Saturday, March 31, 2012

Financial Year finally over

Thank god! It has been the most awful two months ever! Culminating into most nerve-whacking climax yesterday. It is finally over.

Unfortunately I am not working in finance or business, so this just means that I have more time to handle my actual nightmares *crosses myself* but at least now I have more time to breathe.

 Now I can continue finding and blogging all those stuff I was supposed to blog but didn't =D.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Why do we hate her?

I was reading this book, Breakfast in Bed, by Eleanor Moran, on the bus. 

 "I hate him, Milly" "Do you actually hate him though?"

 "Mostly," I say, "But not as much as I hate her." 

"Oh God, we all hate her." 

Question is, why do we all hate her? Is it because she has spotted the treasure that is the man lying next to you in bed, sitting across from you at the breakfast table? While you two face each other in increasingly comfortable, non-sexual scenarios that come with easy familiarity and companionship, having forgotten the rush you used to feel at each other's touch. Sadly, he remembers the rush, but at her touch instead, and by then you realize too late, that you have lost him to her. 

Even when he comes home at night to you, you cannot help wonder, is his heart lusting after hers, and is he thinking of fucking her in your bed right now, while she mewls in the same bed just like you used to do so many countless times so long before but seem to have forgotten how to now? 

I cannot believe I typed this into my handphone for some weird reason. Strange inspiration.

I just finished the book. The female protagonist gives an interesting reflection on what happened (Note: Rachel is the third party, Dom is the husband)

"The truth is, every relationship, however fabulous, is a compromise. When we commit, we're always saying goodbye to some perfect piece we'd promised ourselves Prince Charming would deliver when he finally turned up and kissed us back to life. Much as it pains me to admit it, Rachel must have given Dom something I didn't (and no, I don't mean Herpes). But maybe it's the compromise, the acceptance of its imperfections, that ultimately makes it feel perfect. For one thing, it finally releases us from that fatal, soul destroying feminine curse of expecting perfection from ourselves."

Anyway the book is pretty messed up (highlight the rest of the space underneath to see the spoiler):
With fallout from her marriage to Dom, Fish Girl lives with Milly, her rich and aimless best friend. She is somewhat turned by the whirling dervish that is her boss (who is like 10 years older than her *ew) Long stuff short, she fucks him, then she decides her husband's dick is better so she returns to him after she realizes the boss is a selfish dick (doesn't mean if he is the entire thing means he is better). But it's ok, because her friend who saves her and her boss' ass, rises to the occasion again and takes over fucking the boss. Becoming dango sisters with your best friend, talk about bringing your friendship to a whole new plateau.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Google Translate to the Rescue! Forced to write in French

I am still mad at Kari for abandoning us for a week plus. Just kidding. Welcome back to CoH! =]

But seriously I needed his help yesterday when we were playing German stonewall with his level 20 Brit friend, SRB (something, too long to remember, and not interested enough to remember). You know how it is sometimes when you get an experienced dude in the chatroom before the game. He says the right things (e.g. "bank, grens") so you seeing his rank, misunderstand that he is not the talkative kind, not that he cannot speak your language.

Then the game starts and then that's when things get interesting because you realize oh fuck, this guy can't speak English. The rest of us, meaning Dracul (Dutch, some German, English), Herrmannmeier (English and German) and I (English, Mandarin and terrible German) began guessing what was his language. Dracul got it right when he guessed French (I should have known since Kari once told me this dude was his friend).

The dude replied "SRB", meaning Serbia.

That's when I pulled the one and only French sentence I know "Parlez vous Anglais?"

He said "Fr." "It" and something.

We get it. You can speak everything except German and English. We are fucked.

Careless me lost my engineers (we need them to repair HerrmannMeier's tanks). Dracul is rather not-on-the-ball sometimes when it comes to helping others repair. And HM lost his too. So we are stumped.... I popped out and used Google translate.

"SRB, avec-vous des Ingenieurs?"

He drew a yellow circle on them standing by the garage.

"Sil vous plait aider a reparer?" (I don't have a French keyboard, I guess he can still understand)

Again, circle around the garage. Damn him, he wants HM to drive there for repairs. No spoonfeeding. =D

I asked if anyone was making grens earlier (he was silent). So I told him I was making mortars "je fais mortiers. Faire Attention. blanc = mortiers" (white circle).

Everything was hunky dory, except for HM. He was infuriated because SRB who was very careful not to get hit by my mortars, was killing everything with his grenadiers. HM's tanks were totally not hitting anything. I asked Dracul to tell the dude in French to tell the guy to let HM upgrade his tanks. No go.

