Friday, December 24, 2010

Objects in Menu appear bigger than they actually do

The idea was that we were supposed to go to Dempsey Road's House to have our team Xmas celebration. We skipped the office celebration in the morning and were supposed to gather for high tea at 3pm. Miss Piggy and I met up beforehand and we cabbed up to House (because we were late). The minute our cab uncle reached Jones the Grocer area, this arschloch Amerikaner opened the front passenger door, stunning the two of us in the back seat.  He ignored us and asked the taxi driver immediately if he could take him to Raffles Hotel. The uncle replied yes. That was when I asked the driver how much the fare was. Yes, the arschloch didn't even wait for us to pay before he came in. He sat resolutely in the front seat while we quietly paid the uncle, and his family stood patiently just outside our door. The minute I got out, I said darkly  that "there was no need to be so aggressive".

Bär was already there. He suggested that we have a look at the buffet spread before deciding, though we had made reservations much earlier for the buffet (you have to). After looking at the dismal spread (I was telling the others that the reason why everything looked so appealing in the photo was because they, meaning the food, took a group shot  *haha*) with many repeated items, we decided against the buffet and ordered ala carte. Luckily we didn't take the buffet, because I saw a teenage boy dip his entire dirty spoon into the chocolate fountain and then licked it clean. I was sehr horrified.

Unfortunately for tea, we could only order sandwiches, sliders, pizzas or the desserts. So we ordered the grilled grapefruit tart, the pineapple tart, the ahi tuna with 3 berries sandwich, apple crumble and the tempeh and chicken sandwich. For drinks, we ordered a jug of "freshly squeezed" orange juice. It took some time to come, and it is as freshly squeezed as I am a man.

The grilled grapefruit (S$7) was very pretty, with a white meringue on top. However it was really small, if you compare the size of the dinner fork against it. The tart case was green tea based, with a light yellow custard, some super sour grilled grapefruit. It had an interesting play of flavours, which was better in smaller doses, so I don't begrudge the small size.

The apple crumble was like cereal with milk. Haha. It was served with a cake bottom, spiced apple cubes, cookie crumble and a strawberry on top and came with some special Sahne, which I forgot to taste. It was  unusual, with all the different textures, but tasted nothing special.
Teeny tiny tart
Bär wanted to order the pineapple tart. I personally don't eat pineapple, unless it came from a can.  A slice of super spicy pineapple sitting on top of a puff pastry. I was totally full by the time I started on it, so I didn't take more than a rudimentary taste. Not sure how the cream on top tastes of, but the pineapple was definitely spicy.
I liked the sandwiches better.We ordered the only two on the menu. The bread was very tough, and Missy Piggy and I couldn't finish our shares. I loved the tuna one though the others were like... how come the tuna tasted so weird. I thought it was very delish. I liked the idea of three berries with the tuna.
I am sorry this photo was not sharper, how I wish I have a SLR

Service wise, the wait staff were a bit abrupt and impatient in the beginning though still extremely polite. However after people started eating and there weren't any new customers, they were very responsive and professional. Bär liked the open space, as did I. I pointed out the prices reflected the open space and distance between each table. But that is the whole point of a luxurious high tea. Enjoy the company, the ambience and all the gay men you can watch.

House Dempsey
8D Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672
Tel: 64790070

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