Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Low-Impact High-Benefit Water Aerobics exercises that I like to do

I realise that I look like a freak doing this in the public pool sometimes. Think water aerobics is better done as a group *keke*. I am toying with the idea of buying a water proof mp3 player. I am not sure if the one I have is waterproof but it is made for exercise (I bought it for cycling).

These are the exercises that I like to do in the water (I don't like to use a tube, because it makes more people stare and I am already very self-conscious. The most I would go is use a swimming board because I realise I exercise my arms more than my legs):

(1) Running in water (very embarrassing)
Pretend you are running. You can do this in very shallow water (body exposed *v paiseh*), shallow water (up to shoulder) or deep water (feet do not touch pool bottom).  The impact on the knees will be reduced.

I tread water as an alternative. Works as well, if not better. Esp if you don't use your hands. Sehr scary and tiring.

(2) My fav star jumps (makes me look like drowning)
I do this in deep water.

(3) Leg stretching exercise
I learnt this when watching the water aerobics class at the pool. Basically you kick one leg in front and stretch out your hands to clap. Then kick backwards with the other leg and clap your hands behind you.

(4) Kick high up in front of you
Means literally.

(5) Pelvic twists
This is something new to me. Apparently pelvic twists in water is very effective.

(6) Closing the legs together and lifting them towards yourself and then stretching out.
Also something new.

I am trying to hunt for other routines to my exercise. Do suggest any if you know =D

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