"Sil vous arreter? Laissez HM amerlioer ses Reservoirs?" I think about 80% lost in translation, or he was being a dick, because he continued killing. HM was really mad and said he was going to just play with iphone until the game was over. Even Dracul said "let the guy play by himself."

I was like "people level 20 what..."

Then I was infuriated too because he dropped his v1 on my precious Otto, Franz und Emil. *Pissed*. When I started screaming in English, the hornochse said "non my". That was when Kari popped in and said he was back. I asked him how to scold SRB for bombing my snipers, but he avoided the question. Bad Kari. :P

Dracul proved it wasn't him by announcing his and dropping. HM just said it wasn't him. I am pretty sure it was SRB. Whatever!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My "Looking at you" Part 2

True Hero =D

While we were waiting in vain for Kari to show up last night, Day told me that he read on gamereplays that there was a real couple who met via Company of Heroes.

Being the usual Busybody/Cynic I am, I immediately set to googling it. Holy shit, I managed to hit paydirt (the link above). What are the chances in hell that this obvious geek managed to find such a hot girl? *jaw drop* I played this damn game for so long, and I only found one other female in this game, and yet this guy managed to find such a pretty girl, managed to convince her to leave her live-in boyfriend and shoot raw into her?

Hero. *thumbs up*
I told Schnappi, 12ax7 and B1. Schnappi was like "should have started coh earlier", 12ax7 "how sweet" and B1?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Much Haar-do about Nothing

I decided to cut my hair after I had to do OT till very late last week, and waiting for my hair to dry was a bitch (I didn't want to blow-dry and do further damage to my hair). It used to be ok, because I could play CoH while waiting for it to dry. But I was so exhausted I didn't play CoH until Saturday- a new first!

After I spent Thursday evening camwhoring my hair (I do like the length and look, but I am shedding hair faster than a tree experiencing autumn), I then mourned for the loss throughout the weekend while every strand remained on my head. So since I already spent so many days mourning already, I decided to actually do the dastardly deed and cut off my hair.

The hair stylist blew my hair dry. I thought it looked like Cleopatra. Went home and Mutter commented the same. Vater said it made my face look fat (thanks Vater). After Vater went into the kitchen after dinner, Mutter whispered to me, she didn't like it, she said it looked like a mop. She then commented that the hair she did for me when I was 18 years old was much nicer (I have always been very low-maintenance). Then she continued, "but then you were slim then, so any look was nice."

*Cue rolling of eyes like jackpot machine*
Schnappi, you said you wanted a pic of my new look. Here it is :P
All I know that the ends are very spiky, and the hair kept poking me. I ended up braiding my hair again, so the unattentive B1 also didn't notice it this morning when he picked me up for work, until I pointed it out to him. I guess the cut was not dramatic enough, because once he went into deep mourning when I cut my hair very short. He was sure that I was going to dump him because I told him before that women will change their hairstyles dramatically when they make drastic changes in their love lives.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I am not getting broody

But this photo of Queen E II's little great-granddaughter Savannah is to die for. Isn't she adorable??? I left this page running while I was working, just so that I could admire Her Royal Cuteness. =D

I like the names Savannah and Shaughnessy. Much better than Natasha, which I used to like, until I realize that it was used to describe Eastern European prostitutes.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Singapore Election 2016 - *Kee Chiu* and vote for me

Little MP visits heartland issues on HDB, ponding and MRT breakdown.

Why are Boobs Bad for Crime Fighting?

I woke up sleep deprived and googled "boobs" for some reason. I will probably be mistaken as a horny 17 year old by Google's horrible ad-prediction engine now *not really caring*.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My "Looking at you" Part 1

I was painting this while baking bread, watching my Korean drama and trying to play CoH with 12ax7. I got the colors wrong though and had to repaint. Sigh.

I was very busy.. then sick

If anyone was wondering why hadn't I been playing CoH or disappeared from skype (actually nobody wondered *forever alone*), I have been working till 2230pm for two nights in a row. Because I was a stupid girl, had stayed up on Sunday night playing CoH and also because I was very ill these few days, I kept yawning yesterday and crashed at 5pm, halfway through my meeting. Threw up and all the works.

Went home and slept around the clock... before hauling myself back to work to finish the shit.

I just tried to cajole B1 to help me vet my work, and instead of helping me, he spends the time to create this stupid comic to piss me off while I am reading through the doc.
Empathy of a gnat.

