Friday, December 10, 2010

The Worst of Man and his attitude to the Plus Sized Woman

Earlier this week, I decided to take a break from practising my disastrous violin (and giving my long-suffering neighours' ears a rest, though I ran home later and punished them some more), and watched a movie with some people.

So what transpired was this: The cinema was small and had one central aisle and 16 seats a row, 8 a side. We were sitting five in a row from the aisle, and there were still three seats near the wall. We were scarfing down the popcorn before the show started and this slim girl came into the row. I don't think she excused herself, but just stood in the aisle. The two men from my party who were sitting near the aisle gave way to her politely and did not say a word. She sat next to the leftmost person in our group. 

Then two pretty full-figured females came into our row. They looked very embarrassed, and mumbled "excuse me" as they shuffled into the seats past us. I can understand their pain. Especially when the second rightmost person snidely commented about how full-figured they were (the same person who did not say anything about the slim girl earlier). I was so angry, my bowing hand uncramped itself and I flipped him the bird. He asked me why I was so sensitive, when he wasn't referring to me.

And then the rightmost person said "we are all adults in this row, especially the last two persons sitting inside." I did not catch what he said earlier but I heard the others snigger and I turned and stared at him evil-eyed.

"Repeat what did you say". I said coldly. The guy who I flipped, nudged him but he repeated himself. I heard him clearly this time.

I asked, deadpan. "what is your problem?"

He said "nothing, just saying that we are all adults that's all."

In English it sounds prefectly alright, but when you translate it to Mandarin, adults bedeute "大人", the first word of which also meint big.

I was incensed.

Where do you give over, judging other persons when they already feel so harrassed inside.  What people don't understand is that fat people are not jolly people. Sometimes fat people struggle as they are given to fat, because of their family's eating habits and/or genes since they are young. Sometimes they make wrong choices and seek consolation from food. And then they go to school or work and then they get octracised some more, and what do they do? They eat. Can't find the size of the dress they love, and the bitchy salesgirl (who probably earns peanuts shells compared to them and knows that, takes them down a peg, by saying "I don't think we have your size" so that they can feel happy about their puny pathetic lives. Which is so incredibly stupid of them, because fat people are the most polite shoppers around, and if you are nice to them, they will be grateful and buy a lot from you if and when they can). They eat.

I can say really nasty things right now about what I think of people who make snide remarks about plus sized people. But I shall desist, if not I will just become just another terrible character. Like them.

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