Thursday, March 29, 2012

Google Translate to the Rescue! Forced to write in French

I am still mad at Kari for abandoning us for a week plus. Just kidding. Welcome back to CoH! =]

But seriously I needed his help yesterday when we were playing German stonewall with his level 20 Brit friend, SRB (something, too long to remember, and not interested enough to remember). You know how it is sometimes when you get an experienced dude in the chatroom before the game. He says the right things (e.g. "bank, grens") so you seeing his rank, misunderstand that he is not the talkative kind, not that he cannot speak your language.

Then the game starts and then that's when things get interesting because you realize oh fuck, this guy can't speak English. The rest of us, meaning Dracul (Dutch, some German, English), Herrmannmeier (English and German) and I (English, Mandarin and terrible German) began guessing what was his language. Dracul got it right when he guessed French (I should have known since Kari once told me this dude was his friend).

The dude replied "SRB", meaning Serbia.

That's when I pulled the one and only French sentence I know "Parlez vous Anglais?"

He said "Fr." "It" and something.

We get it. You can speak everything except German and English. We are fucked.

Careless me lost my engineers (we need them to repair HerrmannMeier's tanks). Dracul is rather not-on-the-ball sometimes when it comes to helping others repair. And HM lost his too. So we are stumped.... I popped out and used Google translate.

"SRB, avec-vous des Ingenieurs?"

He drew a yellow circle on them standing by the garage.

"Sil vous plait aider a reparer?" (I don't have a French keyboard, I guess he can still understand)

Again, circle around the garage. Damn him, he wants HM to drive there for repairs. No spoonfeeding. =D

I asked if anyone was making grens earlier (he was silent). So I told him I was making mortars "je fais mortiers. Faire Attention. blanc = mortiers" (white circle).

Everything was hunky dory, except for HM. He was infuriated because SRB who was very careful not to get hit by my mortars, was killing everything with his grenadiers. HM's tanks were totally not hitting anything. I asked Dracul to tell the dude in French to tell the guy to let HM upgrade his tanks. No go.

"Sil vous arreter? Laissez HM amerlioer ses Reservoirs?" I think about 80% lost in translation, or he was being a dick, because he continued killing. HM was really mad and said he was going to just play with iphone until the game was over. Even Dracul said "let the guy play by himself."

I was like "people level 20 what..."

Then I was infuriated too because he dropped his v1 on my precious Otto, Franz und Emil. *Pissed*. When I started screaming in English, the hornochse said "non my". That was when Kari popped in and said he was back. I asked him how to scold SRB for bombing my snipers, but he avoided the question. Bad Kari. :P

Dracul proved it wasn't him by announcing his and dropping. HM just said it wasn't him. I am pretty sure it was SRB. Whatever!

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