PS. I am still very tired. My busy period will not end until after March. Fuck. I must cut my hair, I think it is sapping my strength and I am so tired, and I still have to wait for it to dry...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Duckie Boo Part I and Part II

I am doing my copycat thing again. I saw a picture like this on etsy, but I forgot the link (sorry!).
Stage 1
I was going to paint something else, but I remembered that I had prepared the canvas already (meaning the above), so might as well apply stage 2.
Stage 2
Made a major mistake. I forgot which exact blue paint  did I use, as well as how many parts of white and blue did I use to mix the top and the bottom... damn. Had to repaint the entire top again, as you can see it is lighter in shade than it was in stage 1.

Stage 3 will be adding the eyes, more shadows and shading. I broke my paintbrush... the one I use for shading...I need to wash the brushes with lesser force.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Forever Alone and Troll Face

Press "cc" at the bottom right of the embedded youtube player to see the subtitles.

This clip is really odd. The lady is very sad when she explains that she is trapped in a loveless marriage with the man who wouldn't stop laughing ever since he had a hip operation.

Worse thing, while she was saying glumly and crying a little about how miserable she is, he was laughing. The fact that he doesn't mean to laugh, just makes it fifty shades of fucked up.

I thought his laughter was very infectious. I couldn't stop laughing especially as he was clutching Ernie. I want one too!!! I am fifty levels of fucked up too...

What's better than Breakfast in Bed?

B1's first time cooking breakfast in the new apartment. This day is a special day indeed~!
Last night I tried to stay up so that I could play with Herrmannmeier, who hadn't played CoH for several months. This means sleep deficit of course, because I had promised to play with 12ax7 the next morning... zzz.

Anyway this morning was a nightmare! I woke up my usual time, but because USA clocks moved forward by one hour, the time difference became 12 hours and I was late! So I said I would join the next game which meant that I had only 1.5 hours to do my washing, water my plants, run out to my house to pick up some more clothes, and buy groceries for the weekend. 

So I dumped the clothes in to soak, and ran out the door, drove like a maniac, parked at my old apartment (I wanted to save fuel even though B1 told me not to, because driving to the market requires longer routes. Sounds weird right? Walking is faster?) before running across the bridge to the market...

I have forgotten, when you go to market early, you will encounter all the housewives and aunties buying stuff. I had to wait patiently to pay for my vegetables. Btw I bought my first chicken! I don't like market smells and I hate touching raw, fresh meat. So I have been feeding B1 frozen meat (which has already been cleaned). But I wanted to make samgyetang (korean ginseng chicken) *smacks head! I forgot the ginseng* so I sucked it up and marched to the odoriferous wet market section. Luckily it was early so they hadn't washed down the place, so it smelled somewhat bearable...

For about S$40, 
I bought S$9.40 of green seedless grapes (my fav), oranges (for B1), and bananas (for us? we both hate them)
S$20.65 worth of black beans, sweet potato leaves, kang kong, tomatoes, potato chips (S$7.30), potatoes, garlic, napa cabbage, spring onions, wintermelon,  eggplant, carrots, mung beans (for chinese dessert, Kari, I show you), and sprouts.
S$2 eggs (I have been craving for them)
S$9 of chicken, 1 whole chicken (S$5), two deboned chicken thighs (S$3.60), chicken bones (?). I don't know how the whole thing became S$9 instead, but the auntie must have seen that I am a wet market virgin and took pity on me. 

When I was at the fruit stall, I asked the uncle for the time, he told me it was 10.30am.

I was like fuck!!!! Needless to say, I ran out of steam running back. I panted and heaved as I carried my stuff up the bridge, through the apartment blocks and back to the car. Rushed home, and grabbed my clothes, and hard disk and ran back down again after waking B1 up and asked him to meet the car. In between it all, I emailed 12ax7 from my old computer, I wasn't going to make it and to go ahead. Now re-reading my email, it totally does not make sense, as he was telling me.

"I just reached the other house after buying groceries. But the game is on at the other house so I cannot play here. if i call [B1] to switch off the game he will yell at me to come back. :D I think you guys just start an american stone first? Cos i think it is very late in usa now and you have class tomorrow.

I think I need about another 15min."

Was I trying to tell him to start a game with me? Without me? Or play USA stonewall (when I wanted to play German)? My initial intention was to tell him to forget it, go ahead and play without me. But I felt that he being a gentleman would still wait. So I still tried to race back, and therefore the super incoherent email. [To clarify on the yelling, when I was robbing B1 of his car keys, he reminded me that he was going out for his colleague's house warming so not to be late coming back.]

I was absolutely knackered when I got back to the computer. I begged B1 to make breakfast, which he did, after claiming he did not recognize bacon, or how to fry an egg or tell when the bacon is cooked. He wanted to make half-boiled eggs, which I cannot stomach. I negotiated in vain for fried tomatoes. =D

I was very pleasantly surprised yet puzzled at the plate. Why were there scrambled and sunny-side up? He said, I did not know what you wanted, so I made both.

