Monday, March 5, 2012

Noise Singapore 2012

B1 and I were frantically taking photographs like two paparazzi who haven't eaten for days waiting for Lindsay Lohan to come out of Rehab and are now falling over our feet taking photos.

I am really impressed by this event. They let visitors decorate their own Muji bags, and they have little boxes to showcase teenagers' artwork for sale and their blogshop addresses (you know like those tiny boxes you rent in a shop to sell your stuff?) and they even put up artbooks and a giant message board. I love, love this event.
One thing I hate. Their lighting. It is awful working with the bright lights pointing at specific artwork and I have a crappy camera.
My fav = Mr Tako
My fav = the girl at the bottom left and the doggie on the right
I like most of the paintings. And the one on the top left reminds of LemonShortBread
My favs: the little bowls at the bottom right and the one above it
A rather telling but depressing series of photos on Singaporeans. Forever alone wall...

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