haired she with a humongous cousin. Cousin George was determined to make Winnifred Crane his bride, incest and possible genetic disorder be damned. Luckily Jason was there to help her pass the hallowed doors, where she failed to prove to Lord Forrester (head of said sexist Society, her father's friend) that she was the famed historical writer, C. W. Marks. Why? Because her cousin claimed to be him already, in order to become a member.

Since the cousin was the villain and all the men in the Historical Society misogynists, the determined 30 year old Winn decided to take up the challenge issued by Lord Forrester to prove that the Adam & Eve painting given by her father to the Society was not painted by Dürer. Unlike the Duke who already saw the Continent and wanted to settle down, Winn wanted to enjoy the adventure of finding the evidence and checking out Europe.

Lord Forrester being naive or stupid, requested Jason escort Winn, George and their relative Totty to the port, even though Jason was interested in his daughter. Then Jason, being the busybody that he was, decided to follow Winn when she did not board the same ship as her family. 

Blah blah, they suffered poverty and misadventures in Europe as they tried to dodge George, but managed to find time to have sex a couple of times. If not for the sex, would have thought that it was Bert and Ernie running riot over Europe. Fairly engaging read.

Of course he ended up with Winn, even though he managed to propose to Lord Forrester's daughter when he returned to the UK, aged 31 years old.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5. The parts where they dodged George were entertaining.

Believability - 3/5; Romance factor - 2.5/5; Readability - 3.5/5 ; Yummyness of male protagonist (YMP) - 1/5.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Republican GOP 2016 - Presidential Campaign Trail

I am not so into the Presidential campaign (esp the Democratic race btw the Bernie Sanders v Hilary Clinton), but I really into this year's Republican GOP candidate lineup. Thank you Donald Trump and all the other candidates, for making it even more entertaining the Apprentice.

1. Trumpie. Way too many epic moments. From the Great Wall of Mexico (to be paid by Mexico of course, likely using American aid) to reading "the Snake" lyrics. And there was the "math fail", though I am reminded by something お母さん taught. Don't care about getting to the specifics, understand the intent behind the statement.

That said, I agree with Trumpie. You can't fight 2 wars at one time. 15 years wasted in middle east, and only IS to show for it.

2. Marco Rubio at the New Hampshire Debate, resulting in the Robot Uprising. Keke.
[source: gawker]
3. Chris Christie, the political suicide bomber (best part starts from 2:47). Loved the part where he continues to gun him over the next 5 minutes.

4. The screwup at the beginning of the debate, where Ben Carson hung back and Trumpie hung out with him lol. Awkward.  John Kasich didn't even come out until later.
No "excuse me" from Jebbie
5. Jeb Barbara Bush. Not Jebbie, who  needs mommy to fight his battle for him. Meow.

6. "Hug me!" Ted Cruz and the Donald Trump action figure. Where can I buy one?


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