Friday, December 31, 2010

NIBBLEZWARE 1 Jan 2011 Issue

Boob jiggling --> Bigger Breasts??? Top Charming *hahahhahaha*

When we were in university, my former secondary school classmate confessed to us that her mother paid three figures for her to go to some dubious beauty centre to make her tits bigger. (now as I type this, I suddenly realise why she was so fucking mean to me about her wedding photos. This one definitely has a complex). I remember I was like wtf? as the other girls were. She said the beauty centre therapist would massage her breasts, using some special method that will help her grow her breasts. I told her I could do it for free...*winks*

When I read about this China product on Geekologie, I instantly thought of her. I would probably get this for her as a birthday present just to be a bitch, but she already has a husband to do the dastardly deed for free.

I cannot believe how incredibly stupid my fellow women can be to want to buy this shit.  Besides I know of at least one guy who loves small titties (my former intellectual whore). But then if there is no demand, there won't be such a thing on the market.

PS. I thought the girl at 1:35 is quite pretty.

Someone left a comment on this entry asking me if my friend's boobs became bigger. Well, they didn't, and I deleted his/her comment because he/she chose to remain anonymous by using an alternate to OpenID. If you dare to play, you dare to say =D. And to that person, I dedicate this; the boob slapping beauty shop.

A Quick Dinner @ Megumi b4 Fireworks

I wanted to flirt with the deadline and so only started writing late last night. It was fun trying to stay awake all night and write, and it was thanks to Motorbreath that I managed to stick it out until 6am.

Today, very high on lack of sleep, I had fun finishing it rapidly at Burlington Square's Burger King, Sim Lim Square's Food Court (where I evil-eyed a crazy old Uncle who kept staring into my laptop screen) and then print 6 copies out in a small Indian Internet Cafe... before rushing down Sim Ave to the destination.

Then B1 and I rushed home to zzz. Until 8 plus pm and starvation woke us up and drove us insane as we searched online for something to eat. We decided to go to Megumi after consulting ieatishootipost.

We ordered cod and beef kaminabe (paper pot steamboat), deepfried eel and tofu, gohan, assorted sashimi (4 types). The chef is not very skilled at cutting but he does cut thickly =]. I would have preferred if the staff bothered to deliver the sashimi the minute that it was ready. Instead five staff members were somehow preoccupied even though the restaurant was not busy.

I thought my cod is rather sad. Initially I envied B1's choice but turned out his beef portion was a bit sad too. One thing I don't like is that we have to purchase the rice and side dishes separately. And the portion were not that generous in the first place.
Lettuce under camouflage

In a nutshell:
Megumi Japanese Restaurant
Block 106 Clementi Street 12
11.30am to 2.30pm
6.00pm to 10.30pm
Opens Daily

Food Quality: Ok
Price: The bill came out to be S$90 plus. With a cold beer. Who makes people pay separately for rice?
Service: Not that fantastic.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Year in a Nutshell

I tried to make this year a new for trying out new things:

Released my first Android app
Cycled 104km to and fro Desaru and didn't die
Opened a stall at the Japanese festival
Took my first violin exam and failed it magnificently
Write a children's book

Next year, I intend to:
Start my own business
Learn to write and speak German without having to think of the words in English first then translate

A Tale of Too much German

My Christmas present from B1 this year. With this, my total German haul = 6 books for Christmas. This doesn't include my existing collection. Oops! Haha. Must work hard, ok? *telling myself* Gambatte Ne~

PS: Excuse me, I am a bit high from lack of zzz. I can't even type the words out properly. This should be fun.

I hate Google Instant

I really hate Google Instant.

I hate that it moves and brings forward new search results at every word I type. It is very distracting. I am most infuriated today when I went to google search my blog and discovered that when I typed "nibblez". You can search it yourself. B1 was laughing like mad when I told him what I saw. He was wondering why they were called nibblez.

