Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Thank you for reading nibblezware and all its subblogs. Love you and hugs for all your continued support!!! Let's look forward to more stuff and material this coming year!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Stolperstein or stumbling stones

I came across them during our trip, at Salzburg's Erzabtei St. Peter and even steps away from Onkel H's shop. These little nondescript brass plates that state very chilling facts.  Name, Birthdate, Date Deported, and Date murdered. As a major KPO (busybody) I couldn't resist reading all of them. Needless to say, they were all very sad. Some of them were a cluster of stones, meaning the whole family who was wiped out.
Stolpersteinen @ St Peters Archabbey grounds

These are stumbling stones, aka Stolperstein, which were created by the artist Gunter Demnig to remember those who perished due to the Nazi "cleansing", oppression and persecution. Many European cities have agreed to implement these stumbling stones.

If I didn't translate wrongly (pardon my German), the left Stoleperstein says "Here lived Gottfried NeunHäuserer aka Father Romauld. Born 1882. He was deported in 1941 to "Schloss Hartheim" and murdered on 8th May 1941."

The right Stoleperstein says "Here lived Jakob Förtsch aka Brother Coelestin. Born 1896. He was in the Nazi Resistance? He was deported in 1943 to Ravensbrück and murdered 10th Feb 1944."

Read more about the project here.

Epic Disastrous Experience at Two Face Pizza and Taproom

Went out for dinner with B1, Mr Bear (I decided everyone other than Bär, Onkel H, 12 and B1 will be simply called Bear) and Mrs Bear. It was a culinary disaster of epic proportions. Oh ja, blogging more now because it's the holiday season and I achieved a massive milestone at Arbeit yesterday so phew, the chain around my neck is a bit looser now.

We were supposed to go Abe Diner (2nd failed attempt) but because I thought that the Abe Diner, being new, would have lots of seats but it was as small as it was nondescript-looking. And it was heavily patronized by the Japanese salarymen. I suspect it was because of the ad they put in the Japanese free magazine. Anyway so we had to sit outside in the relative twilight and I cannot stand cigarette smoke (it makes me sneeze and have headaches).

On top of that the prices were not very competitive, Abe Diner being more of a Izakaya, and selling limited food items. I pointed at the coffeeshop opposite. Why not try that? It looks relatively filled and was more brightly lit.
Kopitiam by day, pizzeria and taproom by night
Since Mr and Mrs Bear had their tummies filled up with the buffet tea they had, they were ok with the move. And B1 has no culinary opinion. We took up seats at the coffee shop (we call them "kopitiam"s in Singapore). The concept was quite clever. By day a coffeeshop with many stalls, at night it was a one taproom and pizzeria, called Two Face Pizza and Taproom, with blackboards shielding the food stalls from view while describing the menu items.

Its focus was primary finger foods, pizzas and bier. I scanned quickly one of the blackboards. Ok, fries S$4, fried pork belly with maple mayo S$8... wtf? My fav Foie Gras? There it was PAN FRIED foie gras with fries. Ok must order.

So we ordered the following:
Fried Pork Belly
PAN FRIED foie gras with fries
Seafood pizza
Fristo Misto of Calamari (the lady heard salah, and thought we ordered carbonara)
2 Cokes
2 Sapporo biers

The idea was that Mr and Mrs Bear were still very full so they just wanted to eat their calamari and drink some coke. I wanted 2 starters as my meal and seafood pizza was for B1. 

When we ordered, the lady was polite but distracted. She told us the Sapporo beer was cheap, only S$7 a glass. Then she indicated the glass inside the fridge. B1 being the Bier glut, asked her what is the capacity of the glass mug. Was it a pint?

"Standard size like other places."
Pork Belly with maple mayo
The waiter started serving the pork belly. Most excellent. The fries that came with it were edible. One thing bad about it was that the mayo was too little. Maybe it was because I was very hungry. I started grazing at the basket with my greedy paws.

It all went downhill from there.

Where was the cutlery? A waitress passed by and said she would get us the cutlery and plates. First oops. The cutlery were filthy, and the smaller plates for eating were served stacked so when we shared them out, we found one plate had crumbs, another had a dollop of chilli. Ewwww.
Dirty plate with chilli
The waitress had dashed off to grab water for us. When she came back she saw our grossed out faces and said she would get us new ones, but in the meantime did we still want the water? I later noticed that Mr Bear didn't touch his, and Mrs Bear only drank a little.

