Friday, November 30, 2012

CoH2 - Eastern Front (sigh)

Ironically this date also marked the end of another CoH, meaning City of Heroes. It was shut down for good. Poor CoH fans. I know I would be extremely depressed if this happened to Company of Heroes. Everyday I pray for THQ and Relic's health.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cakes, Kuchen, 蛋糕- Domani vs Brunetti

I didn't even remember pigging out on cakes twice on Samstag until I was looking through the photos. *faint* All that walking in the morning was for naught.

Well, we had Kuchen at Domani (Japanese impression of Italian, but serving pseudo French cakes) and Brunetti (Australian impression of Italian). Service was sucky at Brunetti, despite being self-service and 0% service charge, but they make you feel like crap anyway. Asked the guy behind the counter twice for service, he looked like he'd suck on a lemon instead. And when he was asked by his colleague who he was helping, he POINTED at me. Dafuq.
Delicious display @ Brunetti but that erdberry cake was calling out to me.
Chocolate Fondant and Cannoli - Choco high on a plate
I imagined cutting into the waiter, but I doubt he is as intriguing as this cake
Guess whose cake was this? :D
I think I prefer Domani's cakes because duh, they are from Rive Gauche, the patisserie with my favorite mont blanc.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All things bright and beautiful

I went to Botanical Gardens to practise using my camera, catching up with C, and get me some exercise (away from the computer).

a little bit of foot on a sturdy log
It's amazing, the beauty reflected in a dirty pond. Not that I had much time to ponder on the magnificence of the surroundings. For one thing, I was being fried (that was until the skies suddenly turned grey and cried on us), second, I was hungry. 

So hungry, I implored C's toddler to give me a saliva-drenched, stale Gerber Honey-Stars-looking (but totally not sweet) cereal bit.
Munch munch walk walk
It wasn't enough!!!!

So... the walk was cut short as we were half walking, half dragging our heavy bodies from one end to the park to the other end in order to meet Y for lunch. We didn't succeed, and in the end, took a cab from the Nassim Road gate (which was fortunate because of the sudden rain).

But before circumstances got a bit desperate...
Black Swan incoming
"My Name is not whatever is on the board next to me"
I was mentally kicking myself for throwing away just that morning, four stale slices of bread that could have given us some fun feeding the duckie boos. Wasn't my smartest morning, that Saturday.
Mr Unphotogenic Tortoise/Terrapin/(definitely not) Turtle was facing me, but was faster in turning around than I was in maneuvering the camera, which isn't saying much for my speed. Perhaps the situation wasn't helped by me and C discussing what T was this creature. Educating the next generation is very serious business *winks*.
"What are you looking at, punk? Where's your bread?"
We saw lots of duckie boos. C was pleased because her two-year-old could figure out this duck was same species as the yellow kind they read in the kinderbücher. There's hope for the next generation yet!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tamadi, Princess Obvious

Bär just came back from his trip. Hopefully he got the rest he needed. Since I went to my beloved Deutschland for two weeks, and お母さん to Peru for 4, it was only fair that he went for one too, and he hardly enjoys life enough as it is, the masochist he is. I was happily flipping through newspapers, pointing out exciting locations to him, and in the end, he chose Down Under. zzzz...When the exchange rate is so not in our favor (see? I did say he is a masochist).

One day at lunch, お母さん asked me, "do you think Bär is enjoying himself?"

Tut tut, お母さん how can you not understand your son?

"I am very sure, XXYY (someone else under お母さん, who was traveling with Bär) is enjoying himself. As for Bär, knowing him, I bet he is worrying about work right now."

I have been a very good girl who has not whined to him via email, sms or call (ok, there was once, but it was a very important one) despite the extremely trying time I have been having the last two weeks. I didn't feel that I did much for him while he was away, but he still "bribed" me good :D.

