Saturday, December 18, 2010

Teletubby's Birthday Celebration at Akibanana Meido (maid) cafe [closed]

The joke was that when we went to the AFA 2010, I came across the maid and butler cafes again, and they were not surprisingly, super crowded. So I suggested to Miss Piggy, maybe for Teletubby's birthday, we should commemorate his milestone birthday at a MAID CAFE.

I thought that the moe moe kyun cafe = = Akibanana meido cafe, keke. I realised the mistake when the maid was asking me how we knew about their cafe. But never mind, as I said to her, my mistake is your gain *keke*. I must say that while the girls were cute, I am rather disappointed that they were dressed in t-shirts and mini-skirts. I meine, I can see that everyday on the streets. So nothing much for me. They also didn't call Teletubby "Goushujin sama", nor blessed the food which is what they are supposed to do. But in the end, at least we still got the pic of the cutest little girl feeding him his birthday cake, which we had been sworn to the death to not upload into Facebook or anything (but he didn't say I cannot talk about it *keke*). 

The maid cafe is located on the second floor of the shophouse at 108 Tanjong Pagar Road.  Then you go up these stairs, which is very lovingly decorated with creepers of fake roses. Sorry for the shaky images, I was dying to see the upstairs, so I was in a hurry to take the pics.

Each meido cafe has a "system". We learnt that in our previous visit to a true blue Japanese meido cafe where no one understood each other (I should have visited with a Caucasian, the Japanese are fellow Pinkerton sufferers).  Akibanana has three systems that you must fulfill before you can order anything else. (1) drinks where you can order anything non-alcoholic for 1.5hours (2) a dish and a drink. Prices are as listed in menu (3) Alcoholic drink. 

Akibanana was doing the Ika Musume theme, so they decorated the place, tables with images of Ika and also literally Ika. They festooned themselves, even us and the stuffed enemies with Ika paper hats. The place was not crowded. We saw only three groups (including us) and one of them was a fan of one of our maids. We distracted ourselves with this super cute doughnut stacking game (which I find that I am pretty ok at) and penalty cards.  The highest stack was 10 doughnuts, stacked by yours truly. Unfortunately it fell when I was trying to get the camera *sad*.
Two of the memorable punishments were thought up by ourselves. One was Miss Piggy had to go and find some guy to either take photo with or ask a phone number from (thought up by myself. Teletubby and Miss Piggy screamed holy murder, but I felt that I had practised a restraining hand). Initially I wanted her to get a number, but I thought having a photo was a more exciting memory and for showing the grandkids *haha, grandma you and your friends were so lame*.

The other one was Teletubby had to write a love letter to his future girlfriend. The man is not gifted with words. Booker Prize or not, we are freezing this napkin until we see his girlfriend.

Note: the girls are very firm on customers' not taking their photos. One must buy a cheki (photo at S$5 per maid in the photo). They checked through our photos. If you are caught, you pay S$87 a photo. Luckily I was managed to capture one of their profiles instead (thanks to my previous experience at Cos Cafe B1 and I went last year. Shit I forgot to upload those pics. Where are they?!)

Akibanana is now apparently a mobile cafe? I tried to google them after I could not find the cafe anymore when I was in the vicinity for a meeting. It turned out that we had been fortunate in our timing to try it out because the Tanjong Pagar premises closed down less than one month after we visited it. Strange how they were still trying to promote the upcoming events at the site while we were there. Perhaps the staff were caught unaware.

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