Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scenes from the Melaka trip - Intriguing shots from all our cameras!!!

I guess I like this Bild because it looks like a Nippon Paint commercial. Did I mention that the evil Paint Shop auntie charged me a paintbrush at S$1 which keeps shedding like a Shar Pei, while her hubby charged my Vater S$0.70. What the f.
So cute. But my Raccoon Stuhl is still cuter. I tormented the Onkel by making him dig out all the Raccoon stools he had until I found one that didn't shake so much. At nearly S$10 for a stool, you'd be damned sure I will test *winks*

 These are chopsticks that are imprinted with your last name, i.e. surname/ familienname. Boggles the mind.

I like color *winks*

Scenes from the Melaka trip - Food down the Memory Lane

You won't see this much in Singapur anymore.
The famous Geographer Cafe. Whatever.
The 叮当Man. He makes a <<叮当>> sound when he carves out the sweet from the block.
Pineapple tarts of various shapes and forms
Ice shaving machine. We used to use this to make flavored ice ball, now we dump the ice ball in a plate filled with other ingredients and call it "ice kacang"
Teletubby's Kryptonite - Guess what?!
Durian cream puff. Be afraid, be very afraid.
 In Singapur we mix the Air Tauhu and the Air Cincau. You order it by telling the hawker you want a "Michael Jackson" but because I like to be politically correct, I order a "Obama"

Bootleg Peranakan food - Bloody hell, and I cannot open a stall at a food festival without a NEA licence.

I swear, when my 大姨妈 comes, I am even more Lesbianic

I interrupt my current blogging of the Melaka trip to say this:
I dedicate this to all the guys in the world who love to watch these women. As another busty woman, I think Christina Hendricks is kind of lame, because everyone is lauding her as some voluptous woman but her honkers are fake, and she loves to heave them up for display. Ew. January Jones anyday. Even if she might be a slut, if rumors are true.

Updated!!! (7th Feb 2012)
1. Amber Heard (Yes the chick from the short-lived Playboy. She is so pretty that she looks great as a blonde and brunette).

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

6. Emma Watson. How could I forget the most pretty girl from Harry Potter... Beauty and Brains, she can give Natalie a run for her money.
Did I mention I hate her short hair? I always love her with at least shoulder length hair. Fashion forward my ass.

4 1. January Jones (Emma Frost from X-Men: First Class. But I dig her in Mad Men)

5 2. Leighton Meester (love her name)
6 3. Natalie Portman (why does she look so sad)
7 4. Miranda Kerr (MILF because she is too young to be a cougar. For Chris' sakes she is younger than me *depressed*)
8 5. 王心如 Wang Xinru. I notice this lady on a local TV production. I was like "since when do we have such a hot actress?! Must be foreign talent..." Rightly so, she is from Taiwan. And so incredibly hot! Though I must say I never notice her before despite the fact that she sings and acts there. Guess too many pretty girls in Taiwan already. Need her to act in Singapore then she will stand out (ironically she was also acting among a mostly foreign pool of actors in that production). She looks a bit like the vendor I work with, who I think is very FAKE...but most good looking people are.

Ich liebe meinen Stuhl

Am Samstag bin Ich mit meinen kollegen nach Melaka (Malaysia) gereist. Ich habe ein "Racoon" Stuhl gekauft. Es ist sehr CUTE , nicht wahr?

I went to pray

Yesterday was officially the worst day of my life as a tiny plasticine penis. Every time I tried to plug a hole, one of the 3 "Titanic"s I work on would spring a leak. It's like I could never get the ship from sinking. It was bad news after bad news. It got to a point where I became very convinced that I really "犯太岁". Plus the fact that my new apartment is starting to look like the house from hell made it worse. I seriously hate the idea of moving to the new place.

I feel like someone kicked me in the nuts. Seriously.