I don't think that is the point... 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

True or False - Confirming the Myths about your PC

[Disclaimer: great wall of text. But I don't give a flying F cos this info is useful]

Excerpt from article at Busting (or Not) Top 10 Myths about Technology by Daniel Terdiman, Dec 20 2010.

(1) You must wait 15 seconds before rebooting your computer
True, the question of how long to wait before rebooting a computer has to do with the health of the plates of the hard drive. Since the plates are spinning at speeds of up to 10,000 rpm, and need to come to a stop before rebooting, "it's definitely good that you wait just a little while" before restarting the machine.

5 sec should be sufficient.

(2) Size matters (in megapixels)

True, but "sharpness depends more on your photographic skill than the number of megapixels, because most people's sloppy technique or subject motion blurs the image more than the width of a microscopic pixel.

You really start noticing the differences when you blow the picture up," Matos said. But "it really depends on the size of the image, and how much you plan on blowing it up...If you blow it up to 16 by 20 [inches], you'll still maintain the quality, and you won't notice any difference in quality" with fewer megapixels.

(3) You have to run your nickel-cadmium battery all the way down before you charge it  (My personal Fave)
True, The best possible thing you can do for your device's battery is, in fact, to run it down to zero before re-charging, each and every time.  "If you start plugging an AC adapter in while it's half-charged, components in the battery start to settle, and so it doesn't maintain its ability to re-charge, and so you end up weakening the battery a lot quicker."

(4) You can put a keyboard you've spilled coffee on in the dishwasher
True, but it only applies to wired keyboards. As long as you don't use soap or warm or hot water, a cycle through the Kenmore will wash away the coffee and get you pounding away at the QWERTY before you know it.

(5) Anything stored digitally will last longer than that on analog media
False. Digital files run the risk of being corrupted, and some physical forms of digital media, such as CD-R discs, can begin breaking down in as little as three years.

(6) Turning a computer on and off regularly is bad for it
It's specifically recommended that you do power your machine off on a daily basis, for example at the end of each work day. Every computer needs its rest time, in part to be sure that if you're away from it and there are power fluctuations or surges, it isn't damaged by them.

As well, he said, it's recommended that if you're going to be away from your computer for small periods of time, you let it go to sleep while you're gone. But in any case, he said, a regular on/off pattern is definitely good for the computer, not bad. Oops.

(7) Macs are immune to viruses

False. It has much more to do with market share--there simply aren't anywhere near as many Macs out there as there are Windows machines. This reminds me of this C vendor. He kept expounding on how excellent his software is as compared to Windows, that there were significantly lesser bugs and security attacks. I was laughing to myself, thinking, sure, but how many people use your software? Or even know its existence?

(8) Your ISP is tracking everything you do
True.  Your ISP "is your local link to the worldwide computer network known as the Internet," Dave Roos wrote on Get Stuff. Every page request you make and every e-mail you send must travel through your ISP's routers first. It would seem, therefore, that your ISP has the power to scan and save every piece of data that flows through its system."

But before you get alarmed, Roos also wrote: "The truth is that it does have the power. Fortunately for us, it doesn't have the money or the desire to archive every bit of information that comes its way. ISPs in the United States don't routinely save the Web surfing histories and e-mail conversations of their users. It would simply be too expensive to save all of that data and the public outcry from privacy rights and civil liberties organizations would be deafening."  Of course, we know that is not true of Singtel, which offed alot of its loyal users to ODEX in the sensational (to the geek world at least) court case of ODEX vs everyone who downloads fan-subbed anime.

(9) Girls don't play video games

Definitely false (I can tell you myself)  Women and girls make up a very large bloc of gamers--they just are a little more quiet about it.

Reuters reported that in an IBISWorld study, "38 percent of U.S. gamers are female, up from 33 percent in just five years. From January through August of 2008, females ages 18 to 45 made up 28 percent of the total industry revenue, ranking second to males ages 18 to 45, who made up 37 percent."
So while they may not be the largest group of gamers, it's clear that women and girls are spending their fair share of time playing.