Friday, March 16, 2012

This is why you are fat 3 - Colleagues who poison you

Illustrations by John S. Dykes [full article @ Wall Street Journal]
I am not sure whether this happens in your office. But in my office, it is more of a case of "I am trying out a new recipe, would you like to try?" =D I have to admit, I used to be the prepetrator. I used to bake for Valentine's (I <3Valentine's, as you know), Christmas and during 端午节 I used to make my specialty rice dumplings, i.e. endamame + 三杯鸡, and passed them around. Haven't done that this year because I am too busy. I already cook at the new apartment now though I still get grumbles from B1 for not cooking enough times a week. Hey I am tired too! Since I always take my time to cook, I waste about 8 hours per weekend for my mis en place, which robs me of my painting time.

Anyway I will QC before I give them out, since I am attention-hungry, so I crave the praise I get for them *shameless*. Sometime ago, a guy I knew tried to bake cheesecakes for his friend's birthday, and used to pass his failures around to get feedback. Since I was hardly around as I was always at meetings, I did not get a try until several attempts later. I tried a bite, but it tasted really mechanical and nasty. Note: it was not cheesecake because he realized he was not up to it, so he dumbed it down to a ready mix chocolate cake.

"What is this? Where did you buy this from?" I asked him suspiciously. By that time, nobody from the office wanted to eat his failures, and he used to put his cake on tissue for the others (which they would discreetly dispose of after a while).

"I bought this at the shop across from NTUC". WTF the dollar shop? Other than bacon, pork balls, and sometimes cookies, I cut down on processed foods as much as possible and cook from scratch (another reason for the 8 hour mis en place). To know that it came from a shop which brings in foodstuff of dubious origins!

I knew this guy was (sweet but) a tight pussy but this was beyond.... I excused myself, went to the toilet and threw every bit of that vile brown crap up. Anyway this also explains why I have not been into baking or eating cakes recently.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Come Naked, Bring Bier

Thank you all for participating in the recent survey. I shall assume no one chose more than once.

This is a Shameless advertisement

Read more here.

I hate Vivaldi

I have been learning this for the past few weeks, because Teacher broke this song down into parts for me to learn. Of course, because I have to contest with the kiddies for his attention, and my own lack of practice out of lesson (I keep playing Salut D Amour instead), my progress is deservedly WOLS. 

Sigh. I hate Vivaldi.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Only People Who Play CoH will get this joke

How I feel when I have to wait for my friends to finish their game and then they disappear after I had to log in again due to NAT error.

Monday, March 12, 2012

50 Shades of Grey - Whip me and call me Horny :P

I read about this raunchy book, 50 Shades of Grey, termed the next "Eat Pray Love" by It's about a very drop dead gorgeous billionaire who is inscrutable, brilliant and sexy who oh just likes to whip a mousy awkward former virgin into submission and take her with lethal violence. Hmm, sounds like something I would like to read.
 So of course, I did my usual thing.
(1) HEAVILY HINTED to B1 via sms to get me the book (well actually I smsed him : "Darling I want fifty shades of grey for my anniversary present. What do you want for yours?" Some men need to be hinted, others like B1 needs obvious hints, otherwise you will end up with nothing. I have several backdated promises of presents, which I tap on for canvases and acrylic paint)
(2) Tracked down the book via internet to buy it.
(3) Searched for it in the library (it's too raunchy and explicit, no way in hell the library will ever have it. Where can it go? Non-fiction?)

Never mind how I did it. I got the book, and started speed reading, from the middle :P. Took me about 45-60min... only to discover it is the end of Part 1?!

WTF!!!!! This is not what you want to see when you are tired but staying up to speed read through a naughty book. No worries. The trilogy is completed. Read "50 Shades Darker" and "50 Shades Freed". *Phew*

The thing is... I smsed B1 today, to tell him not to get the book anymore. He didn't reply so I called him at his office. He says "huh? It's a book? I thought you meant 50 shades of grey?! As in acrylic paint." WTF. That man, seriously...

Anyway the book is not really playing on the female reader's weakness for a powerful male who can dominate her. If you want that, there are plenty of men who can do that (and want to do that) today. I know of at least 3. Question is, does a woman really want that? Yeah, if  the guy is filthy rich and fucking gorgeous (apparently women go weak-kneed just looking at him. Can you believe that crap?) like Christian Grey. How can you resist a man who replaces your Volkswagen with a Audi A3? I guess it depends on the type of "controlling".