The waiter popped by and dropped off the pizza and the bier. Oops #2. The beer was served in like 300ml mugs? So little... and wait, one was only 2/3 filled and the other 3/4 filled. That is terrible. B1 was PISSED. He is no epicure (I notice that he only demands high standard when it's my cooking, that ass) but don't come between him and his bier. He was annoyed enough to demand that the bier to be topped to the correct capacity.
Seafood Pizza

He pointed at the 2/3 bier and said "this beer looks like it has been drunk." The waiter said sorry and that this was because of the foam. WTF *haha*. I swear B1 gave him my "vendor look".

Anyway the guy apologized and ran off to fill the bier to the correct capacity (I hope he didn't spit into it, but it didn't look that foamy *haha*). B1 was still mad about the beer quantity. Standard my ass, I heard him mutter angrily, drinking his bier.

The  waiter came back and tried to serve us more pork belly. We said we already got our order then he walked off only to come back five minutes later with a plate of cabonara. ???

"We didn't order that but if you want to give us it's ok." I laughed. The waiter didn't find it funny and pointed out that we did order that. Sigh. Turned out the lady misheard me, but it was our own fault for not checking the receipt. So we just ate it. Mr Bear being stuffed (stuffed bear *haha*) nibbled at the bacon and remarked "why is this bacon black?"

B1 replied "why is the cabonara brown?"

Mr Bear "I think it is mushroom."

Me "where is the mushroom?"
Burnt Cabonara
Four pairs of eyes stared at the plate. No mushroom was harmed in the making of this dish. Clearly the cream was murdered that's why it was a dirty brown with black flecks (which was definitely not pepper). Hmmmm. Still I was hungry so I ate up. Mr and Mrs Bear were super turned off.

B1 concentrated on the seafood pizza which came with scattered bits of lala clams, miscellaneous squid and prawn parts. I flicked off the prawn, and tasted it. I like my pizza very thin so I thought it was ok. Not fantastic but 5/10 kind of standard. We could all hear the waiter apologize to the table behind us.

"Must be the way they operate. First apologize then serve." Mr Bear observed drolly.

I continued munching and we yak yaked a bit more. I was almost full when the foie gras arrived. I had been looking forward to it. I had been waxing lyrically to Mrs Bear that the best way to eat foie gras is to have it pan-fried and hot on a nice steak. She looked kind of ill.

When I looked down at the basket. I was like ...
2 sad-looking pieces of carbon sat on a basket of soaked fries. EWWWWWW. They looked like something a severely constipated dog pooped out after grimacing on the grass. The dog would definitely have had a less pained look than me, who approached the basket with a hesitant fork.
Carbon in a basket
"It is supposed to be pan fried. Why the fuck did they burn it until like that? If it were deep fried, I would never have ordered it!"

Yup, looks like carbon. Tasted like carbon. How could they treat this beautiful product like that? Mr and Mrs Bear did not even dare to touch the basket other than making a collective ugly face at it. B1 just drank his bier.

We should complain, but at that point, we couldn't be bothered already. S$14 for this literal crap.

Mr Bear pointed out that fries on their own cost S$4. So basically I paid S$10 for this two lumps of coal.

This really dampened my mood. Mr Bear remarked that the cafe was aptly named, the menu is one face, the food is a different face. I know the cafe was only opened for 3 weeks. But this is crap. I can accept bad service in a new restaurant but food wise. wtf. Where is the QC? You can't serve this to people and expect to get away with it.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chillax @ Schwangau (Part 1) - Die Kirchen

Note: I apologize ahead for this Great wall of Yak yak.
Duckie boo sits at the window sill to Cafe Gerlinde
I thought I'd better complete writing up the German trip blog entries before my memory loss gains *haha sorry for the pun* on me. Lack of sleep coupled with stress have made me quite dumb dumb. Learning German has become an exponential curve- like climb. As it is, memory loss has claimed the Vietnam, some of the Taiwan, all of the Japanese, and most of the South Korean trips before I can commit them to word. So I will be carrying out a one-time exercise to write up everything and schedule the posts.
Pension Gerlinde specializing in afternoon cakes!
As I am typing this I am starting to forget what was the name of the fantastic place we stayed at with Onkel und Tante H (just sounds friendlier than saying Herr and Frau, isn't it? Even though I haven't asked them whether I can greet them in such close affection *hehe*. H, if you are reading this, is it ok? Our Germany trip was definitely made 10X more awesome while we were travelling with you, that B1 and I didn't even bicker once).... Ah yes, Gerlinde.

