Friday, December 21, 2012

Confessions of a Carb Eater

I  was attracted by the pretty cover of the book and of course the doughnut. The title looked intriguing enough. Must be a memoir on how to lose weight, I thought to myself, tossing the book into the pile I was going to borrow.

Started reading. I must say this is bloody hard core, it is the first book that makes my skin crawl like that. I like books that describe food vividly, but this author made me feel like puking after she talked about how she would drive down a road filled with drive-bythru (sorry played too much GTA in the past) fast-food restaurants and go in each of them buying loads of food. And how she went on about how she loved bread, somehow made me feel ill instead. 

She could even get wet fantasizing about food, then while she was buck naked beneath the sheets, she couldn't get up to run when an intruder broke into her apartment because she was at least 400 pounds (~180kg). He was fortunately very wasted so he didn't manage to rape her and she could call 911 to come save her. The police arrested him while 4 burly firemen tried to eject her from her bed with much difficulty. And all throughout the episode she was humiliated, hysterical and motified. But not enough that she went on another eating binge immediately after that...

I don't think I can describe adequately how horrible that scene was. I think you got to read it yourself.

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to go on a diet. You will feel sick and freaked out enough after reading it.

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