Sunday, June 19, 2011

Anti Brain Aging Food and Recipes?

I am very fond of Japan's Razor Ramon (not the WWE wrestler), also known as Hard Gay Guy. Since I hadn't youtubed him in a while, I decided to do so and instead came across an interesting foodie episode on how to prevent brain aging.

Long story short (you can watch the videos, here, here, here, here and here), the idea is to eat foods high in lechitin, nucleic acid, and B12. Meaning you should eat shellfish (the Japanese program was specific in eating asari clams, I was thinking more along the nasty clams I dig from Kranji reservoir *winks*), walnuts, mushrooms of different varieties and sardines. Foods that help you absorb these nutrients include wholegrains (B6), tuna, bamboo, tomato, cheese, shrimp,  and eggs (retinol).

Walnut Dressing
walnut oil (I think can substitute with olive oil, will confirm later)
lemon juice


Sardine Gratin (huh?)
sardines and their canned juice (not the sardines that are canned with tomato juice)
chicken stock
chunky tomato sauce
mozarella cheese
onion and bacon (fried together already)

Line the bottom of a pan with the thin slices of potato, then layer with sardines, before ending with onions and bacon. Pour on the chicken stock. Bake, bake, then layer with chunky tomato sauce, then cheese. 

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