Wednesday, June 22, 2011

God Kicks me when I am down

I was allowed out of the cage to attend the Enterprise IT and CommunicAsia 2011. You know me, I am shy :D, so I dragged Miss Piggy along so that she can learn what is new in ze market, and because I needed an extra pair of ears for the report I am supposed to type after this.
My loot. I flipped the pass so you cannot see my name.
We met my other colleague, who later complained I was interrogating the vendors like I was doing a mini tender evaluation. Anyway, the fair occupied three floors in Marina Bay Sands. More than 50% of the booths were Chinese. Wow. We went to the NCS booth, the so-called networking reception was ongoing at the time and there were these 2 uncles busily and greedily imbibing the free champagne. Needless to say, they became louder and louder and the place was crowded. Annoying. I couldn't hear the guy speak. We also went up the first floor where we saw the German booths. Well, who let the Deutscher Onkels out? As I was explaining to Schnappi, it is technically impossible to not have a single good-looking German there, but as it turned out, it was possible. I am so disillusioned now I cannot clean the image off my head. You know something is wrong when Australians, Norwegians and Americans are hotter than the German men. There was not even a single German blonde woman around to assuage my sorrow. And I couldn't even find the Docomo booth. No hot Japanese OL. Wtf. Seriously. God kicks me when I am down indeed.

 I am vaguely comforted by the presence of 1 social media company.  But they didn't give us the free handphone ornaments that Miss Piggy and I were ogling. Instead they gave us badges?

Sadness. I am sure I would have gotten more useful and/or meaningful loot if I had the opportunity to attend as industry insider at the gaming conventions instead, but too bad, I don't work in that area, and Android coding does not pay when you are a lousy coder.

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