(10) Anything you delete from your hard drive is gone forever
It's very difficult to permanently get rid of your data. And if you want to do so, you probably need to go get a drill.
"When you delete [data], yes, [its] icon may be gone, but that information is still intact on the hard drive. The only thing the computer does is [mark] that section to be overwritten. It just gives the operating system the OK to write over that area." This means, you may not ever want to just hand an old computer off to someone else if you're worried about them accessing your private data.
The only way to ensure that no one can ever access it is to bring tools to bear. "Let's say you're getting rid of an old computer, you're going to want to take the old hard drive, take a drill, and drill 10 to 12 holes through the drive--and not in a straight line. Scatter the holes and make sure they go straight through."

Or you can pay a lot of money and get them defragmented. I tried the water treatment, hammer treatment, I wanted to try the microwave treatment (but I resisted).

Du verstehst was ich meine

Christmas Celebration of Pizza und Pasta at California Pizza Kitchen

Due to the turnover we had with the improved economy, my office gang moved our annual Christmas celebration outside of work to California Pizza Kitchen. For several weeks before this event, we debated hotly on Facebook and offline on where to hold the event. Moomba was the preferred choice, but unfortunately due to the prices, it was vetoed in the end.

Fortunately, Captain Expensive came to the rescue with California Pizza Kitchen. He recommended the Peking Duck pizza and the KungPao Chicken Spaghetti. So 22 of us (initially only 17 RSVPed, so a definite improvement!) showed up on Thursday at Forum's CPK. 

Since there were so many of us, we split into different tables, and each table ordered their own dishes. The crazy Teletubby went to order some sort of garlic focaccia bread. I was like... I tried to stop him but Miss Piggy said let him go ahead because the two of us had ordered the main courses, Funghi Ravoli and Kung Pao Chicken (because I don't eat shrimp) spaghetti. The bread came REALLY TOUGH, and was I grateful for my real teeth. If I had false teeth, the damn bread would have tore them out of my mouth. 
The salsa was pretty good though. The other table ordered a Vietnamese-style spring roll, which looks really pretty. I tried their "sauerkraut", its marinate seemed to have a woody fragrance (like maple), but no one at the table would agree with me. =P
These photos are taken by our dear confused boy (the only one who could bring a camera, and did, a beautiful SLR which he could put in his car). We evilly dragged him over from his own table,  made the hungry man take photos of our food and rewarded him with some, because his order has not arrived. The funghi ravioli (not pictured) while dull looking, was excellent (and thankfully all the way heated through, unlike the ones I had at Soprano)!!!  We love the recommended Kung Pao Chicken Spaghetti, though it tastes like Chinese food. I think I can recreate this at home. hmm. It had dried chili, diced chicken, peanuts (or was it cashew nuts, Argh, I got the photos too late), which gave a nice crunch, and spring onions. It was texturally interesting and very edible.
I think this is the BBQ chicken pizza ordered by Confused Boy, because we ordered Peking Duck pizza and Meat Cravers. I cannot vouch for how it tastes. But Miss Piggy said that the Hawaiian pizza sucks. I tried the Meat Cravers and considered it VERY SALTY, even without eating the prosciutto. I had problems finishing my slice. I was somewhat indifferent towards the Peking Duck. I like the concept, but found the meat tough (I usually don't eat Ente), and then the thin crust somewhat dry with little sauce and many little crunchy bits of deepfried wonton skins and julienned strips of spring onions.
BBQ chicken pizza
Peking Duck Pizza
Overall, I think California Pizza Kitchen does their pasta better than their pizzas. Still, it was excellent fun, and at the end of the day, it's the company rather than the food that is important, nicht wahr?

