Sunday, December 26, 2010

Singapore City view from Pinnacle@Duxton

We went to check out the skyline from the Pinnacle@Duxton just now, and had a lot of fun trying to get into the sky garden. For non-residents you have to pay S$5 dollars using your EZlink card at the machine at Blk 1G. That would be next to the lift lobby, around the corner from the Mr Bean and 7-Eleven. Then you use that card to tap in and out at any gantry (every block has at least two gantries) to the sky garden.

You can see the Singapore port from one side, and the Business Distract from the other side.We were lost in the view, and then we got lost, when the gates autolocked at 10pm. *Faint*

We tried to ask a resident to help, but he too had problems opening the gate. Instead and very fortunately the security guard came by and let us out. Scary!

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