Try having an average guy, who works a 9-to-5 job and wants to go home and beat his woman with a crop while controlling every aspect of her life. Ladies, let's call a spade a spade. We would call this guy A SPOUSAL ABUSER obviously :P You will probably tell his wife to get a PPO on him. Women will definitely not wax lyrically about him like they do Christian Grey on Amazon, brooding, forbidden, masterful, a modern Edward Cullen (Ironically this book actually started as Twilight fan fiction). Seriously, people?
What you are reading is a controlling bastard who wants to beat his woman. That said, I still want to read the books because I want to be the controlling bastard holding the crop *winks*.

Here is a delightful uncle's review of the book. Apparently he was bored (stiff, methinks *haha*).


I think my sleep cycle is skewed again. Last night, I was sitting in front of the computer monitor, struggling to stay awake through a stonewall match. I told my friends I was tired, and it was my last game. Exited the game, said more goodbyes, then headed to zzz.

Only to lie on the freaking bed for at least an hour. Wtf. Now I am bitchy and grouchy and my eyes keep tearing. Sad, and now I read an article that says that if you don't sleep enough (i.e. 7 hours) you will just get fatter. That explains why I am craving bubble tea (we know there is hardly any caffeine in that sugary shit). I already know that I look significantly older (thanks to *censored*). Shit. I don't even have a toddler like my brother does, so why the hell am I not sleeping earlier. Fuck the daylight savings, I don't think I can wait another two more weeks until Europe adjusts its clocks. I am going to bed early tonight.

Man's attraction to the 18 year old girl

When I was nine years old, a family of five moved upstairs, with a son my age. Ever since then, our typical Asian-mentality (I am not going to call it Tiger) parents have been surreptitiously comparing our milestones (read: achievements) against each other. We don't go to the same schools and our paths actually don't cross, other than at 9 years old, when I took Art (where I drew a lot of crabs in Chinese ink) at his primary school on Saturdays while he took Phonics and our parents carpool and again at 16 years old, when our A Maths were horrendous enough that we ended up taking weekly tuition together.

I even managed to find out his being attached (before me *annoyed* I only attracted weirdos whom I threw back into water without hesitation. I am all about nipping it in the bud early. Unfortunately it had the reverse effect). I even know the details of each entanglement. Aren't you amazed at how powerful the parent grapevine is? Or should I call it the Neighborhood gossip?

Even Mutter sounded awed when she told me about his first girlfriend. A rich, single child whose parents were BOTH entrepreneurs, so she stood to inherit everything. Parents on both sides were said to approve the match. Wah, at 18... I thought his die was cast already. I met the witch once, she evil-eyed me once when he smiled at me in the lift, and grabbed his arm possessively *oh please*. But because of the wealth, I was quite surprised he dumped her after 6 years for another girl. I mean, they even made it through the troubled NSF years, where the guy has to serve National Service and then the girl is seduced by the more mature University classmate. His parents were severely disappointed, and actually met up with the girl's parents to encourage them to reconcile.

That was until I saw Girlfriend 2. Wow she was hot. Accountancy student like him (and his ex), she was tall, sexy and pretty *envious*. You can tell the difference between a confident female from an insecure one. When I saw her with him, she smiled at me *damn I am still smitten*.

They graduated, still together, went to USA to work together. Then he flew off to Hongkong to work, and she used to fly over to visit him now and then. Seriously, this kind of RCP how to find? They were like the ultimate Yuppie couple. Being lazy slaves content to labor on in Singapore, poor B1 and I were shadowed by their brilliance. =D However about one or two years back, the Neighborhood gossip had it that he told her to not wait for him anymore, he does not intend to come back to Singapore or settle down, i.e. fuck off. After 6 years together?

Moron. Recently Mutter told me, as I was squinting at my old monitor, that the boy upstairs was getting married. Oh that's a shocker. That's not all, Mutter said almost gleefully (I am sure it was due to the sheer juiciness of the gossip), he is marrying a 18 year old from China. And his parents were in some remote province in China now, attending the wedding. Holy shit. And she got the classical "bun in the oven" *pump the shotgun*. Wow.

Apparently she was not the first Chinese girlfriend he got. Since his mother mistook my meeting the second girlfriend for the third one when Mutter told her, she said that there was another Chinese girl before this one and while he was fucking this one, the other one knew about it. I feel like passing the guy a bier, but I think he needs a noose now. I'd feel worse for the new girl, as I can tell his parents obviously despise her for entrapping their eldest, whom they pinned a lot of hopes on (they were super biased towards him, out of their three children). But I think she is the type who knows how to improve her lot and protect herself. Girls who have to leave their homes to support their families elsewhere tend to grow up quickly.