In a nutshell:
California Pizza Kitchen
Forum the Shopping Mall 
583 Orchard Road, #01-42
Singapore, 238884
Mall is located next to the Hilton Hotel

Food Quality: Pretty good, I will return to try their other menu offerings.
Price: I find it ok.
Service: The waiters were very professional, though the waitress gave me the face, when I told her that we have to increase the number of persons, but this wasn't our fault because some of the guys didn't RSVPed yet showed up (we had booked 20 persons, in anticipation of 3 sudden arrivals). While I understood how crowded it was, I didn't like her lack of professionalism. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random CoH Fun 1 - Building a Company of Heroes Map

Motorbreath, Prasec and I have been complaining that the one and only Stonewall operation is getting super boring. I should think so, always the same people, i.e. we three jokers (we have started accepting noobs to make the game exciting, that is how bored we are) and we have been playing that stupid map 3 times everyday since last Thursday. I don't know about the guys but I have reached a point where any other map is more interesting.

So I decided to make my own map. Figured it can't be that difficult right? Problem is... there is no template for Stonewall. I would have to write "the scar" myself, but ok, I have downloaded the damn thing, and will start reading the code. But in the meantime, I decided to try out making a skirmish map while writing my other stuff. 
My idea for Stonewall Operation - very similar to the original but more paratrooper drops in base with no bomb resources!
I am not going to reinvent the wheel so if you are interested in making your own custom maps, follow instructions by nobody (I am going to pdf this thing, because the tutorial by another guy, Buggo was lost forever).

I had some hilarious results with my map. The stupid World Builder only allows me to create a multi-player/ skirmish map or single player map.
I wanted to test my stonewall idea as a mp map. So I made a few buildings, and tested it. It's really twisted. Some of the players will have to run around the building to attack the enemy who is next door. Hmm, should rename this map as "warring neighbors". Hahaha.

Oh ya. You can try the map for fun. Disclaimer: It's lame and a work in progress. Don't flame me here like those Android users flame my game at my Developer Console. Here's the instructions on by LaClown on how to run the maps without affecting your normal gameplay. A must read.

Other resources:
Make your own loading screen
Corsix Mod Studio (for modifying scar)
How to make Panzerkreig Maps

Monday, December 27, 2010

In about 10 years I am going to be 40

I am not sensitive about my age. I give out my real age readily whenever someone asks. Often it is the young ones who avoid me after I reveal my real age (that is actually quite funny).

It was therefore strange that I felt a pang when Motorbreath said that I would be 40 in 10 years. Fuck. That really gave me a jolt. A shot of actualization when playing a computer game.

I realize (I have decided to switch to American English in this blog) that while I am not sensitive about my age, I remain aware about the passage of time. It's been five years since I graduated my Bachelors. I should have started my business this year. Instead I am worried about rising living costs and playing CoH like a Ostrich in the sand. Depressing.

It's time to buck up and return to my programming, and cut down on CoH. Guess it's been fun while it lasted.

I must definitely start my business or study my PHD this year!

Schokolade Bär ist sehr nett!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Singapore City view from Pinnacle@Duxton

We went to check out the skyline from the Pinnacle@Duxton just now, and had a lot of fun trying to get into the sky garden. For non-residents you have to pay S$5 dollars using your EZlink card at the machine at Blk 1G. That would be next to the lift lobby, around the corner from the Mr Bean and 7-Eleven. Then you use that card to tap in and out at any gantry (every block has at least two gantries) to the sky garden.

You can see the Singapore port from one side, and the Business Distract from the other side.We were lost in the view, and then we got lost, when the gates autolocked at 10pm. *Faint*

We tried to ask a resident to help, but he too had problems opening the gate. Instead and very fortunately the security guard came by and let us out. Scary!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The other Girl Gamer

We were talking that day in the office about computer games. I was telling the guys the same thing that I mentioned here some days ago about how it was better to play as a dude. Because people harrass girls online, especially in a game where most of the players are dudes. 

Then Handsome Dragon admitted that he took advantage of that fact. In some game which I shall not disclose, he used a very cute girl avatar and then he remarked "I cannot understand why people will just give me free stuff for no reason, or help me slay dragons without me asking". 

