Monday, January 9, 2012

Going to Suzuki book 4

Teacher (yes the guy who I trashed in this blog for "sabotaging" me at the violin exam last year) looked at me and said "Book 4. There is a vast jump from Book 3 to 4."

"Yes", I muttered (I was in my very tired, emo elmo self last week)."I can tell because the 豆芽 (bean sprouts, meaning the notes) seem to be a lot more and closer now."

I am not very excited about going to book 4 because I haven't passed Grade 3 (which I still intend to take but not this year) and my violin still sounds like five fat angry cats dragging their claws across a chalkboard. At least I can take comfort that now I can at least play Elgar's Salut D Amour, my favorite piece. 

Mutter was sitting outside my room just now and she remarked that my violin seems to have improved. Yes, it is like my German. Nobody helps to correct me so I end up hitting the wall like a blind mouse. Now and then it sounds correct but you know I will never become fluent. Sometimes I want to fucking kick myself for not taking up a third language when my PSLE results allowed me to do so. Now I end up struggling to catch up on something that would have been easily learnt and available to myself so many years ago.

I forgot to mention the other reason why I was so angry and tired at last week's lesson was because I apparently did not place my bow well in the box, and this idiot at my *censored* went to hit my case (for fuck sake use words, don't just hit my bloody violin case) while asking me what was inside. For this breed of morons, I usually will reply it is a bomb, but given the nature of my *censored*, it is not a joke to be easily uttered without repercussions. Still, fuck that moron. I went to class and discovered I broke 4 FUCKING STRINGS in my bow. *heart pain*

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