Thursday, November 1, 2012

It hadn't been a great week since Sunday

So I took half day off in the afternoon as a show of rebellion, and went out shopping with Mutter. Today's was Captain Adorable's first day at daycare so Mutter was feeling a little hapless. I had planned to take the whole day off, but heute morgen machte Arbeit mich frei nicht. 
I was wearing a new pair of my favorite high heels (I alternate between buying the grey and black pairs, they don't last long but they sure are pretty), so wearing them the whole morning and for four hours in Orchard Road afterward, my feet were ready to kill themselves. Death by pinching. 

Mutter and I dashed from the shop we were at and ran off to Rubi where we bought Mutter und Tochter shoes. 2 pairs for S$20.

Mutter initially grabbed the vermillion pair I am wearing, but in the end, she chose the blue (I think it looks more purple right?) pair because they were easier to complement her wardrobe. I got the vermillion instead of the yellow pair, even though I like yellow more, simply because I was wearing a orange cardigan today. *vain*

Most importantly, instant relief :D

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