So my parents attended the wedding banquet that they threw in Singapore. I wasn't invited, but I saw his parents one day while driving into the carpark. His parents have AGED. Literally. His mother was hobbling like an aged person when they are younger than my Eltern. Mutter told me later that the groom actually apologized to his parents for putting them through so much worry and disappointing them so terribly during the wedding banquet. I asked sardonically, in Mandarin or English? In Mandarin, Mutter said. Now isn't that jerk ass thing to do, considering your wife and in laws can understand Mandarin? And it isn't the thing to do at weddings (of course, I recently attended one where the groom felt the need to berate the MRT system through his entire wedding speech, when none of the invited guests were working for LTA or MRT, and forgetting to thank his wife, and only mentioning his parents in his last breath).

"Did you see his parents-in-law's expressions?" I asked Mutter eagerly. No, she replied, the backs of their heads were facing them. Wasted. Mutter also shared juicy details that only a woman can notice and tell another appreciative female. (1) The bride does not look like she was 18 years old (actually Vater also said that) (2) The bride's mother was wearing a dress that barely covered her butt. Both Eltern had pretty NSFW comments about that (3) the bride sells jeans and has barely completed her schooling. (4) The bride was ordinary-looking.

I realize one thing. The guy is consistent. Like one of the scholars used to tell me, "Don't blame us men for changing. Actually we never did. At 18, we like 18 year olds, at 26, we like 18 year olds. Even when we are 67, we will still like 18 year olds". He has always liked girls who were around 18 years old.

Case in point:

I am quite curious as to how his two Singaporean ex-girlfriends would feel if they knew, and that he was returning to Singapore after all. Would it be "phew, I had a close shave?", "ohmigod, I cannot believe I used to love that idiot?", or "he deserves it!"? If it had been me, I would be "WTF".

The fact that the bride is not pretty or rich is not a big deal to me. I think Asian men like wives who are non-threatening and compliant (you should see what I have to say about traditionalist men like B1) or dominated by themselves, ie their wealth by comparison.

However as C told me once, people from different education background talk about different things. She cited an example that her friends who completed secondary school education are obsessed with surviving day to day, i.e. talk about COE prices, MRT fares, food prices, while varsity educated persons are more interested in foreign languages, learning new things, and chatting about art, books and other stuff. Given that the guy upstairs and his wife come from such different backgrounds, I think they will have to work harder than other couples in order to stay together because they do not have common interests to begin with.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Anyone interested in the new mod, Modern Combat?

Cr1pp@l@^d (sorry had to change his nick a bit, because he doesn't know me) just alerted me that Modern Warfare is releasing a new mod for Company of Heroes. Basically it is about a (fictitious) war between China and USA, set in 2014.

Anyone wanna try *looking at Motorbreath*? I think this is as close as we can get to a new CoH, short of playing Blitzkreig.

Here's the introductory trailer. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

*chill down my spine*

We went to watch Act of Valor yesterday. I have no idea how that show translates to Battlefield 3. All I know was that it's a blatant play on the title Tales of Valor (Company of Heroes).

Still, the show was nice. I liked it a lot, because I have been watching documentaries on the Seal Teams. I would watch it again =D. I was so inspired by its violence that I went to play Razing Storm which I had stopped playing after completing the game once or twice.
btw I play much better than the person in this video. Natürlich, considering how much money I spent on this game to destress...
B1 was downstairs buying something so I started first. I felt someone watching me out of my peripheral vision. Scowling, I turned around during one of the stage's breaks, to notice this horrible uncle watching me. Must have been a wonderful sight for him, since my body was facing him because of the way I was holding the gun and I know the gun has recoil. I gave him a dirty look and he had the cheek to smile at me, unabashed. I felt like bashing him with the gun.
Luckily B1 showed up and blocked his view after that :P

This reminded me of a comic book I read recently. Long story short, the lady author was saying that as we grow older, men and women's attention travel downwards to the feminine butt. Not sure if everyone agrees with this, though. English translation (this book was translated from Japanese to Mandarin actually): Our interests sure are strange. When we are young, we always focus on the upper body, especially the face and breasts. Then as we grow older, our peripheral vision slowly moves to the lower half of the body. Now we focus on the ass and both legs. Most people are like that, me as well. I admit that I am fascinated by boobs, so before I turned 30, I was all about developing voluptuous breasts. As my ass wasn't very special, so I never spent much effort on it during my exercise. (blah blah, I returned the book and I can't see the rest of the words clearly, so I will stop here). 
Anyway what is interesting is the picture on the left, the uncle likes the butt while the younger guy likes the boobs. Beware when taking Japanese Trains. :P However to me, I think the only difference is that older men don't give a flying fuck when they get caught looking at you. They will just continue to stare and stare, while younger guys will be more discreet. >.<"

Friday, March 9, 2012

HIV Awareness using 爱 - Hokkien dedication to a Condom

Disclaimer: this youtube clip is totally NSFW

Recent incidents have indicated to myself that I should be more careful about my online presence. In any case, I  still want to exercise my First Amendment rights and post this =D.

