Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I went to pray

Yesterday was officially the worst day of my life as a tiny plasticine penis. Every time I tried to plug a hole, one of the 3 "Titanic"s I work on would spring a leak. It's like I could never get the ship from sinking. It was bad news after bad news. It got to a point where I became very convinced that I really "犯太岁". Plus the fact that my new apartment is starting to look like the house from hell made it worse. I seriously hate the idea of moving to the new place.

I feel like someone kicked me in the nuts. Seriously.

So today I went to pray. The office gang was shocked that I would actually take leave to go and pray. Well, I was so convinced that I wanted to take whole day leave, but I had several early meetings (first one thankfully dragged and let me escape from the rest). So I enjoyed a lot of smses and phone calls asking me where I was  the whole afternoon (apparently my out of office is not deterring them enough). But I was very determined to pray. Hopefully the Heavens will take mercy on my woeful soul and not punish me so much anymore. On the other hand, another person I know who is from the same zodiac as me has just as shitty luck as me. How can I not believe?

While I was praying at the first temple, I noticed a pair of crazy ass Ang Mos who stood off to the side of the prayer mat(?) bemusedly watching the devotees as if watching animals romping in the zoo? How would they like it if I go to the church and do that to them while they sing "Amazing Grace" *flips the birdie*

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