So today I went to pray. The office gang was shocked that I would actually take leave to go and pray. Well, I was so convinced that I wanted to take whole day leave, but I had several early meetings (first one thankfully dragged and let me escape from the rest). So I enjoyed a lot of smses and phone calls asking me where I was  the whole afternoon (apparently my out of office is not deterring them enough). But I was very determined to pray. Hopefully the Heavens will take mercy on my woeful soul and not punish me so much anymore. On the other hand, another person I know who is from the same zodiac as me has just as shitty luck as me. How can I not believe?

While I was praying at the first temple, I noticed a pair of crazy ass Ang Mos who stood off to the side of the prayer mat(?) bemusedly watching the devotees as if watching animals romping in the zoo? How would they like it if I go to the church and do that to them while they sing "Amazing Grace" *flips the birdie*

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

God Kicks me when I am down

I was allowed out of the cage to attend the Enterprise IT and CommunicAsia 2011. You know me, I am shy :D, so I dragged Miss Piggy along so that she can learn what is new in ze market, and because I needed an extra pair of ears for the report I am supposed to type after this.
My loot. I flipped the pass so you cannot see my name.
We met my other colleague, who later complained I was interrogating the vendors like I was doing a mini tender evaluation. Anyway, the fair occupied three floors in Marina Bay Sands. More than 50% of the booths were Chinese. Wow. We went to the NCS booth, the so-called networking reception was ongoing at the time and there were these 2 uncles busily and greedily imbibing the free champagne. Needless to say, they became louder and louder and the place was crowded. Annoying. I couldn't hear the guy speak. We also went up the first floor where we saw the German booths. Well, who let the Deutscher Onkels out? As I was explaining to Schnappi, it is technically impossible to not have a single good-looking German there, but as it turned out, it was possible. I am so disillusioned now I cannot clean the image off my head. You know something is wrong when Australians, Norwegians and Americans are hotter than the German men. There was not even a single German blonde woman around to assuage my sorrow. And I couldn't even find the Docomo booth. No hot Japanese OL. Wtf. Seriously. God kicks me when I am down indeed.

 I am vaguely comforted by the presence of 1 social media company.  But they didn't give us the free handphone ornaments that Miss Piggy and I were ogling. Instead they gave us badges?

Sadness. I am sure I would have gotten more useful and/or meaningful loot if I had the opportunity to attend as industry insider at the gaming conventions instead, but too bad, I don't work in that area, and Android coding does not pay when you are a lousy coder.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Anti Brain Aging Food and Recipes?

I am very fond of Japan's Razor Ramon (not the WWE wrestler), also known as Hard Gay Guy. Since I hadn't youtubed him in a while, I decided to do so and instead came across an interesting foodie episode on how to prevent brain aging.

Long story short (you can watch the videos, here, here, here, here and here), the idea is to eat foods high in lechitin, nucleic acid, and B12. Meaning you should eat shellfish (the Japanese program was specific in eating asari clams, I was thinking more along the nasty clams I dig from Kranji reservoir *winks*), walnuts, mushrooms of different varieties and sardines. Foods that help you absorb these nutrients include wholegrains (B6), tuna, bamboo, tomato, cheese, shrimp,  and eggs (retinol).

Walnut Dressing
walnut oil (I think can substitute with olive oil, will confirm later)
lemon juice


Sardine Gratin (huh?)
sardines and their canned juice (not the sardines that are canned with tomato juice)
chicken stock
chunky tomato sauce
mozarella cheese
onion and bacon (fried together already)

Line the bottom of a pan with the thin slices of potato, then layer with sardines, before ending with onions and bacon. Pour on the chicken stock. Bake, bake, then layer with chunky tomato sauce, then cheese. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

I had an ephiphany

I discovered many "boliao" (meaningless) information today.

(1) The stray pretty cat downstairs answers to the name "Yanni". Don't ask me why, she is not even musical or very hairy or a very gay man.

(2) It now costs S$1.37 to travel from work to my home. When I first started working at this Tower of Doom, it was only S$1.25. Ohmigod 10% inflation in 6 years!!! Wtf.