I wonder why too -.-"

I asked him what is the name of his avatar, he replied "Baby [something]".


He said there was one time he let his avatar lie down on the grass (when asked why, he said he wanted to suntan), he said he (meaning his physical self) left for the loo. When he came back, there was a male avatar doing push ups on her...

Terrible. B1 is another wicked one. He is playing some poker game on iPhone, using some girl we photographed at the AFA 2010 and my name. Even though I don't like exposing my face or name, I sure as hell don't like him using my name and someone else's pic. o.O" After I got mad, he used another name and photo *roll eyes*.

He'd been getting free stuff, like chips and briefcases. Now his colleagues have cottoned on, and all of them  (males, every last one of them) are female on this stupid game too. Taking advantage of other men's vulnerabilities *shake head*.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Objects in Menu appear bigger than they actually do

The idea was that we were supposed to go to Dempsey Road's House to have our team Xmas celebration. We skipped the office celebration in the morning and were supposed to gather for high tea at 3pm. Miss Piggy and I met up beforehand and we cabbed up to House (because we were late). The minute our cab uncle reached Jones the Grocer area, this arschloch Amerikaner opened the front passenger door, stunning the two of us in the back seat.  He ignored us and asked the taxi driver immediately if he could take him to Raffles Hotel. The uncle replied yes. That was when I asked the driver how much the fare was. Yes, the arschloch didn't even wait for us to pay before he came in. He sat resolutely in the front seat while we quietly paid the uncle, and his family stood patiently just outside our door. The minute I got out, I said darkly  that "there was no need to be so aggressive".

Bär was already there. He suggested that we have a look at the buffet spread before deciding, though we had made reservations much earlier for the buffet (you have to). After looking at the dismal spread (I was telling the others that the reason why everything looked so appealing in the photo was because they, meaning the food, took a group shot  *haha*) with many repeated items, we decided against the buffet and ordered ala carte. Luckily we didn't take the buffet, because I saw a teenage boy dip his entire dirty spoon into the chocolate fountain and then licked it clean. I was sehr horrified.

Unfortunately for tea, we could only order sandwiches, sliders, pizzas or the desserts. So we ordered the grilled grapefruit tart, the pineapple tart, the ahi tuna with 3 berries sandwich, apple crumble and the tempeh and chicken sandwich. For drinks, we ordered a jug of "freshly squeezed" orange juice. It took some time to come, and it is as freshly squeezed as I am a man.

The grilled grapefruit (S$7) was very pretty, with a white meringue on top. However it was really small, if you compare the size of the dinner fork against it. The tart case was green tea based, with a light yellow custard, some super sour grilled grapefruit. It had an interesting play of flavours, which was better in smaller doses, so I don't begrudge the small size.

The apple crumble was like cereal with milk. Haha. It was served with a cake bottom, spiced apple cubes, cookie crumble and a strawberry on top and came with some special Sahne, which I forgot to taste. It was  unusual, with all the different textures, but tasted nothing special.
Teeny tiny tart
Bär wanted to order the pineapple tart. I personally don't eat pineapple, unless it came from a can.  A slice of super spicy pineapple sitting on top of a puff pastry. I was totally full by the time I started on it, so I didn't take more than a rudimentary taste. Not sure how the cream on top tastes of, but the pineapple was definitely spicy.
I liked the sandwiches better.We ordered the only two on the menu. The bread was very tough, and Missy Piggy and I couldn't finish our shares. I loved the tuna one though the others were like... how come the tuna tasted so weird. I thought it was very delish. I liked the idea of three berries with the tuna.
I am sorry this photo was not sharper, how I wish I have a SLR

Service wise, the wait staff were a bit abrupt and impatient in the beginning though still extremely polite. However after people started eating and there weren't any new customers, they were very responsive and professional. Bär liked the open space, as did I. I pointed out the prices reflected the open space and distance between each table. But that is the whole point of a luxurious high tea. Enjoy the company, the ambience and all the gay men you can watch.