Here are the spoils:

First a Babushka vanity set. He put an orange one on my table first, then asked me if I liked it. He said I could choose if I didn't like the color. Ah, the advantages of first dibs. So naturally I grabbed the whole set, there were 5 and observed them intently. He had bought red, orange, blue, green and black. I actually liked the black and blue ones more, and the black one most, like I said to him, but in the end I chose the red one. He was puzzled on why. Can you guess?

Tut tut. You are not very observant, Bär. Only the red one has blonde hair (circled blue). Of course, I then had to look out for my own *censored*. So I chose the black and blue for them, and said to Bär, "please give *censored* these two colors."

He also got me chocolates. Being not a big Schokolade fan, I noted that the box was pretty and put it aside and continued working. Some dude came over to borrow a pen and exclaimed, "wah, you got chocolates ah?!"
high class ozzie schokolade bonbons
I gestured at the box and said "help yourself."

He wanted to open the box but then suddenly stopped and walked off. I was huh?

"What's wrong?" 

He replied. " These chocolates look like the kinds that you choose before they put into the box. The atas kind."

I looked askance at Bär who was watching on. Wirklich?

He said, yeah. That's when I picked up the box for a closer look. I always thought it is very luxurious and extravagant to choose your own schokolade bonbons, and being a very tight pussy, I don't ever buy those. Not even B1 buys those for me. Wah.

I opened the box and asked the dude to choose one. It is quite polite of him to not just open the box himself, but he could have just explained before walking off. Anyway that's why the box only have 7 bonbons on this layer.
And lastly,

You know how when you walk on the street sometimes, you bump into someone that you think you know, but you cannot place where you know him from? Then you just keep staring at the person, nonplussed?
Those bloggers are right, the best angle are those photos taken at the middle of your body
This was what happened to me, when Bär gave me this pink bear the day before, when he came back to see the *censored*, even though he was still on leave. He had asked me before he went on what he could get me. I said a German kinderbuch, or a stuffed toy. Bär said he went to a few places, even Kinokuniya (they have branches in Australia!!) but they didn't sell German books, other than the usual language learning nonsense. He said he didn't want to get me the cliché stuffed Australian animal toy (actually I would have liked a kookabaru bird, to complete my collection of wombat, kangeroo, and koala), so he deliberately chose a pink (yes, the pink color was deliberate :D) bear.

For the rest of the day and even yesterday, I kept looking at her and wondered which anime did I see her from? She looks horribly familiar, like some terrible Chinese cartoon character... Hmm. I even asked *censored* when she came to bring me *censored* to look over, whether she recognized my bear. She said she looked familiar but nope...

Anyway I forgot her on Thursday when I was rushing to go off, so I am pretty sure the rats and cockroaches have molested her overnight. I brought her home to be washed last night. When I got into the car, I eagerly showed her off to B1, who explained, "wah, so pink!"

"Yup. Her name is Tamadi, Princess Obvious." I was in a foul mood because of what I was working on. Tamadi is a Anglicized form of "他妈的"(Damn it, fuck in Chinese). Phonetically Tamade would be more accurate. 

I asked B1, doesn't she look familiar? He said yeah, even though he couldn't place her either. He teased "how do you know she is a girl?"

Well, she is pink, has a bow on her head and the words "pink bear" written on her paw, talk about stating the obvious. Anyway I still couldn't figure out where I saw her before until...

I was writing out Xmas cards while watching my favorite Korean drama, when I suddenly realized where I saw her from.

She was printed on the pretty stationery someone gave me before! Yup, her name is definitely Pink!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Old Age

I was having lunch with お母さん, and told her about Vater's birthday (so that she wouldn't torture me by making me OT since we were going to celebrate that very night). 

She was totally cool, and said definitely I should go. Unfortunately by the time I was done, and with the other distractions, I ended up working through the night after dinner. Anyway that is the not the point I am driving at. The fact was that, when she asked me how old Vater was, I realized something...

"I didn't think that my parents are old, until my Grandmother passed away." 

She understood. "Now you realize that your parents are the seniors in the family."


