Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Floral Arrangement 101?

Damn, I just realized they were also selling white roses...
While Tante and I were at Chinatown we discovered a stall that was selling all flowers at S$4 a snall bouquet, and S$10 for three. I wanted to buy all lilies (my favorite -> calla lilies) but Tante said that it is Chinese New Year so she grabbed red carnations. Sigh. Anyway so I bought some yellow flowers (I thought they were daffodils but apparently not), the carnations and my white lilies. Because I forgot to bring my new apartment house keys, I left the flowers with Tante and grabbed them the next day when I visited her for New Year's. 
I thought her arrangement was kinda cool? Like an eagle. 

So I brought them home. I was thinking that the carnies kind of overwhelmed the lilies, so I swapped them out into two small bouquets. I am not good with this but I tried my best =D.

I think they will be prettier when they bloom

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