Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chinese New Year Flowers @ the Nursery

I was running ragged yesterday. I dashed home to pick up my Dad's electronic scale (to make my Love Letters and bier brot), then to the library then to two supermarkets and one market. 

When I returned to the new apartment, Mutter called to say that the Tante (her gardening friend) was heading to the nursery near the market garden and told me to meet them at 1.30pm. So I drove like a devil to the nursery only to find the Tante hauling chrysanthemums. 

I love flowers. Their brilliant colors and variety reinvigorate me the same way that paintings can, though at a less disturbing way. Their vibrant beauty is simple yet comforting. I could stare at them for hours (technically I did because the Tante bought a lot of flowers even after I was done).

Discouraged by the stupid avian neighbors and petty thieves I have at the apartment from buying blooms (they tend to have nest-friendly leaves) and my own laziness when it comes to watering, I stuck to replacing my poor thyme plant and buying a pretty oregano as well. I also found a pretty white white bracket which would allow me to keep the herbs inside the house and out of thieving hands. I was so happy when the uncle pointed it out to me (it was on another shelf) after I said that the only black one he had left was rusty. 

They are selling lots of orchids and lime plants. But I cannot upload the photo of the lime plants because Mutter was in the shot and she was wearing an expression just as sour as the limes. Sigh.
 More pretty flowers. =D
Mrs HerrmanMeier's friend's doggie
I took this photo because he reminds me of Mrs HerrmanMeier's friend's doggie. But I realized belatedly I had interrupted him in mid-shit. No wonder the tense stance. Haha. Sorry Mr Poochie san.
Aren't the flowers pretty? I think I will buy some after Chinese New Year, when the prices go down. But truth be told, I don't think they will last long in our heat. Actually these plants are all driven down from another nursery in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

I bought two chilli plants, oregano and thyme and a leafy lime plant. I also bought the pretty bracket, which I discovered could not fit in anywhere except off my bathroom wall. Lame.
I am going to bring my Lemon Basil over from the other house

I was super glad that I bought the bracket because later in the night there was a super bad rain howling outside the window. I had fears that it was going to blow out my netting which I put on my plants to discourage the thieving birds. But B1 refused to let me go out into the bad rain.  

This morning we came out to examine the damage. The bloody rain destroyed my poor corn plant which I had been very carefully cultivating for the past few weeks, surrounding it with netting and a box frame. Even the box frame could not protect it from the wrath of the angry torrential rain. I could cry. 

Deader than a doornail
I brought my new chili plants out for a little bit of sun tanning

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