Thursday, March 22, 2012

I was very busy.. then sick

If anyone was wondering why hadn't I been playing CoH or disappeared from skype (actually nobody wondered *forever alone*), I have been working till 2230pm for two nights in a row. Because I was a stupid girl, had stayed up on Sunday night playing CoH and also because I was very ill these few days, I kept yawning yesterday and crashed at 5pm, halfway through my meeting. Threw up and all the works.

Went home and slept around the clock... before hauling myself back to work to finish the shit.

I just tried to cajole B1 to help me vet my work, and instead of helping me, he spends the time to create this stupid comic to piss me off while I am reading through the doc.
Empathy of a gnat.

PS. I am still very tired. My busy period will not end until after March. Fuck. I must cut my hair, I think it is sapping my strength and I am so tired, and I still have to wait for it to dry...

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