And whoever reads this, don't overthink! This song is best appreciated if you understand Singapore culture and/or Hokkien.

No Good Deed goes Unpunished

I am a firm believer of the above statement. I am supposed to be clearing leave today. But I told work that they could sms me (I dodged all calls), and they have been bugging me all day. Even while I was at the hospital, morosely staring at my Grossmutter as she laid on the hospital bed, conscious but unseeing.

I thought it was bad that Grossmutter was lying there with all kinds of tubes poking into her tiny, wizened body. But now it is worse, because the hospital said they could no longer do anything for her, and removed everything. And she could no longer recognize me. I was the last person in the family she could recognize. I always made little of it, saying that the reason why she could remember me was because of simple my name was. But of course I was secretly pleased, especially when she couldn't recognize my Brother whom she looked after as a baby (my very manly brother teared a bit, poor thing). I sat there for 3 hours, trying to get her to recognize me before finally giving up. 

But Mutter and Zweite Tante were excited, saying that there were some response from Grandma, especially when I got up to leave and I put my hand on her knee to get her attention. She nodded her head emphatically, and both older ladies were thrilled, saying that this was the first time in days she showed any response and saying that I obviously leave a deep impression on her. Sorry Mother and 二姨. You are totally clutching at straws.

I was pretty despondent by the end of the visit, so I brought Mutter to the nearby shopping mall and told her to get whatever she wanted and I would pay. While we were at the third floor, and she was mulling whether she wanted to change the color of the blouse she had chosen, there was a loud commotion next door. A young beautiful Korean girl had a terrible fresh scar across one cheek and she was struggling and screaming with a man on the escalator. The man, clearly a hairstylist because he was wearing a stylist apron, was trying to push her down (terrible man) onto the escalator. She went down (the escalator took her, not that she tumbled down), and we all turned back to whatever we were looking at, when she came running up on the upwards escalator, ran into the shop, pushed the things onto the floor, then ran down the escalator again. But not before she threw a BLOODY GODDAMN BROKEN SPECTACLES at me. 

My back was towards her, when I felt a sharp pain on my left shoulder. That witch! I was stunned. So many people watching, and standing inbetween and I was the one who was hit. My mother wanted to throw it back at her but she had run off. A lady came out from the salon and took the spectacles from my irate mother, while I gaped flabbergasted.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

All eyes are on you

Since I have the fox already, I thought I might as well do something like this, for the wall in the tv room. But B1 says he finds it creepy to have so many eyes at him. Oh please, they are watching tv. =D Look at their zombie expressions, or have they seen something they are not supposed to?!
I bought so many canvases recently, but I have yet to decide what to paint and for which room. Ah... anyone has ideas?

TGIF Specials 21: We are all trapped somewhere

I am really stupid. Should have gone to Germany instead of Vietnam last year. Could have spared myself a lot of pain. Now I can't go while Motorbreath is on his last school holidays. By the time my schedule clears for another project to come in (that's when I have time to travel), he would have started his *censored*. Fuck.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Invalid command-line parameter

New error found when trying to run the application using the emulator:
invalid command-line parameter: [blah blah blah]
Hint: use '@foo' to launch a virtual device named 'foo'.
please use -help for more information

This is something totally new to me. Apparently Eclipse can suddenly become even dumber than usual and not recognise where your Android SDK home is, after you have been using it at that location for the last two years. My god, it is like your boyfriend telling you "sorry hunny, I went to fuck the neighbor by mistake, because I don't know where we live anymore."

Right there you moronic software. Anyway according to various online resources (1)(2), it's because the path is too long *bullshit*. Close Eclipse (because some resources in the SDK are still being used. Apparently your boyfriend still remembers enough to leave his car parked outside), Move the SDK home into something like D:\ (i.e. no funny folders in between), and then restart Eclipse and run the project.

Note: there is no need to delete or recreate your AVD devices. Ignore any lame advice that tells you that.

Anyway, Burgerstacko has been upgraded. It handles incoming phone calls <- removal of bug.

