Friday, December 24, 2010

The Best Xmas Gift ever? Computer Engineer Barbie

The blond ambition: Computer Engineer Barbie
Little girls can now learn to live more meaningful lives, because here comes Computer Engineer Barbie! Doll with ambition. No need to live off Ken, the male doll with nothing hanging in front, anymore. What I want to know is, just because the doll is carrying a "iPhone", and a laptop (that has a weird ass image of another doll), it is a Computer Engineer doll?! Please, that is every chick walking on the road today, clutching their iPhone like an extension of their bodies. If the laptop shows Eclipse interface, at least then I can pretend to believe. This is more like stupid e-Commerce Barbie (who likes iPhone and online shopping) or Social Network Barbie. 

I jaw dropped when I read this at Mashable. I guess the comment I liked best was "Soon to be followed by 'Cyber-Criminal Ken' who stalks her in chat rooms".

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