Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shoes are very unhealthy for the wallet

I am Madame Big Foot. I needed some new court shoes after wearing out my last pair (I also note that someone stole my pretty ones with the big red flowers. Good luck to him/ her...), and given how cheap my shoes are usually, there is no point in re-heeling them. I dropped about S$100 for 4 pairs, and now that they are stacked together, I realized I might have overdone the black color. Still they should be quite serviceable and last me hopefully a long time.

It was a very stressful day and after buying my 3rd pair, I felt infinitesimally and instantly better.

Arghz I wore the grey pair for the first time on Thursday. While I was walking back from my meeting, the ENTIRE SOLE came off. So embarrassing! Just then three statuesque transgenders walked past me, I felt their sympathy, which definitely made it worse =D.

Annoying lady at Anna Nucci almost didn't want to repair/replace the shoes for me, then later her manager took over the call on her own accord, which I appreciated. Later when I got to the shop, I realized that it was the manager who sold me the shoes. Anyway they said they would repair/fix the shoes and get back to me within a week.

Updated!!! (6th Feb 2012)
Anyway Anna Nucci most considerately called me this morning so that I could rush down during lunchtime to get my new shoes. They replaced the entire pair and after I checked through the shoes, the saleslady checked them again. =D
Restored my faith in the brand again. Anyway the two pairs on the right side of the photo are Anna Nuccis.

Updated!!! (13th Feb 2012)
Argh. Spoilt again! I am not sure whether it was because I was wearing them in the rain (first of all, February- hottest month in Singapore, suddenly there is a downpour. WTF.), but the damn left sole is doing the same thing the right sole did the other time....

I think it is time to visit the cobbler who sits at the bottom of my block to fix these shoes. It boggles my mind why the same purple pair of the same design doesn't spoil but the grey ones are so horrible. It is as if they came from a different place.

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