Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I swear, when my 大姨妈 comes, I am even more Lesbianic

I interrupt my current blogging of the Melaka trip to say this:
I dedicate this to all the guys in the world who love to watch these women. As another busty woman, I think Christina Hendricks is kind of lame, because everyone is lauding her as some voluptous woman but her honkers are fake, and she loves to heave them up for display. Ew. January Jones anyday. Even if she might be a slut, if rumors are true.

Updated!!! (7th Feb 2012)
1. Amber Heard (Yes the chick from the short-lived Playboy. She is so pretty that she looks great as a blonde and brunette).

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

6. Emma Watson. How could I forget the most pretty girl from Harry Potter... Beauty and Brains, she can give Natalie a run for her money.
Did I mention I hate her short hair? I always love her with at least shoulder length hair. Fashion forward my ass.

4 1. January Jones (Emma Frost from X-Men: First Class. But I dig her in Mad Men)

5 2. Leighton Meester (love her name)
6 3. Natalie Portman (why does she look so sad)
7 4. Miranda Kerr (MILF because she is too young to be a cougar. For Chris' sakes she is younger than me *depressed*)
8 5. 王心如 Wang Xinru. I notice this lady on a local TV production. I was like "since when do we have such a hot actress?! Must be foreign talent..." Rightly so, she is from Taiwan. And so incredibly hot! Though I must say I never notice her before despite the fact that she sings and acts there. Guess too many pretty girls in Taiwan already. Need her to act in Singapore then she will stand out (ironically she was also acting among a mostly foreign pool of actors in that production). She looks a bit like the vendor I work with, who I think is very FAKE...but most good looking people are.

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