House Dempsey
8D Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672
Tel: 64790070

The Best Xmas Gift ever? Computer Engineer Barbie

The blond ambition: Computer Engineer Barbie
Little girls can now learn to live more meaningful lives, because here comes Computer Engineer Barbie! Doll with ambition. No need to live off Ken, the male doll with nothing hanging in front, anymore. What I want to know is, just because the doll is carrying a "iPhone", and a laptop (that has a weird ass image of another doll), it is a Computer Engineer doll?! Please, that is every chick walking on the road today, clutching their iPhone like an extension of their bodies. If the laptop shows Eclipse interface, at least then I can pretend to believe. This is more like stupid e-Commerce Barbie (who likes iPhone and online shopping) or Social Network Barbie. 

I jaw dropped when I read this at Mashable. I guess the comment I liked best was "Soon to be followed by 'Cyber-Criminal Ken' who stalks her in chat rooms".

Thursday, December 23, 2010

TGIF Specials 16: Ich liebe Company of Heroes

Stole the idea from and South Park (of course)

A little episode at the pool -.-"

I always forget something when I go swimming. So stupid. It's always goggles, sun block or something. One time I forgot the swimming costume. Hahahahhahaa. Imagine my shock when I was in the Ladies, staring down into a empty bag! I was like wtf?! Before you think I am the village idiot or something, I must say clearly that I always store my swimming gear in two sets. So if I am in the mood to swim, I am good to go, just grab one and run off! Apparently that time when it dried, I forgot to put it back into its bag.


Today is the worst, I forgot the towel... I remembered the swimming board because I wanted to train my legs. Winz. And I can forget the most basic item. I was happily thinking, hmm why my bag so flat today. I didn't realise until I was bathing and wanted to dry off. Shit. 

What was I supposed to do? Even more jialat, I was wearing a black bra, with a white tee. Unfortunately I am not the good girl type who brings a new set of clothes to change after swimming, so I didn't have anything backup to dry off with. Shit... And I have long hair so it's drinks plenty of water and is a bitch to dry.

I will not say what I did in the Ladies to dry off. But suffice to say, it was quite embarrassing when I had to come out with my stupid hair soaking my tee. Luckily I was carrying a backpack, and I just stalked out like I meant to be this shameless. OOpz. I hope no one report me for contaminating their eyeballs.

Boys of a Feather

I vote this as the most adorable book I have read all year. The authors Amy Helmes and Meg Leder have categorized North American males into 20 species of birds, e.g. the Fowl, Eagle, Chicken, Night Owl. Each has its variants and subspecies, descriptions and extremely amusing detailed analysis of its personality. It's like a fictional (or is it non-fictional? I am inclined to read it as a fiction) retaliation on all those nasty lists that men rate women on hotness.

At the end of the book is a test of 159 questions that allows you to decipher what kind of bird man you want. Haha. This has to be the pièce de résistance (if it were food) of the entire book. Hahaha. Time consuming but the results are hilarious.

I asked all the girls in the office to try. In the end, everyone except me had clear results on their birdman, I suspect it is probably because they tended to skip questions which context they didn't understand. I had gotten frustrated explaining some of the terms or North American personalities, e.g. Will Ferrell, toot your own horn etc. Mine was a horrific mix with at least 6 categories being almost equally high. But I decided to ignore the rest and stick to the top ones (I had two highest) of the Swan and the Parakeet. 

