Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Thing about Romance Novels

Yes, I am reading more nowadays, since CoH is a bloody dead town (I don't think I can ever stop grumbling about this). It's either German books or Kinder Buch or Romance Novels or non-fiction. So you know what I will end up reading after a day of frustration.

Sometimes romance novels are such a pain, they have such explicit covers, and god knows what that uncle is thinking about when he smirks across the bus at you as you hold up the book, reading. Case in point, this book I am reading:
Seriously do we need a bare chest to know you are going to talk dirty between the covers *haha*? I had to hide at the backseat on the bus. Which is an irony, considering the stuff I post here... I had a rattling headache by the time I reached home, and the book still unfinished, which was a mean feat (considering I am a speed reader). This is why I prefer the older romances, which hide the dirty picture immediately behind the cover. 

Review for this book is on Romance Novel Reviews.

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