Friday, March 2, 2012


One day while waiting for B1's car, I chanced upon a man leaning against his bike, waiting for his lady love to show up. Even though his bike was a shitty old Yamaha bike and he, rather uncle looking too, I didn't know why I was suddenly seized by this thought that it was sehr romantic to be picked up by a biker boyfriend?

There seemed to be something debonair about him leaning against the bike in such a self-assured manner. I was thinking it must be very exciting. And then when his girl showed up, I saw his eyes light up and then he passed her the helmet. She, putting it on, and gingerly climbing on, while he planted his feet against the road and held the bike steady.

Both of them roaring away into the crowd of vehicles. Her leaning against his strong back.

It's time to tell B1 to change to bike!

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