Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random CoH Fun 1 - Building a Company of Heroes Map

Motorbreath, Prasec and I have been complaining that the one and only Stonewall operation is getting super boring. I should think so, always the same people, i.e. we three jokers (we have started accepting noobs to make the game exciting, that is how bored we are) and we have been playing that stupid map 3 times everyday since last Thursday. I don't know about the guys but I have reached a point where any other map is more interesting.

So I decided to make my own map. Figured it can't be that difficult right? Problem is... there is no template for Stonewall. I would have to write "the scar" myself, but ok, I have downloaded the damn thing, and will start reading the code. But in the meantime, I decided to try out making a skirmish map while writing my other stuff. 
My idea for Stonewall Operation - very similar to the original but more paratrooper drops in base with no bomb resources!
I am not going to reinvent the wheel so if you are interested in making your own custom maps, follow instructions by nobody (I am going to pdf this thing, because the tutorial by another guy, Buggo was lost forever).

I had some hilarious results with my map. The stupid World Builder only allows me to create a multi-player/ skirmish map or single player map.
I wanted to test my stonewall idea as a mp map. So I made a few buildings, and tested it. It's really twisted. Some of the players will have to run around the building to attack the enemy who is next door. Hmm, should rename this map as "warring neighbors". Hahaha.

Oh ya. You can try the map for fun. Disclaimer: It's lame and a work in progress. Don't flame me here like those Android users flame my game at my Developer Console. Here's the instructions on by LaClown on how to run the maps without affecting your normal gameplay. A must read.

Other resources:
Make your own loading screen
Corsix Mod Studio (for modifying scar)
How to make Panzerkreig Maps

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