Friday, March 9, 2012

No Good Deed goes Unpunished

I am a firm believer of the above statement. I am supposed to be clearing leave today. But I told work that they could sms me (I dodged all calls), and they have been bugging me all day. Even while I was at the hospital, morosely staring at my Grossmutter as she laid on the hospital bed, conscious but unseeing.

I thought it was bad that Grossmutter was lying there with all kinds of tubes poking into her tiny, wizened body. But now it is worse, because the hospital said they could no longer do anything for her, and removed everything. And she could no longer recognize me. I was the last person in the family she could recognize. I always made little of it, saying that the reason why she could remember me was because of simple my name was. But of course I was secretly pleased, especially when she couldn't recognize my Brother whom she looked after as a baby (my very manly brother teared a bit, poor thing). I sat there for 3 hours, trying to get her to recognize me before finally giving up. 

But Mutter and Zweite Tante were excited, saying that there were some response from Grandma, especially when I got up to leave and I put my hand on her knee to get her attention. She nodded her head emphatically, and both older ladies were thrilled, saying that this was the first time in days she showed any response and saying that I obviously leave a deep impression on her. Sorry Mother and 二姨. You are totally clutching at straws.

I was pretty despondent by the end of the visit, so I brought Mutter to the nearby shopping mall and told her to get whatever she wanted and I would pay. While we were at the third floor, and she was mulling whether she wanted to change the color of the blouse she had chosen, there was a loud commotion next door. A young beautiful Korean girl had a terrible fresh scar across one cheek and she was struggling and screaming with a man on the escalator. The man, clearly a hairstylist because he was wearing a stylist apron, was trying to push her down (terrible man) onto the escalator. She went down (the escalator took her, not that she tumbled down), and we all turned back to whatever we were looking at, when she came running up on the upwards escalator, ran into the shop, pushed the things onto the floor, then ran down the escalator again. But not before she threw a BLOODY GODDAMN BROKEN SPECTACLES at me. 

My back was towards her, when I felt a sharp pain on my left shoulder. That witch! I was stunned. So many people watching, and standing inbetween and I was the one who was hit. My mother wanted to throw it back at her but she had run off. A lady came out from the salon and took the spectacles from my irate mother, while I gaped flabbergasted.

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