We stayed at Pension Gerlinde with Onkel und Tante H, who love the place so much that they stayed there 21 times in the 14 years that they have visited Schwangau. After staying there, I must say I love it just as much. Ok I love the entire Schwangau area (not including nearby Füssen which is overrun with tourists).  I also think that of the 14 days we spent in Germany, the 5 days we spent in Schwangau was the best. I wish I can go there again. It was incredibly restful and idyllic (not including the crazy day we decided to cycle around Forggensee, it was nearly as bad as cycling to Desaru, except that we had decent bikes in Germany).
Swans swimming at Lake Forggensee
The awesome views, the FOOD (it needs another post by itself), the duckies and swans (schwangau means swan country in German but I saw more ducks while I was there), Forggensee, Tegelsberg and the nearby attractions like Wieskirche. I didn't even mind that there was a cemetery so close by. Normally I would be creeped out but German cemeteries are pretty and restful, unlike the others I have seen (e.g. Japanese, Singapore), which are rather scary. I didn't understand Anne of Green Gables' fascination with cemeteries until I saw a German one. The one in Salzburg was scary though...ok sorry for being so morbid.  Anyway the one near Gerlinde, Pfarramt Waltenhofen, has a war memorial attached to the cemetery which we saw when cycling past. I checked it out before leaving Schwangau, but am not uploading the photo out of respect for the dead. 

Pfarramt Waltenhofen
Schwangau has another pretty church in the middle of nowhere, the Baroque Church of Saint Coloman. It looked quite stark and lonely in the middle of the fields against a mountainous backdrop. Damnit, I want to live in Schwangau. It was there and then I decided that if I could retire there, I would die very happily. Well, until Onkel H told me that houses there are very expensive. Just imagine the SGD- EURO exchange rate...
Baroque Kirche of Saint Coloman

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Of Tea and Potatoes - Poteato

The original intention was to go to Abe's Diner, but for some reason, the place was not open for lunch (same like the other time when we tried to go Open Door Policy and ended up at Paul's instead). Actually we went to Open Door Policy a long time before but I hadn't blogged about that... oopz

We wasted a lot of time looking for the place because it was so nondescript that it looked like part of the shop next door.  In the end it was only after we asked for help via phone call, that's when we found the actual address and realized that it was closed. 

"So where do we go now?" asked Bär. 

"How about Poteato?" B1 and I saw it that day while strolling after dinner at Big Mama's. We also saw four Playboy bunnies scrambling out of a Limo (I didn't even know that there are limos in Singapore), but that's another story.
Oopz... we ended up walking up all the way from one end of Tiong Bahru enclave to the other. We were grilled half way through then just to test our resolve, the skies opened and it started to rain as well. Fun. Not.
Photos of the old Provision shop
So we wandered into Poteato, which space used to be a provision shop. They even took photos of the old place before the renovation. I kind of like the industrial+retro elements in the cafe, simple yet modern. However I thought that the middle brick wall was rather unnecessary. Btw you should check out its WC. The sink is a metal bucket. Hahaha.
Great wall of tea...
We looked through the menu. Since its name is Poteato, needless to say, its focus is on potatoes and tea (had a wall of teas!). I ordered lychee tea and Bär, passionfruit tea. I must say if it had not been for the fruit lurking at the bottom of the glass mugs we would not have been able to differentiate between them! But the tea was quite cool and refreshing, thank god, after the shitty long walk we had.
Can you tell which one is Lychee tea?
So a few minutes after that the waiter wanders around carrying small teacups. We totally ignored him because we got our beverages right? Nope, after 5 minutes, he finally figured that it was us who ordered soup.
Bär's was potato and leek soup and mine was clam chowder. Bär's must have been pretty bland because he kept adding salt and pepper to it. I realized that it was delicately flavored. Mine was not bad, quite yummy. I thought it was a tad salty. Soups are not really worth it, because of the portions vs price.

