Friday, December 31, 2010

Boob jiggling --> Bigger Breasts??? Top Charming *hahahhahaha*

When we were in university, my former secondary school classmate confessed to us that her mother paid three figures for her to go to some dubious beauty centre to make her tits bigger. (now as I type this, I suddenly realise why she was so fucking mean to me about her wedding photos. This one definitely has a complex). I remember I was like wtf? as the other girls were. She said the beauty centre therapist would massage her breasts, using some special method that will help her grow her breasts. I told her I could do it for free...*winks*

When I read about this China product on Geekologie, I instantly thought of her. I would probably get this for her as a birthday present just to be a bitch, but she already has a husband to do the dastardly deed for free.

I cannot believe how incredibly stupid my fellow women can be to want to buy this shit.  Besides I know of at least one guy who loves small titties (my former intellectual whore). But then if there is no demand, there won't be such a thing on the market.

PS. I thought the girl at 1:35 is quite pretty.

Someone left a comment on this entry asking me if my friend's boobs became bigger. Well, they didn't, and I deleted his/her comment because he/she chose to remain anonymous by using an alternate to OpenID. If you dare to play, you dare to say =D. And to that person, I dedicate this; the boob slapping beauty shop.

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