Wednesday, March 28, 2012

True Hero =D

While we were waiting in vain for Kari to show up last night, Day told me that he read on gamereplays that there was a real couple who met via Company of Heroes.

Being the usual Busybody/Cynic I am, I immediately set to googling it. Holy shit, I managed to hit paydirt (the link above). What are the chances in hell that this obvious geek managed to find such a hot girl? *jaw drop* I played this damn game for so long, and I only found one other female in this game, and yet this guy managed to find such a pretty girl, managed to convince her to leave her live-in boyfriend and shoot raw into her?

Hero. *thumbs up*
I told Schnappi, 12ax7 and B1. Schnappi was like "should have started coh earlier", 12ax7 "how sweet" and B1?

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