We didn't order any appetizers because they were mostly fries. As it was, both of us were seeking death because we had bad coughs that week, and we still ordered fish and chips. Seriously who comes here and orders sandwiches or pasta? A bit wtf right?
My fellow redditors thought that this fish and chips were really great
I uploaded another pic of the fish and chips on reddit. The Leute thought that it was pretty nice and crispy looking, though someone else commented that to be really British fish and chips, the chips should be thicker. Dude, it is not British... how can it be when the fries are made of Russet and Sweet Potatoes? Anyway it got 100+ upvotes which is pretty amazing. I am such a slut for upvotes (today I had posted a photo on wedding banquet appetizer dish and got 750+ upvotes, and counting!!!!!).
I like the fish to batter proportion
The fish and chips were pretty good, really flaky and it didn't have the nasty mud smell commonly associated with dory. Bär also thinks the fish and chips were very good. Too bad our coughs rendered us unable to finish the chips.

Service was a bit off because the waiter was a bit of a blunderbuss (though friendly) and I ended up pouring our own water and getting serviettes. I told Bär this place will be banned if they got the cheek to charge us 10% service charge. Nonetheless the place is a nice hangout and the prices are not too bad, other than the soups. The funny part happened when the lady owner mistook Bär for someone living nearby. So atas leh, Bär. *haha*

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012 (○゜ε^○)von Deutschland

After a shitty 2011, I am really glad that this year wrapped up pretty well, despite my suddenly developing health problems recently. I just need to learn to relax and not be so uptight. I am still learning my German and will be returning for violin lessons and pick up dressmaking and stop lurking in CoH. I also pray for CoH to remain up and alive and not killed by THQ's bad decisions.

But I digress. My Christmas Eve passed pretty well, thank you very much. I went to the zoo and was very lucky in that in this monsoon-ridden month of December, it did not rain at all yesterday while we were there. And I got to see all the animals I wanted and even see a sealion performance *cheers*  Will post separately (shoot there have been a lot of material but I have not been posting them. Either too tired or too lazy).
Our Christmas Tree this year
Here comes the best part of Christmas. Opening the presents.. *hehe*

I finally got to dig into the ONE present that I have been ogling for almost three weeks since hauling it back from the post office. Too bad the customs require everyone to declare what is inside the parcel so I already know I got a Steiff bear, Bier stein and a bar of Xmas soap *haha*. Maybe that is why I still hadn't gotten 12ax7's present. His is probably stuck between USA and Singapore because he wrote "drugs and bombs" on his declaration, he said. He hasn't been arrested and neither have I so I suppose it is still getting scanned like mad somewhere.>.<"

The usual reminder from H to wait until the actual day *hehe*
Packing peanuts and 1 pressie for B1 and 1 for me.
A little bar of Xmas soap (I thought he was a little brown piggy!)

I love my new teddy, Knopf (all Steiff teddies have names already, on the white card attached to his body). He looks like a very hardworking bear who goes to school :D *hehe*. Not sure why he is called the knob in german. H und frau also bought B1 a bierstein from Klosters, Andechs. I am going to put the little cards that came with the present in his backpack. *hehe*
Have I been looking forward to meeting you! The knob?!
I got loads of books from Bär, one I bought myself using vouchers he got me for my birthday (Bletchley Park) and the rest were thoughtfully bought by him at Kinokuniya despite not knowing a single word of German.  So sweet!!! He was constantly paranoid that he was looking at the French section (the French and German sections were opposite each other at the bookshop) so he kept harrassing the shop assistants, he said. But in general, he just went by my #1 rule, if all else fails, buy books that have teddy bears on the cover. And he bought me 1 from the Tatz and Tiger series. *love*
Reading is good for you!
My team bought me a "Penis head" cat according to B1 and a pen. I like her a lot. I think I shall call her Fellatio :D  The pen I will use when writing my German homework. Yes I have started assigning myself German homework nowadays being super undisciplined. I want to reach Grade 1 next year and stop reading so many picture books :D.
Fellatio und Knopf - 2 penis named darlings
The rest of the Büro Leute and my client got me food (you can never go wrong with food presents. Fresheners and soaps give the impression that the gifter think you are smelly) and a bling bling calculator. Now that calculator is the best!!! Bär has a super bad habit of nicking the calculators from me, S and J which is a pain in the ass because we need calculators for our work. I was super excited to find out that this calculator can go into so many digits because I had a lot of problems doing my work at home, having only one financial calculator at work and the one at home can only do 8 digits. Now I can bring my financial calculator home and leave the bling bling one at work. Surely its girly look will dissuade Bär from taking it. hehehe.
The rest of the xmas goodies
Yes if you are wondering what happened to my present from B1. The man always owes me presents. This year my present is supposed to be a new swimsuit and potted plants. zzz. I will claim them!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Confessions of a Carb Eater

I  was attracted by the pretty cover of the book and of course the doughnut. The title looked intriguing enough. Must be a memoir on how to lose weight, I thought to myself, tossing the book into the pile I was going to borrow.