My top favorite artwork @ Noise Singapore 2012

My favorites, from top to bottom. Strange how I am extremely attracted by the simple shading and colors.
I love the fluidity of the ballerina's limbs

Noise Singapore 2012

B1 and I were frantically taking photographs like two paparazzi who haven't eaten for days waiting for Lindsay Lohan to come out of Rehab and are now falling over our feet taking photos.

I am really impressed by this event. They let visitors decorate their own Muji bags, and they have little boxes to showcase teenagers' artwork for sale and their blogshop addresses (you know like those tiny boxes you rent in a shop to sell your stuff?) and they even put up artbooks and a giant message board. I love, love this event.
One thing I hate. Their lighting. It is awful working with the bright lights pointing at specific artwork and I have a crappy camera.
My fav = Mr Tako
My fav = the girl at the bottom left and the doggie on the right
I like most of the paintings. And the one on the top left reminds of LemonShortBread
My favs: the little bowls at the bottom right and the one above it
A rather telling but depressing series of photos on Singaporeans. Forever alone wall...

bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear


This must be some magical place. My favorite kind of architecture filled with my most favorite furry beings in the world. This sight made me wet drool.

From Herrmannmeier. The photo not the idiotic comment. That was me.

Drawing my own tote bag at Noise Singapore 2012

Check out my contribution at the bottom =D
Actually I saw this exhibition twice when I was rushing past ION. However because I didn't have my camera with me, and was short on time, I wasn't able to adequately admire the various pieces of art they had on display.

I have to say our National Arts Council puts in quite a bit of effort in planning the showcases, especially for souvenirs (such a winner job considering how souvenir-hungry people are). Say for example, last year's Singapore Biennale 2011.

Back to the story, I swore to myself that I would come down and admire the art properly. So I dragged the long-suffering B1 away from his BF3 (one day I am going to kick his PS3) and down to ION, where we admired some of the work and fought over one (my fault he doesn't read my blog?). He finally settled down with his iPhone while I decided to stop lurking around the booth where people were drawing on their own souvenir tote bags (sponsored by the nearby MUJI).
Check out the hot mama. Those 2 kids opposite her were hers!!!

I was hesitating because (1) I was wearing a short dress, and I was wont to sexpose myself even though I wear shorts (2) I noticed there were not many art supplies, and those that were available were mostly dried, due to selfish jackasses who didn't cap the pens back properly. (3) it was kind of embarrassing =D (4) I didn't know what to draw.
The Raw Canvas
So my desire to play won out so I sat down and hurriedly sketched out a small template on a piece of paper. I was planning to draw a little pink haired girl sitting on a toadstool. Initially at the corner of the bag, but I thought it was a bit lame, may as well go for it and draw big big! However when I drew it onto the bag, I overestimated the little girl's head.
Which is why she was legless =D. OOpz. Now  you know I have a school uniform fetish. Haha.

Nice Guy Finishes Last


Sunday, March 4, 2012


I scalded myself yesterday afternoon when I was not careful at the sink. I was trying to put the pan into the sink to cool down but the side glanced against the tub and hit my arm. OUCH.
Branded by my carelessness. Still it could be worse. When I was in Secondary 4, I accidentally released a hot test tube while handling it with wooden tongs during Chemistry. And then reflexes drove me to grab it with my right hand. My skin stuck to the test tube and was torn off when I immediately let go of it the second I felt the heat. Even the flesh was cooked, because the test tube had just came off the bunsen burner. Now that really hurt like a bitch.

On the plus side, thanks to this 神经转移法, that stupid suspicious looking melanoma-like blister no longer tempts me to scratch it. I couldn't go swimming *hehe* because of the open wound.

Sweet reminder from Wachenstein

It is strange really. When I was a teenager and the Internet something awesome and new, it was terribly exciting to receive emails, even when it was really stupid stuff that people were circulating among each other like scary stories, heartwarming crap, chain letters or dumb gifs.
Now I become terribly excited when I receive a snail mail. Especially from overseas friends. =D

It is the kind of rare excitement you get when you have a penpal I think. Refreshing and exciting everytime. Last Thursday, I was sad after that bloody long meeting (I usually have a lot of meetings, but not one that lasted 6 hours at one go). So when we got back, B1 opened the letterbox and declared, "you got mail."

From the ever delightful Herrmannmeier und Frau Herrmannmeier who were on holiday near Wachenstein Castle. Sigh. *envious* Sweet of them to remember that I like art, especially architecture. =D

On the strength of their sweet reminder and subsequent invite, B1 and I visited the HMs in Germany during our July holidays. Read the label "Mr B visits Deutschland and Österreich" to read about it all!


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