Saturday, March 10, 2012

*chill down my spine*

We went to watch Act of Valor yesterday. I have no idea how that show translates to Battlefield 3. All I know was that it's a blatant play on the title Tales of Valor (Company of Heroes).

Still, the show was nice. I liked it a lot, because I have been watching documentaries on the Seal Teams. I would watch it again =D. I was so inspired by its violence that I went to play Razing Storm which I had stopped playing after completing the game once or twice.
btw I play much better than the person in this video. Natürlich, considering how much money I spent on this game to destress...
B1 was downstairs buying something so I started first. I felt someone watching me out of my peripheral vision. Scowling, I turned around during one of the stage's breaks, to notice this horrible uncle watching me. Must have been a wonderful sight for him, since my body was facing him because of the way I was holding the gun and I know the gun has recoil. I gave him a dirty look and he had the cheek to smile at me, unabashed. I felt like bashing him with the gun.
Luckily B1 showed up and blocked his view after that :P

This reminded me of a comic book I read recently. Long story short, the lady author was saying that as we grow older, men and women's attention travel downwards to the feminine butt. Not sure if everyone agrees with this, though. English translation (this book was translated from Japanese to Mandarin actually): Our interests sure are strange. When we are young, we always focus on the upper body, especially the face and breasts. Then as we grow older, our peripheral vision slowly moves to the lower half of the body. Now we focus on the ass and both legs. Most people are like that, me as well. I admit that I am fascinated by boobs, so before I turned 30, I was all about developing voluptuous breasts. As my ass wasn't very special, so I never spent much effort on it during my exercise. (blah blah, I returned the book and I can't see the rest of the words clearly, so I will stop here). 
Anyway what is interesting is the picture on the left, the uncle likes the butt while the younger guy likes the boobs. Beware when taking Japanese Trains. :P However to me, I think the only difference is that older men don't give a flying fuck when they get caught looking at you. They will just continue to stare and stare, while younger guys will be more discreet. >.<"

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