Started reading. I must say this is bloody hard core, it is the first book that makes my skin crawl like that. I like books that describe food vividly, but this author made me feel like puking after she talked about how she would drive down a road filled with drive-bythru (sorry played too much GTA in the past) fast-food restaurants and go in each of them buying loads of food. And how she went on about how she loved bread, somehow made me feel ill instead. 

She could even get wet fantasizing about food, then while she was buck naked beneath the sheets, she couldn't get up to run when an intruder broke into her apartment because she was at least 400 pounds (~180kg). He was fortunately very wasted so he didn't manage to rape her and she could call 911 to come save her. The police arrested him while 4 burly firemen tried to eject her from her bed with much difficulty. And all throughout the episode she was humiliated, hysterical and motified. But not enough that she went on another eating binge immediately after that...

I don't think I can describe adequately how horrible that scene was. I think you got to read it yourself.

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to go on a diet. You will feel sick and freaked out enough after reading it.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A little baby mushroom

I was mournfully watering my plants this morning (it was a bad morning), when I noticed a little mushroom growing at the base of my aloe vera. wtf?
It kinda faded in the afternoon
This is going to sound extremely blonde but how in the world did mushroom pores reach where I am living? Considering that I live on the top floor (I like to think of it as a penthouse, but it is more like a juvie hangout).

On another note, my quest to grow edamame plants (so that I can have lots of edamame to eat) is failing badly. My edamame plants do not look like those that my mother grows in her garden. The little bastards look defeated, crawling out of the pot for sunshine, unlike the strong stalwart soldiers my mother has. I have to admit the area outside my apartment is not very plant-friendly, considering how it can very windy outside (never windy inside the house *%##@). So far I have lost a corn plant and a edamame due to strong gusts of wind snapping their stems.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

Because I am weird that way....

After reading all the bashing on gawker and jezebel, I have joined reddit  ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ as of yesterday.

shit, is that a new obsession... so much from avoiding CoH. Ah well...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Biergarten Sonntag (Part 2) - Wood Figurine Workshop

Read Part 1.

The man at the Wooden Figurines booth was carving little animals, such as pigs, horses and sheep for painting during the workshop.
The little animals we were going to paint will look like the animals on the wooden man's rack (top left)
At about 1145hrs, the event staff came and set up a table in front of the booth. So Tante and me sat down. Next to me was this mother and her little girl. I am not against children per se, because it is their parents' shitty efforts in bringing them up nowadays, that's the problem. The little girl was too little to take part in painting such intricate items, so she should be sat at the corner of the table, not the middle where she was likely to knock over the water and other things on the table.

As it was, I didn't pay attention to her, as the man was telling us what to do. First he set up the items (so methodical so german) along the table. Paint brushes, water for washing the brushes, acryclic paint (Payne's grey, white, red, brown), paint palettes, sawdust (for sheep's wool), pins to handling the animals while painting and glue. And how can I forget the little sheep ears? Or the two darling sheep samples he put on the table?
"Baa Baa Have we any wool?" Onkel's sample sheepie.
Each of us could choose 2 animals from a menagerie of woody sheep, piggies and horses. I chose a sheep and a pig. I loved the Onkel's brushes. So smooth ... *drool* (paintbrushes are expensive and I am very unforgiving on them). I took my time to choose the paintbrushes.
Piggie and Sheepie - Before
Onkel helped us to poke them from underneath
Onkel's instructions were pretty clear. Paint the face first, then apply glue to the body and stick on the sawdust. You can then choose to paint the sawdust.

I made a booboo, I should have painted the feet white as well. In the end, I had to scramble and dodge between the sawdust bits to paint my sheepie's little feet. While waiting for the sheep's face to dry, I set him aside and mixed some red and white. I wanted my pig to be a radical hot pink. After that I saw Miss Pig to dry on the tray while I started to apply the glue to the sheep's back.