When I read the description on the two birds, I have to say I found the birds quite appealing and therefore , the test results fairly accurate *haha*. "Swans have a graceful sublime quality that's easy to fall for. Like their avian counterparts (who inspired a classical ballet), Swan boys have a way of holding you spell-bound as they epitomize a heroic, unsullied aesthetic dreamscape full of metaphorical pirouettes and grande jetes.... Picturesque display of romance are part of the Swan's courtship ritual. While ambling down a busy sidewalk, he may suddenly grab you by the shoulders to face him, cradle your face in his hands, and bestow upon you a lengthy tender kiss after uttering a profundity like "Your stunning visage negates all the world's harsheness and sorrow." Or he'll stop you in the middle of the cereal aisle at the supermarket and slow dance with you during a particularly moving rendition of George Michael's "Careless Whisper". "

Whoah...^^. Tell me where to find a swan, man. Well, until the next page, when I realize that I do not have the personality or looks or determination to snare me a swan. Hahaha. Oopz. Next better bird. 

"Parakeets are sweet-natured homebodies who rarely buck the rules or raise a fuss. Truly domesticated and agreeable to a fault, the Parakeet truly believes there's no place like home. Rather than drinking with the guys after work, he comes home for dinner every night promptly at 5.30. Generally easy to get along with, he doesn't shirk household chores and is quite "well-trained"... Reliable and consistent, the Parakeet won't stand you up on dates. (He's the type who shows up fifteen minutes early and then circles the hood in his car until he's five minutes past perfectly punctual). He'll agree to any activity you've planned but is generally content to curl up with you, a movie rental and a carton of Chinese takeout - or the "pheasant under glass with a white wine reduction" he can whip up for you in twenty minutes flat."

^^ This fits B1 to a T, except for the cooking part, though that is also a plus for me, because I don't like competition (nor criticism) in the kitchen. Every woman should get a Parakeet, even if sometimes, they are boring. 

It will be great if I could have a Swan and Parakeet hybrid but it is not meant to be....Nonetheless I am still pretty satisfied with what I have gotten =D 

Hacker Factor's Gender Guesser

B1 sent me this just now. We were trying to verify the gender of the latest sensational blogger, and how else to better analyse it than by running it through an algorithm?! ^^

Herein enters Gender Guesser. The second generation method for deciphering gender from text, by weighing word frequencies and speech patterns. However it is not failproof, because it's biased towards American English.

I tried this on one of my blog entries. I got a weak Female... Haha. But then again, I used British Englisch. I am feeling pretty butch about it. ^^

I hate this thing. It can't make up its mind. Sometimes I am male, weak female, female or weak male. My writing style cannot be that inconsistent until like that right? Someone try it, and tell me whether it works properly.

How do Video Game Makers design characters?


I can't say I am surprised. I would do that too, especially if all my potential gamers are lonely boys. In fact, would make the boobs bigger, just for them. Haha.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"When People are Extroverted I will be extroverted..."

I had been asking the interviewee whether she is an extroverted person or introverted person. I know it is a lame question. But I was interested in her reaction. Rather than listening to her answer, I was wondering if she would be thrown off. Esp since she was expecting me to continue hitting technical questions. We need someone who can think on her feet because we do a lot of presentations.

She asked me what did introverted mean? Ok... 

After I explained, she said and I quote "When people are extroverted, I will be extroverted. When people are introverted, I will be introverted."

I was like ... So what are you huh?

I see an interview as a date between two or more strangers. The interviewers are likely persons whom you will end up working with, one way or another. It's all about the chemistry, and getting to know each other. If nothing's there, no harm done, it's been an interesting afternoon and try again elsewhere (I say this when I was devastated by Microsoft's rejection two years ago *hypocrite*)

I think it should be interesting when I start going for interviews again. It's been a while. I wonder if I sound like that when I am the interviewee.

The ten second rule: How to recall your Gmail email

I made a terrible booboo yesterday, and needed to recall my Gmail email.

After hunting around, it seems that if you sent it out, it's too bad. However to guard against your next email booboo, Google does have a function under "Settings-> Labs-> Enabled Labs" and choose "Undo send".