(3) My next door neighbour (who moved in 2 years ago) thinks I am schooling. So complimentary. I must really dress like a kid.

(4) I had off one afternoon because I stayed back till almost midnight one day. I didn't have anything else to do other than see how the reno was going, so I went to the library and flipped some books. As I was sitting on the couch, I realized to myself, I have no life. And all that is going to be marked on my grave (if I am lucky enough to have a grave) is, "she liked to go to the library. And sometimes Kinokuniya to read some gossip magazines".

Monday, June 13, 2011

In case I am too tired, and forget to Skype

Ich bin jetzt sehr beschäftigt,
Happy 18th Birthday Schnappi!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's worse than Beetroot Juice

I often find myself a victim of mass media. My parents liked to drink orange juice. Packaged orange juice was VERBOTEN. So they bought oranges themselves and I ended up drinking it up everyday. I didn't mind, because I loved orange juice. 

Then some asshole in some university/research lab/clinic decided to do research on orange juice, and suddenly orange juice increases chances of diabetes. I never saw a glass of orange juice that I hadn't juiced myself again... then my parents found out about ABC (Green Apple + Beetroot + Celery + Carrot) juice.

I HATE BEETROOT. Almost as much as I hate green peppers.

Guess what do we drink everyday? That disgusting juice with beetroots. I can't even get out of drinking it, because Mutter would nag and nag and Vater will scream that I am getting fatter and Beetroot will supposedly save me from Heart failure. My stomach might die first, methinks.

Unfortunately some asshole from some university/research lab/clinic (with my luck, it could be the same asshole) expounded on the importance of eating the leftovers from juicing fruit. I am now CHEWING my juice. It tastes like raw soup. -.-"

Oh man, it contained milk. No wonder it tastes like soup.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

This makes sense - Arbeit Bier macht mann frei

[image source: (meaning Monday through Friday)]

Serve the People - A Stir-fried Journey through China

It's not that I have stopped reading entirely. It's just that mental exhaustion limits me to reading simple English as much as possible, to rest my brain. So I have been reading Laura Ingalls Wilder, where the English was simple, and the people lived a simpler life. 

But now that I am counting down to the end of my tour of duty to the trenches, I have returned to reading my favourite cooking books and romance novels, just too lazy to blog about them. 
[image source:]
I read Jen Lin-Liu's memoir, Serve the People - A Stir-fried journey through China. Loved it. Solid read. The stoic, motherly manner of Chairman Wang shone through the pages, as she recounted her hard life without bitterness while teaching Jen how to cook Beijing dishes outside of the cooking school classes. I liked the recount of how Jen challenged herself to actually do the cooking during the certification exam, instead of taking shortcuts like the other trainee chefs. At this point, I would like to interject that I have seen such cooking certs (from Chinese cooking schools) of Chinese chefs posted on the walls of the eateries in Singapore, and now after reading the book, I am rather turned off... 

She then made her way to learn how to make dao xiao mian 刀削面, which is shredded very deftly and very quickly from the noodle dough planked on your shoulder into a pot of boiling water, from Chef Zhang. A very impressive sight. Chef Zhang is portrayed as a driven, hardworking man who tries very hard to balance between making a better life for his family with his need to maintain high quality in his cooking and desire to own his own business. Jen's chronicles ended with an adventure in a Shanghai's famous restaurant Whampoa by Singaporean chef Jereme Leung, occasional forays into culinary adventures like visiting a MSG factory, finding the perfect xiaolongbao 小笼包, and taking part in a rice harvest, before culminating in romance and starting her own cooking school, Black Sesame Kitchen. I find that the book is an excellent plug for the school, especially since I am heartened that she has taken Chef Zhang into employ/partnership(?). From what I was reading, he's not much of a businessman, his high morale making it for him to compromise culinary standards.
[image source:]
All in all, an excellent read. I was looking for a 小笼包 recipe anyway, since I lost the one that I copied from my beloved, demised Gourmet magazine.

Oh stupidity, I returned the book without copying the recipe. Back to square one...


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