I was busy concentrating on the sheep, so I didn't pay any attention to the little girl even when she spilt some water. Until I decided to let the sheep's body dry... then I noticed my pig had gone missing. I was quite annoyed. I asked the little girl and her mother if they saw my pig. The little girl did not say anything. Her mother ignored me too as I looked around, pushing the table cloth back (it touched the ground) to find my pig resting on the dirty floor between mother and daughter.

"My pig..." I tried to reach down to get my pig and the mother still blocked me, trying to reach for glue. zzz. She obviously took my pig and dropped it. I don't know whether it's because I expect too much, but I felt that the mother should apologize for her daughter's misbehavior. But she apparently only cared when she was inconvenienced not when others were.
I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I realized that Mr Sheepie was bald on top...

Piggie and Sheepie - WIP
But I digress. I used the pins to dot some eyes on the animals. I finally realized that by not applying sawdust to the top of the sheepie's head, he looked more like a dog wearing a jacket.
Piggie and Sheepie - After
Anyway now they are stuck on the top of my monitor with bits of blutack. Cute!!!

Biergarten Sonntag (Part 1) - S One Expo Stuttgart Germany Expo

I saw the bus before I knew about the event. A pretty blonde girl in dirndl, gingerbread, wooden figurines against a light blue backdrop...Germany!!! The "germanophile" in me was immediately intrigued and I googled the words I saw.

"S One Expo Stuttgart Germany".

I have been meaning to go ever since, however there was always something that we had to do, e.g. wedding banquets last weekend. Even last Saturday, I couldn't haul B1 out of bed so we did housework all of Saturday instead and made our way there on Sunday with Tante, it being her birthday.

We went there a bit early because I wanted to participate in the workshops. We were a bit mad because we had a bit of problems looking for the place (I had assumed Reflections showroom was the furniture showroom further down the road, but realized that it did not look right, and we had a fun time looking for the car park). Next the shuttle bus actually zoomed past us waiting at the car park's bus stop, which was specifically set up for the event. My client told me the next day we were supposed to flag the bus, but I think it is a bit superfluous especially since the bus driver could clearly see 8 people waiting there. Anyway B1 drove us in instead, and actually the place was only a scenic 5 min walk across the bridge to the Keppel Marina. Oopz :D

Leading into the main area, there were many little beautifully created spaces, for visitors to better understand German technology and her famous sons. One of the most pretty ones was the Schiller Haus which was a reproduction of the actual house in Weimar. Friedrich von Schiller had actually fled to Weimar from Stuttgart, which made me very surprised as to why he was showed at the Stuttgart expo, given his horrible experience there. Fascinating. I think the man is of the same wavelength as me (though it is more of a coincidence) since I love the color and architecture of this house.
Actual Schiller Haus in Weimar
Schiller Haus at S One Expo Stuttgart

But I would not be distracted from my objective, so I didn't stop to check out the exhibits but made my way to the registration area (not before telling a bunch of bewildered-looking staff that the stupid bus did not stop for us at the car park). The place was quite pretty, even the registration area. I for one, think that this display is really pretty, though a bit out of place. I would love to recreate this for my apartment. *drool*
I noticed this on my way out later
The event planners are pretty friendly. They give you S$5 free coupons upon registration, and we even got a free hotdog or bier option later in the afternoon (no need to tell you what B1 chose). Of course the food sold there was rather expensive, e.g. the S$5 ba ku teh that does not come with rice, or the fried noodles S$4.50. Don't even think about getting the German food. Well to maximise your S$5 coupons, I think you can buy the S$2.50 nasi lemak and S$1.50 soya bean milk.
Orchard Road und Koenigstrasse
Anyone can sing Martina's "Toy Soldiers"?
Why are there local food options? Well... because the exhibition hall is neatly divided into two. One side Singapore "Orchard Road", the other side Stuttgart "Koenigstrasse". In the middle there is a pretty pavilion where performances are held throughout the day with lots of tables set up in a biergarten setting. *love love love*
Swiss Alpine Lions in Lederhosen (I prefer pretty boys wearing them...)
Cute uncle boogieing to Claressa Monteiro & the Brian Benson Trio
Needless to say, you know which side I was more fascinated by...
Gingerbread booth
Cuckoo Clock Booth
Wooden Figurines

Dragging my Tante, we hovered around the wood figurines workshop till it was time to start...(continued part 2)


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