Friday, December 10, 2010

My Violin Teacher is such a F@@ker & the unholy Trinity Part 2

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After the disastrous first session, I became very serious. After all there were only five days left. So I stopped all Company of Heroes gameplay for one whole week, didn't watch any TV for the whole week either , didn't distract myself with Android programming, German or my new writing and practiced for three hours a day. I did not even borrow or read any book. I even slept early, so that I would be more alert and responsive. I was treating it like it was the O'Levels as B1 and my brother both commented.

I extended the second session to one hour to get my teacher to teach me the music theory. He begged off and asked D to teach me. I had swapped the Gavotte with O mio, and had informed D ahead, who said ok, even though he did not have the actual piano score and had not played my third song at all, let along O mio. I passed him the book to bring home to practise. So second session was pretty good, even if it wasn't really an hour long. But Mr L said he was sick and then at the weekly cc class was cancelled. I was very annoyed because I had asked my boss to let me off one hour earlier so that I could have the one hour session with D at Mr L school then travel down to the cc to have my usual class. So I went home to practise instead.

The next day, which is the day before the exam, I made my way to the school to have the cast session with D. He didn't show up, and I was pawned off to some other pianist, E who could also play the violin. He told me he could only do half an hour, and again, didn't really last that long. he was also only familiar with the Gavotte and Mazurka, but he gamely played with me. We both had the understanding that D was going to be my accompanist for the actual exam.

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