Within 10 seconds from sending, you can decide whether you typed a booboo and undo your send. What I can say is: for god's sake, read before you send, don't be stupid like me. I wish Google labs will allow us to configure how much thinking time instead of just 10 seconds.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Low-Impact High-Benefit Water Aerobics exercises that I like to do

I realise that I look like a freak doing this in the public pool sometimes. Think water aerobics is better done as a group *keke*. I am toying with the idea of buying a water proof mp3 player. I am not sure if the one I have is waterproof but it is made for exercise (I bought it for cycling).

These are the exercises that I like to do in the water (I don't like to use a tube, because it makes more people stare and I am already very self-conscious. The most I would go is use a swimming board because I realise I exercise my arms more than my legs):

(1) Running in water (very embarrassing)
Pretend you are running. You can do this in very shallow water (body exposed *v paiseh*), shallow water (up to shoulder) or deep water (feet do not touch pool bottom).  The impact on the knees will be reduced.

I tread water as an alternative. Works as well, if not better. Esp if you don't use your hands. Sehr scary and tiring.

(2) My fav star jumps (makes me look like drowning)
I do this in deep water.

(3) Leg stretching exercise
I learnt this when watching the water aerobics class at the pool. Basically you kick one leg in front and stretch out your hands to clap. Then kick backwards with the other leg and clap your hands behind you.

(4) Kick high up in front of you
Means literally.

(5) Pelvic twists
This is something new to me. Apparently pelvic twists in water is very effective.

(6) Closing the legs together and lifting them towards yourself and then stretching out.
Also something new.

I am trying to hunt for other routines to my exercise. Do suggest any if you know =D

I talk too much

I got banned temporarily for talking too much...

Monday, December 20, 2010

So this was what I went to watch today...

I was trying to check on the Esplanade site today to see what was the concert that Tante had invited me to today. Nothing was listed... trust me after the hellish time I had last night, I was not thrilled about the possibility that there might not have been any concert at all.

However I gave Tante the benefit of the doubt and showed up. Turned out the concert was Police & Friends. Yes, you heard me, i.e. Singapore Police Force Band concert with friends, namely the Singapore Idol winners. And I didn't come away empty-handed. I think the ang bow paper is très cute.

Tante continues to surprise me everytime. ^^

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Google knows what we are thinking

Google has donated two opensource tools to Eclipse platform. Finally a more technik substitute to the weird ass App Inventor. I am grateful. One of them looks like a rival version to Microsoft Visual, which certainly welcomed. I will look forward to the new Eclipse release.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Akibanana Meido Cafe Yummy Yummy Food and Beverages [closed]

When you go to a meido cafe, the most important thing is the dedicated service that a maid gives to her master or mistress (I must admit I was rather disappointed that they did not pull out any stunt for Teletubby's birthday even though I had informed them weeks ahead). Therefore the food and beverages are extremely essential in reflecting said service quality. On this aspect, the food and drinks at Akibanana meido cafe were visually appealing, and thoughtful, though flavour-wise requires much restraint on the cook's part.

My Zettai Katsu came with a loving message and a cute Akibanana flag (where the hell did it go?), but very dry. The deepfried chicken skin was fantastic! The maid drew a cute message on Miss Piggy's omurice, and I am not even sure why they have seaweed in Teletubby's curry. The drinks were certainly very lovingly decorated but they were exceedingly sweet. And they used real bananas in Teletubby's drink, but used the wrong kind which has this nasty "siap siap" chalky aftertaste.

As mentioned, I retaliated for the siewmai juju with a very thoughtful message on Teletubby's cake. I had emailed the cafe earlier on the message I wanted, and then I forgot to take a picture of the cake itself. Silly me. I only had photos of the birthday boy with his cake. 
Akibanana is now apparently a mobile cafe? I tried to google them after I could not find the cafe anymore when I was in the vicinity for a meeting. It turned out that we had been fortunate in our timing to try it out because the Tanjong Pagar premises closed down less than one month after we visited it. Strange how they were still trying to promote the upcoming events at the site while we were there. Perhaps the staff were caught unaware.


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