Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wow, an atas place is so different from any bourgeois shit.

Didn't blogged recently because sehr beschäftigt sigh. Even some of the posts were scheduled stuff from the weekend, as you can obviously tell.

I was in a rotten mood yesterday because I had to stay back until quite late for Arbeit. So I demanded  my favorite gemütlich dish, Korean Ginseng Chicken. At that hour of the night, the nearest place before closing time was Holland Ville so we popped over to Hansang for a quick meal.

We parked at Merah Saga, you know where I had my lovely lunch at Bistro Petit Salut. Then I remembered that little shop on the corner that sells beautiful cookware. They even had the layout I wanted if I could afford a nicer kitchen. *swoon* Ah I could immediately feel my spirits lift at the sight of all the colorful dishes (it's weird what makes me happy nowadays).

It has such a beautiful storefront, nicht wahr?

Thanks to my taking the photo in such a clandestine manner, I wasn't able to capture its true spirit

you know a place is atas when they take the trouble to print the logo on the brown paper

B1 is so sweet!!!
B1 got me the loaf pan I always wanted. You know I had a lot of problems finding this pyrex loaf pan which I need because I am using a microwave oven to bake my bread. I couldn't find a glass one, so I was really happy to hit pay dirt and find so many at this shop! =D

I took the tallest one I could find. My bread can only go upwards now!

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