Sunday, March 4, 2012


I scalded myself yesterday afternoon when I was not careful at the sink. I was trying to put the pan into the sink to cool down but the side glanced against the tub and hit my arm. OUCH.
Branded by my carelessness. Still it could be worse. When I was in Secondary 4, I accidentally released a hot test tube while handling it with wooden tongs during Chemistry. And then reflexes drove me to grab it with my right hand. My skin stuck to the test tube and was torn off when I immediately let go of it the second I felt the heat. Even the flesh was cooked, because the test tube had just came off the bunsen burner. Now that really hurt like a bitch.

On the plus side, thanks to this 神经转移法, that stupid suspicious looking melanoma-like blister no longer tempts me to scratch it. I couldn't go swimming *hehe* because of the open wound.

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