I am trying to cut back on my CoH (well, at the rate THQ is going CoH is doomed unless Relic can find a new sugar daddy. Let's not even talk about CoH2. You know something is extremely wrong with a investing website declares that Zynga is a better bet than THQ. Dafuq...) and spend more time with the family.

The Meaning of "Kenna Arrow" by the Japanese

 While waiting for the cashier to process my payment at Meidi-ya, I saw this free magazine stacked in a pile next to the counter. One thing cool about the Japanese is that they always have free ad magazines with coupons and funny nonsensical stuff inside. It's fun to while time away flipping through them even though I don't understand a single word (ok, maybe the kanji characters).
This is what I found on one page. The explanation for the popular Singlish colloquialism, Kenna Arrow. Just like the Japanese to take it and turn it into something serious-sounding. *haha* Read it and see if you agree with this interpretation of "kenna arrow"?

For me, it's more "back to the wall, eyes on the door" at meetings.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Help! My tank is... drowning!?

This is what happens when you are looking at other parts of the map. 12ax7 pointed out that my tank was drowning, and we all had a laugh. No fear, the silly thing managed to drive itself out of the canal. Cool, isnt' it?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Huffington's sailthru is screwed up

I was reading an article on The Huffington Post, when I saw this (see the yellow circle) at the bottom page. RECOMMENDED FOR ME?

Am I some kind of perverted fiend? I should make a rage comic out of this :P.

Ok admittedly I was reading this article about this chiropractor who was being sued for "intravaginal massages". I wasn't very sure what it meant, even after reading.

So just now I asked B1, "what is intravaginal massage? I thought the only possible term is intervaginal massage."

"inter is scissorcising." He replied, eyes on the road.

"Then what is intra?"

"Fingering obviously."


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rage Comic: A Man, a Pregnancy Test Kit, & a Hidden Suprise in his Right Nut

A man found a pregnancy test kit his ex left behind.

He used it for a lark, to discover he was "pregnant".

He told his friend, who turned it into a Rage Comic (original pic below has been modified by me *in red*) for other Redditors to enjoy.

In >3 days, 1300 comments were posted to tell the guy to get checked for testicular cancer.

So he did. And found out he got a nasty surprise in his right nut.

Apparently pregnancy tests measure for beta human chorionic gonadotropin, which is the sign for possible pregnancy. What I want to know is, what other forms of cancer does it recognize?

Reddit saves lives :).  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Moon River" Violin Score

From the forever effervescent Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's.

[original score (available in pdf but link is in Mandarin)]

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My handy wallpaper

B1 got me a new handy last week. The first thing I did was upload a photo I took at Tegelsberg. Got it after sitting on the ground and tilting  so that I can capture the bee sitting on the wildflower against a mountainous backdrop (of course my love for bees went south when I was stung later in Salzburg). Gorgeous view isn't it? It was worth nearly freezing our bits off wearing summer clothing up the  mountain :D Now whenever I am having a bad day, looking at the photo makes me feel instantly better, because I remember how much I enjoyed Germany.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It hadn't been a great week since Sunday

So I took half day off in the afternoon as a show of rebellion, and went out shopping with Mutter. Today's was Captain Adorable's first day at daycare so Mutter was feeling a little hapless. I had planned to take the whole day off, but heute morgen machte Arbeit mich frei nicht. 
I was wearing a new pair of my favorite high heels (I alternate between buying the grey and black pairs, they don't last long but they sure are pretty), so wearing them the whole morning and for four hours in Orchard Road afterward, my feet were ready to kill themselves. Death by pinching. 

Mutter and I dashed from the shop we were at and ran off to Rubi where we bought Mutter und Tochter shoes. 2 pairs for S$20.

Mutter initially grabbed the vermillion pair I am wearing, but in the end, she chose the blue (I think it looks more purple right?) pair because they were easier to complement her wardrobe. I got the vermillion instead of the yellow pair, even though I like yellow more, simply because I was wearing a orange cardigan today. *vain*

Most importantly, instant relief :D


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