Saturday, January 7, 2012

Geek Love - B1 and the harsh reality

Should have known I couldn't enjoy Geek Love with B1. Despite my misgivings (I thought that the same jokers who came up with that horribly addicting "Jersey Shore" *though I seem to be free from their clutches since that disastrous Season 4 which sent me to zzz* would be exploiting the geeks. We are not marginalized, just that our hobbies are much more interesting than picking up lame shallow people at bars in a bid for free sex), the first two episodes were sweet and funny.
So I rewatched it with B1, in between making my Cinnamon buns *love*. First he pointed out that episode 1 and 2 were actually filmed at the same event, which I did not notice. So he was BSing me all this while on his "not being very observant"...
Then he asked "do geeks really like dating other geeks?"

What an offensive question, seeing that he is one and I am another. He said I wasn't geeky enough (well if he got me my elusive Linux Penguin). Just tomboy. Whatever...

"Geeks are like other men, they all like hot girls, but since hot girls don't like them unless they have a lot of $$$, so they would have better chances with gleichgesinnte girls, because they would understand their needs and hobbies." I replied dourly, glaring at him as he hogged the soup bowl (we were having dinner at the time).

He evil-stared me when I said I thought the geek in the Tardis shirt (he reminded me of young Stalin, but I would love to lawnmow his ugly beard) was very cute <-my type~! and couldn't understand why Kelly preferred the kindisch Ironman Sal. I mean yeah, he was at the Harry Potter event too, but Junge Stalin is so much more handsome and if you remove the Ironman outfit, Sal just looks like a teenager. I was very annoyed when Sal chose Mary over Kelly (I could relate to Kelly *she read while waiting for her date* and also to the poor Wookie guy). 

B1 pointed out that while Mary was fleshy, she was slimmer than Kelly and knew how to dress, which proved my earlier statement. He liked her punky hair style and red lipstick too. Maybe it was the Ironman panties she wore...

I totally dig Ironman Sal's date with Mary, I thought that it was my kind of date. Arcade and yum yum and maybe a movie. If only he went and caught her a Rilakkuma at a UFO machine, it would be the ultimate date.

Just to prove what a realist B1 is sometimes, he didn't even finish watching episode two but started cleaning up the dishes when he found out who were the eventual "Perfect Match" couples. Why? Because the women were not hot enough to hold his attention. *Annoyed*

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